Clearly the most recognized face on  America's highways.  The Peterbilt Conventional is the truck that the others emulate.          

The conventionals of today carry a family history and tradition dating back to the Fageol.  Look at a 379. Look at the Fageol and early Pete's.  The resemblance is there.  Look at a 351 and the 379, the look is there.  Look at the 359 and a 379. The look is there.

George Brumbaugh's 1954 351 design set the standard for the conventionals for decades.  

Conventionals have had many models, variations and cabs. 

The Original cab was built from 1939 - 1950's. donmullens_44_conv.jpg (33358 bytes) Several changes were made over the years, including interior, sheet metal, placement of vents, windshield sizes and surrounds.

The 350 series cab 350resto63sleeper.jpg (34201 bytes)was built until 1960.  The transition between the original cab and the 350 series is vague, as is the transition from the 350 cab to the UniLite cab.

The UniLite cab was built from 1960-1972.  unilitecab.jpg (22204 bytes)This cab was taller, larger glass, larger rear window, new instrument panel and interiors.

The 1100 Series cab.  1100cab.jpg (23634 bytes) So named because the windshield was now 1100 Square inches in size.  This cab was the same length and width as the UniLite cab, but was 4 inches taller, and featured rounded doors.  The 1100 cab was built from 1972 - 1987. This cab had a smaller rear window until 1975 with the 36" wide rear window became standard.  A new dash was available after 1978 ("Dash of Class" aka Corvette dash).

The Successors Family cab.  successorscab.jpg (21438 bytes) Succeeding the 1100 series cab, it is taller, wider and longer.  The Successor, or 379 family cab resembles the UniLite cab in many ways.  The 379 cab replaced the 1100 series in 1986, and remains in production today.

The cab received new mirrors for 2005,P1010017.JPG (67283 bytes)  the doors lost their vent window and post.  New door handles, a larger passenger door peep window, and in 2006 the door glass lower edge became angled towards the front.   

Other glass options include a larger rear window and corner windows4940273-R1-032-14A.jpg (78120 bytes)

The 379 cab received a new dash in '99 and again in '06 along with more luxury-sedan like interiors.  RETURN TO THE MAIN PAGE