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Now with pics from the 60s through current models

These photos are primarily for model builders to aid in detailing their Peterbilt models. As with all photos on this site, click on the thumbnail to enlarge.  Some photos are fuzzy photos from old brochures.  When time allows I will rescan them clearer.

1950interior.jpg (44748 bytes) 1950's "Deluxe Cab" interior used before the UniLite cab.  This is the interior for the RNK Conversions (former Silver State) 350-354-380 resin kits, and the Illini 351 resin conversion.  Note the 2 Tachographs on the right side of the dash.  These are available in kit form!  Look at the AMT/Ertl Paystar dash and it has them molded in.

real358hustoninterior.jpg (75946 bytes) Unilite cab, 1965 with "Peterbilt Brown" painted surfaces. Note no padding on doors. This interior is similar to the AMT "California Hauler" T500 kit with the door panels. The kit represents a basic interior with painted door panels and rear walls (perforated aluminum). Rubber floormat.  Brown leather seats. Steering wheel is beige.

UniLite_67thru72.jpg (107712 bytes)  UniLite cab, 1970 with Oxblood Red upholstery and gold painted surfaces.  Peterbilt brochure photo.

1970-72UniLitegreen.jpg (103339 bytes)  UniLite cab, 1970 with green.  Note top of doors are woodgrain, where the T500 model kit has the wood in the center of the door.

72359interior_green.jpg (25589 bytes) Another UniLite cab in green

unilite359interior.jpg (90357 bytes)  72_358_dash.jpg (39954 bytes) This is a good view of the UniLite interior in an unrestored original condition truck.

littlewindowdash.jpg (21686 bytes) Pre-1972 UniLite little window conventional dash in "Peterbilt Brown" 1972 359 dash R Gaines Photo.jpg (104803 bytes)

     359interiorRgaines.jpg (126621 bytes) 1971359bunkpillowsa.jpg (34303 bytes)  silver351interiorRgaines.jpg (142394 bytes)    


1100seriesdash_72thru78.jpg (55352 bytes)  In late 1972 the UniLite cab was replaced with the 1100 series cab.  This new rounded top dash was introduced. 100_5476.jpg (1029993 bytes)

1100series_72thru75.jpg (136978 bytes)   1100sleepercrawl.jpg (32219 bytes) 1100intrtwinstck.jpg (189614 bytes)  1100driverseat.jpg (33175 bytes) 1100interioroxblood.jpg (52831 bytes) The 1100 series cab had this for the Classic interior.  Note the cycolac headliner. Drivers didn't like it, dealers hated it.  Painted surfaces in 1100 cab were beige. This interior matches the AMT T501(current reissue 359 and Wrecker)  Peterbilt 359 kit.  Colors in the 70's were black, dark brown, oxblood red, green and blue.

texas346interior.jpg (32858 bytes) 387 interior biege.jpg (99204 bytes) Here's a plain-jane 1100 series cab interior.  Doors, rear wall and headliner are all beige.

1100series_75thru78.jpg (118248 bytes)  In 1975 a padded headliner returned with the Classic  interior. A 4 spoke steering wheel (like the Revell kit) was available.  Color is Oxblood Red.

1100series_classicII_1977.jpg (82792 bytes)  In 1978 Classic II interior with no woodgrain on the door panels.  Note the lack of instruments and switches on the dash.  This was a "work truck" and a daycab, note the rear window. Colors for the late 70's through early 80's were black, gray, tan, oxblood red and blue.

4940243-R1-024-10A.jpg (36477 bytes) 1XP9DBX7GN204779intr.jpg (194301 bytes) 1XP9DBX7GN204779 intr.jpg (173693 bytes) 78817969.jpg (251622 bytes) dashofclass78.jpg (67665 bytes) 41of359 Classicint.jpg (50523 bytes) chromedinterior359sscabRgaines.jpg (158039 bytes)


Note:  Compare the rear window in the above 3 conventional interiors.  Originally an 18x29 window, it grew to an 18x36 window by 1975.  The AMT kit has the larger rear window.  If you wish to make a Revell or Italeri Peterbilt cab into a daycab, use the backwall from the AMT kit.  Same thing if you wish to include a window in the sleeper of the Revell 63" flattop box or raised roof Italeri kits, the window in the 359 cab is the same size.

1978dashofclass.jpg (49549 bytes)  Peterbiltdash_forRevellAGleftside.jpg (90004 bytes)  In late '77 the Dash of Class was introduced, and was optional until becoming standard in late '78.  New rounded top, some refer to as "Corvette Dash."  No car influence here, designer Huston Marlowe was inspired by an antique Rearwin Speedster airplane from the '30's.  Many Peterbilt styling cues are aircraft influenced.  Dash of Class would remain until 1987. The Revell 359's and the Monogram 359 had this kit, as did the ill-fated Ertl metal-chassis 359 kit.

ahlborndash_unilte_1100.jpg (50994 bytes)  A photo showing an early 1100 series dash and a UniLite dash.  The 1100 dash has Bare Metal Foil for the dials.  Tedious work!  The dash appeared in Model Cars Magazine in 2003.

68352daycabinterior.jpg (24816 bytes) 68352interior.jpg (26938 bytes) 1960's UniLite cabover interior and instrument panel

1970pacemakergreenrightside.jpg (35950 bytes) img128a.jpg (297921 bytes) 1970interior_green_rightsidedetail.jpg (167399 bytes)   1970 Pacemaker interior, passenger side.  The AMT T502 Peterbilt 352 Pacemaker has this interior also the photo below matches the kit. Interior colors were available in green, blue, red, brown and black.

1975oxbloodinterior.jpg (48738 bytes) 1975interiorred.jpg (704366 bytes) 1975 Oxblood Red Pacemaker interior.  4 spoke steering wheel available (Revell 359 kit has these) in matching color to the upholstery.  .  

352hinterior.jpg (53884 bytes) 352H interior in brown 352interiormadisontn.jpg (41492 bytes) 352 interior in brown  NOTE:  Peterbilt's standard steering wheels are off-white beige, not a bright white.

352dash.JPG (77806 bytes) Pacemaker instrument panel. pacemaker_redinterior_dash_1970.jpg (132366 bytes) ded9_1.JPG (28279 bytes) 352 63 int 79.JPG (70364 bytes) 

pacemakergreendash.jpg (22233 bytes) 352 Pacemaker drivers cockpit in green  pacemakergreeninterior.jpg (42853 bytes)  pacemakergreensleeper.jpg (40006 bytes) 110" double sleeper interior.  From 1972.

 1978oxbloodinterior.jpg (33823 bytes) 1978 interior received new upholstery style with no wood grain on the doors.  The doghouse became carpeted also.  Note the overhead console that was optional for mounting the radio. By the late 70s interior colors were red, lighter brown, blue, black and green.

1987379dash.jpg (24738 bytes) 1987 379 dash. This is what the Italeri 378/379 dash is supposed to look like.

377dashbrochure.jpg (253169 bytes) 377dashbrochure2.jpg (292004 bytes) 378dashblackdials.jpg (124476 bytes) 379dashbrochure.jpg (212295 bytes) dashpicfuzzylarge.jpg (135944 bytes) 78042045.jpg (109503 bytes) 77560638.jpg (143286 bytes) P3084592.JPG (85756 bytes) 

1987379door.jpg (42642 bytes) Kitdoorpanelisthis.jpg (118614 bytes) Matching door panels to the Italeri 378 and 377 kit. 1987379bunk.jpg (44040 bytes) The bunk sleeperinteriorrednonunibilt.jpg (169320 bytes) 

1987379interior.jpg (29271 bytes) 1987-late 90's vinyl interior redvinylinterior.jpg (304004 bytes) blueclothinterior.jpg (223847 bytes) 378interiortan.jpg (236481 bytes) 378browninteriorbrochure.jpg (151307 bytes) Images copyright Peterbilt Motors Company

379americanclassinterior.jpg (35948 bytes) American Class interior from 2003 This features a rounded dash that debuted in the late 90's, diagonal upholstery on the doors.

basedash330.jpg (29140 bytes) Instrument panel from the 325, 330, 335 and 340 series conventional  Only available in gray.

2006_platinuminterior.jpg (43837 bytes) Platinum interior for 2006.   Color coordinated dash, doors, firewall.  Available in Saharan Tan, Burgundy Wine, Arctic Gray and Maritime Blue.  The Prestige is the next level down with no upholstery on the doors and has rubber floors.  The base is ProBilt with no woodgrain on the doors or lower dash.   For modelbuilders, the new interiors have new door panels with old-style door handles, powerlock and window controls on the top of the door panel, along with new woodgrain and grab handle locations.  Image copyright Peterbilt Motors Company.

Interior photos from various years

386AlcaninteriorD789829.jpg (182741 bytes) BasicEnergy367interior.jpg (196843 bytes) Teresi388interior.jpg (201553 bytes) 4940183-R1-014-5A.jpg (82520 bytes)  FL000001.jpg (74973 bytes) 78141084.jpg (180874 bytes) 1NPTL00X69D782353 intr.jpg (55077 bytes) img108.jpg (436790 bytes)





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