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Tim Ahlborn's

Peterbilt Motors photos

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Photos of Peterbilt trucks from around the world, from my personal collection, collections of others, old publications, brochures and factory photos.

I've been obsessed with Peterbilt since 1970 when I was given an AMT model kit of a Peterbilt 359 "California Hauler."  In 1975 I traveled to the Newark, California former headquarters for my 14th birthday and toured the factory, I also toured the Madison, Tennessee factory the following year.  My love for trucks was put on the back-burner until 1999 when I rekindled my obsession.  The love for Peterbilts is stronger now, and I have become friends with many other red-oval fans, current and former Peterbilt staff and engineers along with truck lovers world wide.  Now, thirty years after my first trip to the old Newark factory I flew to Denton, Texas and spent several days at Peterbilt Motors.  The Red Oval Obsession continues CLICK HERE! 

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I'd like to thank everyone who supplies me photos for the site, some ask to remain anonymous, and I respect their privacy.

The primary reason for the many photos is to aid scale model builders with reference and idea photos, and to share the many different types and configurations of Peterbilt.  Speaking of scale model trucks, check out my model trucks at www.timstrucks.com   and look for  Model Cars Magazine at www.modelcarsmag.com published by Golden Bell Publishing, I take care of the Truckers Corner column each issue.

Note: thumbnails are fuzzy low-resolution images to help the pages load quicker, click on the thumbnail for a larger image..

38801 Cherry Street  Newark, California - 1960-1992 Headquarters

This site is broken down by Cabover and Conventionals, and into year ranges.


Click on the brown text on the right for each page

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  UniLite 1958-1969 


Uni-Lite cabovers


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Pacemaker 1970-1981 

Pacemaker 352 cabovers

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362 Series 1981 - 2005


The 362


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 Compact COEs 

300, 310, 320


    The Cabs

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UniLite narrow nose through 1972


Narrow nose little window - 351


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UniLite wide front '67-72 

Wide hood little window - 359

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1100 Series cab 1972-1987

Big Window - 359 family 

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1987 to 2007 379

The Successors - 379

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1987 through 2007 Successors Series 


 Fiberglass and Vocational hoods


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2007 and beyond..

 The New Look of Peterbilt

389. 388,  386, 367, 365. 340, 330 and more.. 

   Interior Photos  

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 Helpful to scale model builders and restoration of real trucks.  

For model builders photos from the 60's through 2006 conventionals and cabovers.







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Class Ads  

 Class Ads



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Jack Hensley's collection of Peterbilt photos, scans and brochures.

  Jack's Peterbilt collection


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Interesting websites for truck lovers!

www.timstrucks.com  My model truck collection

www.peterbilt.com be sure to check the Owner's Gallery!



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