2004 The Year in Review

Here are trucks I've finished or rebuilt in 2004

Photos are not in build order

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I count 45  trucks and trailers (including trailers in combo photos)

Two trucks graced the cover of Model Cars Magazine! I'm still thrilled!  Thanks to Gregg Hutchings, Editor of MCM!

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Here are the display shelves as of December 31, 2004.

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Not shown is the workbench area, the "staging area" (where I keep painted cabs for later building), or the shelves of fresh kits.  Shelf space is a premium, so in '04 I moved all the kit boxes from the top shelves allowing more display space. Only 1 section has kit boxes, and those being classic AMT, MPC and Ertl boxes from the 70s (with kits).  The other kits are all on shelves in another room.


Here's to 2005 being as productive as 2004!

Thanks for looking!




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