The Italeri or Revell of Germany Peterbilt 377 A/E kit can be transformed into a 1987-2003 378 SBFA or a 357 SBFA with a resin or scratchbuilt hood.  

Here are three examples that I have built. 

Each truck is configured differently. 

357dumperface.jpg (116324 bytes)    357milkerface.jpg (112155 bytes)    378SBFAface.jpg (113098 bytes)

357dumpertext.jpg (137156 bytes)    357milker.jpg (143238 bytes)    378SBFA.jpg (144096 bytes)

357dumperRH.jpg (143823 bytes)    357milkerRH.jpg (122025 bytes)    378SBFA RH.jpg (127133 bytes)

threeSBFA.jpg (158042 bytes)

The kit can be configured into about any Peterbilt with modifications, scratchbuilding and resin parts.  Some ideas include box stock; 48" stand up sleeper;  70" sleeper;  63" sleeper;  daycab;  resin hoods for 378 or 357; single drive; add tag axles; underframe muffler; fleet-spec with no chrome; scratchbuild hood and fenders for a butterfly hood 357; stretch frame and scratchbuild a custom sleeper; rework hood, fenders and front springs for a 377 SFFA; external air cleaners; rework hood and grille for a later year 385.     All sorts of ideas.  I have used the 377 A/E kit as the base for more than 14 Peterbilt conventionals.  I have many more planned.

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