Peterbilt Parts Department

Circa 1970s

September 7, 2005

Here's one of those ideas that struck and I ran with the idea while inspiration was fresh.

The idea for the Parts Department building was inspired by a photo that Randy Lederman snapped back in 1976 of the old Peterbilt Parts Department in Newark, California.  My building is not a representation of the building, rather an artists rendering (in other words, it doesn't look like the real thing).

cabsatfactory_smaller.jpg (34213 bytes)

The building is luan plywood with vinyl strips and styrene shapes to make the siding, garage doors, service door, equipment racks and other details.

The stacks of cabs are made from spare cabs, cabs from built-up models, damaged or glue-bomb cabs and miscellaneous parts-box items.

This backdrop is quite versatile, being 4 feet long with a 4 foot by 4 foot parking lot, I can shoot photos from various angles and take advantage of lighting and sky conditions.

pbparts12v71top.jpg (36818 bytes) pbparts_12v71.jpg (38930 bytes) pbparts_left.jpg (30641 bytes) pbpartsfarview.jpg (40205 bytes) pbpartsside.jpg (17575 bytes)

pbpartswb.jpg (36391 bytes)pbpartstake.jpg (30357 bytes) These photos were the first batch using my four lane road as the parking lot.    The next grouping of photos uses the 4'x4' parking lot, and the building has a glass entrance door and a Peterbilt oval on the building.

winslowwhite352stakeparts.JPG (29280 bytes) winslowwhite352_parts.jpg (23960 bytes) winslowtan359parts.jpg (29833 bytes) winslow359_parts.jpg (29757 bytes) winslow352rearparts.JPG (27058 bytes)

winslow2_282parts.JPG (36930 bytes) wastebedrearparts.JPG (30515 bytes) redwinslowdistance.JPG (19136 bytes) redwinslow352_parts.jpg (28480 bytes) red359overtherailatparts.jpg (33470 bytes)

red359cabpainted.jpg (34524 bytes) red359atparts.jpg (25808 bytes) rear359parts.JPG (30644 bytes) readyrow.JPG (27886 bytes)

readyrowone.JPG (32199 bytes) readyrowtwo.JPG (36075 bytes) readyrowthree.JPG (40430 bytes) readyrowfour.JPG (41959 bytes) readyrow5.JPG (42368 bytes) readyrowsix.JPG (41139 bytes) partstake.JPG (29580 bytes) parts99.jpg (23490 bytes) parkinglotparts.JPG (28071 bytes) overtiresparts.JPG (27328 bytes)

newcabs.JPG (20617 bytes) gold359partsredstripe.JPG (28362 bytes) califhaulerparts.JPG (31597 bytes) cabstackrear.JPG (24714 bytes) 399_38801.jpg (25038 bytes)

372parts.JPG (24967 bytes) 359satparts.jpg (20875 bytes)  359daycabatparts.jpg (25221 bytes) 352Hgreenparts.JPG (34411 bytes)

 359grille_readyrow.jpg (40149 bytes) 352atreadyrowtan.jpg (44103 bytes)

If I can locate the 'right' material I might redo the building to look more realistic.  The vinyl tape is fine until the sunlight heats it up while taking photos and the tape bubbles.  Some nice G-scale siding of some sort might be the answer.  It would be nice to have a BIG hobby shop nearby.


Making backdrops for photographs is just another enjoyable aspect of truck modeling.