The Pacemaker

Pacemaker Cabovers were built from 1970 through 1980. The Pacemaker replaced the UniLite cabover in late 1969.

Pacemaker saw several changes during it's run.  Look for variations in air conditioning units, grab handle styles, battery box and air tank locations, low-mount door handles, and a taller, high-horsepower version The H model.

Pacemakers carried the designators 352 for tandem, 282 for single drive chassis designators of A-Aluminum, S-Steel, M-mix Steel rails with aluminum crossmembers.  Cab designators depended on BBC selected, 54" 63" 73" 86" 110".  Special sizes along with tandem steer options were available.


1975_352_110brochure.jpg (59782 bytes)  110bbctan352.jpg (40472 bytes) This '75 352 double-bunk on the brochure is the same truck I photographed in the July of '75 behind the Newark plant. 



meand352.jpg (44610 bytes) briankimball_352left.jpg (31590 bytes) briankimball_352right.jpg (28570 bytes)    These 3 photos are of the same truck.  The 3rd photo was taken at Peterbilt of Wisconsin-Waukesha, that's me beside it.  The other 2 pics are of the truck in '79 after a repaint. Brian Kimball photo.          classofindustrycover352.jpg (70453 bytes)
1980282daycab.jpg (27658 bytes) timvrklan_352110_Intltrnsp.jpg (39572 bytes) greatsmokey352a.jpg (19915 bytes) greatsmokey352.jpg (18810 bytes) 282_110.jpg (20437 bytes)
kevin swanson before352.jpg (51497 bytes) kevin swanson352new.jpg (32861 bytes) kevin swanson 352.jpg (90329 bytes) Kevin Swanson's 1975 352. The 1st photo is the truck as seen in 2005, the photos to the left are the same truck when new in '75 and then in 2006 after a beautiful restoration. kevin swanson 352 rear.jpg (70475 bytes) kevin swanson 352rh.jpg (80386 bytes)
70352snowad.jpg (39692 bytes) 352Western_black_toddLikes.jpg (373677 bytes) 352Western_toddLikes.jpg (632503 bytes) 352_Western29_toddLikes.jpg (58476 bytes) 325 110 grass.jpg (145005 bytes)


352longwbatnewark.jpg (30755 bytes) 352atplant.jpg (48138 bytes) 71joep352ad.jpg (44196 bytes) 70coejune71.jpg (42315 bytes) 78282blue.jpg (47096 bytes)
352satplant.jpg (36545 bytes) classof74coe.jpg (81737 bytes) classof74coeinside1.jpg (66385 bytes) classof74coeinsidepage2.jpg (56206 bytes) caboverskins.jpg (36185 bytes)
352tilted.jpg (38283 bytes) cliffhicklin_352.jpg (24563 bytes) damonsdads352.jpg (22489 bytes) 352test_noise_tilted.jpg (70268 bytes) 77overdrivetractorofmonth5axle352.jpg (35979 bytes)
peterbiltowned352staketruck.jpg (43002 bytes) rednwhite352.jpg (41373 bytes) 352 Pacemaker.jpg (374770 bytes) new352110atwaukesha.jpg (38913 bytes) insidepeterbiltwaukeshawisconsin1973.jpg (43365 bytes)
352interiormadisontn.jpg (41492 bytes) peterbilt352newwaukesha.jpg (36597 bytes) tan352.jpg (37734 bytes) peterbilt352.jpg (40802 bytes) new352110atwaukeshawisc.jpg (36544 bytes)


352_winslow_classofindustry.jpg (88655 bytes) 352_1973brochurescheme.jpg (72253 bytes) 352110atpeterbiltgreenbaywisc.jpg (36755 bytes) usedtruckpeterbiltwaukeshawisc1977.jpg (40662 bytes) 352cabsizes.jpg (13830 bytes)
352_1973_110brochure.jpg (51903 bytes) pacemakergreendash.jpg (22233 bytes) pacemakergreensleeper.jpg (40006 bytes) pacemakergreeninterior.jpg (42853 bytes) 1970interior_green_rightsidedetail_red.jpg (41901 bytes)
pacemakergreen_70.jpg (27573 bytes) 352_86_silvermaroon.jpg (38473 bytes) 352_86_whitewithred.jpg (49518 bytes) 352_110junker.jpg (43364 bytes) 352_110_whitebluestripes.jpg (34831 bytes)
70352snowad.JPG (64815 bytes) pirklepete110.jpg (45238 bytes) 352cattle.jpg (38048 bytes) pacemakermissinggrille.jpg (39820 bytes) 1970282floridaracehauler.jpg (29102 bytes)
unilite_pacemaker.jpg (43806 bytes) pacemakergliders.jpg (53060 bytes) 1st352110pressrelease.jpg (92581 bytes) 352daycab.jpg (21779 bytes) 74_352_110wpusher.jpg (32168 bytes)
78352_davekennedydad.jpg (49259 bytes) realgarret352.jpg (77989 bytes) bryans 352.jpg (33901 bytes) 78352flatbeddkpic1.jpg (41901 bytes) grey3521101.jpg (40727 bytes)
352dash.JPG (77806 bytes) redwhiteblue352_77.jpg (63753 bytes) 71352carcarrieroddcab.jpg (41854 bytes) 352redwrecker.JPG (55274 bytes) 1970352redinterior.jpg (56452 bytes)
 UPS2824x4smlr.jpg (60145 bytes)

UPS commissioned two 282 tractors for mountain pass duty.  4x4 set-ups.  Note the polished wheels

white352.JPG (70836 bytes) 70352interior.JPG (33902 bytes) neilsherff352110red.jpg (44957 bytes) neilsherffgrey352.jpg (53463 bytes)


Another new Pete in Nashville Alan photo.jpg (43551 bytes) Peterbilt of Nashville alan arnold photo.jpg (38351 bytes) Pete at Nashville dealer alan arnold photo.jpg (37734 bytes) Stolen Pete alan arnold photo.jpg (29235 bytes)

How not to see a Pacemaker

Alan Arnold snapped these photos back in 1974 at Nashville Peterbilt
70352blackgold.jpg (14830 bytes) black352.jpg (29868 bytes) atlas77352_2005.JPG (30225 bytes) cliffhicklin_352.jpg (66359 bytes) 77blue352ad.jpg (45536 bytes)
pbt352.jpg (33514 bytes) doubleswithclass.jpg (54728 bytes) 282green.jpg (25905 bytes) 70352redinterior.jpg (29429 bytes) 282daycabred.jpg (25246 bytes)
turbine352.jpg (36181 bytes) Turbine_352hapfuriya.jpg (159436 bytes) bradwike352tilted.jpg (65196 bytes) bradwike282.jpg (68836 bytes) george352front.jpg (41597 bytes)
madison352sfinished1972.jpg (332945 bytes) madisoncabinstall1972.jpg (393829 bytes) madisonfinalassy1972edit.jpg (113781 bytes) 1972paintingmadison.jpg (367949 bytes) pacemakersleeper_1970.jpg (202437 bytes)
1972madisonprimer.jpg (292378 bytes) 1972madisonpaintmaskedit.jpg (137591 bytes) 1972madisonframeassyedit.jpg (168260 bytes) 1972madisonframeassy.jpg (399808 bytes) 1972madisonframeassmbledit.jpg (163265 bytes)
1972madisonframeassmbedit.jpg (180013 bytes) 1972madisonenginetrimedit.jpg (216796 bytes) 1972madison352sedit.jpg (179178 bytes)
cabsatfactory_smaller.jpg (34213 bytes)  Along with the 1100 series cabs stacked you can see several Pacemaker cabs.  Photo taken by Randy Lederman at the Newark Peterbilt Parts Department building in 1976. 359factory_small.jpg (46608 bytes) Look behind the 359s and you'll see the 1976 bicentennial stripe package on a 352 called Patriot.  Randy Lederman photo. 352intheweedsSoo.jpg (35157 bytes)


The H Models



The H had a 4 inch taller cab, larger step pockets, bigger doghouse, radiator, grille, and components to accept larger horsepower engines.  H made it's appearance on the market in 1976. Only 86" and 110" cabs were available.


1st352HatMadison.jpg (82603 bytes) 352hgreenbay.jpg (33352 bytes) 352hinterior.jpg (53884 bytes) 352hafter.jpg (47064 bytes) 352H_362fronts.jpg (39114 bytes)
stevech.jpg (49217 bytes) 352H_reefer.jpg (46928 bytes) greenbay352h.jpg (28448 bytes) 78352hgrape_ape.jpg (42792 bytes) 352Htilted_362.jpg (39424 bytes)
352Hdenver.jpg (39885 bytes) 352Hleft.denver.jpg (25161 bytes) 352Hsidedenver.jpg (31407 bytes) 352Hbrochure.jpg (62644 bytes) 1978352h110close.jpg (74047 bytes)
newpeterbilts1977peterbiltwaukeshawisc.jpg (45714 bytes)
352Htilted.jpg (36587 bytes) 352hafter.jpg (63217 bytes) 1976352H_forgotten.jpg (34248 bytes)

This poor ol' girl looks suspiciously like the cover photo on the brochure at the beginning of the H photo.

1980352Hdoubleeagle.jpg (21726 bytes) consolidatedPB_352H_doubleeagle_ben.jpg (91159 bytes)





The "361" prototype was developed, but never launched.  Designed for large engines, large 36" fan for quieter cooling, the 361 never made it past the testbed (test truck) stage and was dubbed "Wastebed" by the design engineers.  I shot a photo of Wastebed back in 1975.  After speaking with Huston Marlowe at Peterbilt, who was on the design team in 1972 when the truck was built he had a photo in his archives.  Later I  was contacted by Don Mullen who also was on the design team, and supplied me with another view.  I'd like to thank both Huston and Don for the use of their photographs of this rare truck.

Wastebed also featured a patented tilt system, hand fabricated aluminum and stainless steel interior and dash (as the prototype for a new dash), and sat approximately 6 inches taller than a Pacemaker.  Powered by a Cummins KTA600.

Wastebed was built in 1972, and dismantled in the summer of 1975

I shot this photo in July of 1975

Here's the truck being dismantled in late July of '75

daleroot_wastebed_1_10thscale.jpg (112582 bytes)

This is a 1/10th scale model of Wastebed by Dale Root built for Peterbilt in 1972. Note that Dale's version has rounded 1100 cab doors.

coe_352h_newark_a.jpg (299652 bytes)

Wastebed in it's glory.

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