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Recent Builds and on the workbench


386 Tanker Yanker

Inspired by a 386 for Williams Tank transport, I decided to make a fantasy version - a sleeper tractor.  Williams runs daycabs with truck mounted tank bodies.  Mine will be tractor with a 48" sleeper.

386 48 project003.jpg (101431 bytes) 386 48 project005.jpg (103749 bytes) 386 48 project018.jpg (75330 bytes) 386 48 project020.jpg (108959 bytes) 386 48 project25.jpg (104065 bytes) 386 48 project031.jpg (110737 bytes) 386 48 project036.jpg (82993 bytes)

386 new color 110309.jpg (119568 bytes) TestorsFlamingOrange1coatlacquer.jpg (108329 bytes)

11/9/09 update Hucksandbolts11909.jpg (148143 bytes) Hucksandboltskitrail11909.jpg (80176 bytes) hucksandboltsassy11909.jpg (110651 bytes) hucksandboltsonframe110909.jpg (89477 bytes) 

hucksandboltsfuel110909.jpg (95864 bytes) hucksandboltsfuelbolt11909.jpg (86667 bytes) hucksandboltsexhst11909.jpg (120944 bytes) 386 38 frame painted 11909.jpg (104597 bytes) 386 48 sidepaint11909.jpg (105393 bytes) 386 48 paintrightsd11909.jpg (119450 bytes)

My 386 will also have dual rack mounted exhaust, no sleeper extenders, no chassis fairings.  These 386 and 384's are the inspiration:

williams386tanker.jpg (94865 bytes) Williams 386 tanker.jpg (146772 bytes) 384dualexh2008.jpg (100296 bytes) 384 dualexh side 2008.jpg (89129 bytes)

If I had several Revell Beall tankers, I might have tried the straight truck version.

The 386 hood is from www.aitruckmodels.com and replaces the earlier 386 that AITM offered.  The new version corrects a fitment issue at the cab cowl, and smoothes the hood shape a bit more.  10/25/2009

Speaking of AITM, check the link on the AITM page for the return of Illini Replica Conversions!


Heavy Hauler 378

While the Jade Sublime 389 paint is curing, I started this 378 as a heavy haul tractor.  My original idea was along the JADE theme - dark metallic green with orange roof caps.  Once I painted the roofs I know I didn't like the look.

Green 378 with orange roof 92609.jpg (145265 bytes)

I grabbed another set of roofs and painted them silver.  I liked that look so I masked off the hood and painted the fenders and part of the hood silver.    I will add an accent stripe - color not yet decided - then clear coat the body.9/26/09

Green 378 silver roofs 92609.jpg (112479 bytes) polyonthehood.jpg (71997 bytes) greenwheels92909.jpg (73117 bytes) green 378 dash 10209.jpg (70818 bytes) green378frame100209.jpg (81012 bytes) Green378tires100109.jpg (103520 bytes) Green  378 mockup 100209.jpg (77538 bytes) 10/2/09

The kit frame was extended 2 inches.  I fabricated 5th wheel loading ramps, and reworked the fuel tanks eliminating the visible seams on the end caps.  The rearward tanks are smaller than the forward tanks.  (these are left over pieces used to lengthen the fuel tanks on Sublime 389 below)  The ends were covered with Bare Metal Foil and polished to a luster.  The faces of the fuel tanks were wrapped in Koitchi film.

Green 378 tallstacks 100309.jpg (133310 bytes) Green 378 shortstacks 100309.jpg (94511 bytes) Green 378 right100309.jpg (108906 bytes) Green 378 hoodon100309.jpg (119902 bytes) Green 378 rear 100309.jpg (120125 bytes) Green 378 rightside100309.jpg (73626 bytes) green 378 hoodopen100309.jpg (89274 bytes) 

green 378 bodyon100309.jpg (88213 bytes) 10/04/09

As you can see, I decided against an accent stripe between the silver and green.  

 Green 378 openhood101009.jpg (100928 bytes) green 378 hoodopen100309.jpg (89274 bytes) Green 378 hoodopen101009.jpg (88800 bytes) Green 378 almost done 101009.jpg (118292 bytes) green 378 almostdone101009.jpg (121771 bytes) Green 378 almostdonehoodopen1010.jpg (102183 bytes) Almost done 10/10/09

Green 378 cabside 101109.jpg (114627 bytes) Green 378 crane101109.jpg (126616 bytes) Green 378 crane 101109.jpg (111482 bytes) Green 378 cranea101109.jpg (159476 bytes) Green 378 craneb101109.jpg (111235 bytes) Green 378 KitFormServiceswheeltyre.jpg (63447 bytes) 

Green 378 crown 101109.jpg (118154 bytes) Green 378 engine 101109.jpg (81582 bytes) Green 378 firewall 101109.jpg (113019 bytes) Green 378 driver 101109.jpg (121673 bytes) Green 378 hood open 101109.jpg (131793 bytes) Green 378 lights 101109.jpg (68541 bytes) Green 378 PlanoModelProducts.jpg (299998 bytes)

Green 378 roof 101109.jpg (124516 bytes) Green 378 side 101109.jpg (99077 bytes) Green 378 with crane 101109.jpg (108559 bytes) Green 378 endofframe101109.jpg (57125 bytes) Green 378 funkyII 101109.jpg (181374 bytes)

Parts:  Italeri 378 main kit.  Italeri Peterbilt 377 for the sleeper, quarter fenders, roof marker lights and extra fuel tanks.  RNK/AITM tool cabinets (these same cabinets were previously on a two-tone green 377 that is now a wrecked-trailer mounted model).  The crane is from an Italeri Accessories kit.  The driver is from a parts box from another modeler.  Front wheels and tires are from Kit Form Services.  The rear tires are resin from Mo'Luminum.  The mudflap hangers are from an Italeri Western Star.  The extra turn signals and amber beacons are from an AMT amber tree, the beacon bases (round) are from the AMT Peterbilt Wrecker.  Plano Model Products mesh used for the grille and round-hole mesh for the air cleaners.  Thanks to Kurt McLucas for the correct Detroit Diesel color and MAG for the door sign decals.  10/11/09.



JADE 389



GreenBlack389sept2209.jpg (156467 bytes) greenblack389a92209.jpg (136618 bytes) greenblack389pieces92309.jpg (171740 bytes) 

The cab is from the Italeri 378 with side panels from Spaulding Trading and Shipping.  The hood, fenders, headlamps and bumper are also resin from Spaulding Trading and Shipping.  The sleeper roof is resin from Budd Ricker.  Note the shape of the lower sleeper panels. These are tapered to mimic the lower ledge of the cab door.


Inspired by a beautiful Peterbilt 389 glider built by JADE Transport of Winnipeg that I saw at the St.Ignace Truck Show.

My version will be slightly different, but still along similar lines.

greenblack389b92309.jpg (94933 bytes) I painted the entire body Duplicolor gloss black, then masked off the black and painted the lower half Tamiya lime green.  This is my first (yes, the first) time using Tamiya paint, and I must say it goes on fantastic.  The reason I don't use much of it is that I don't have a hobby shop within 100 miles that carries it.  

greenblack389frame92509.jpg (117021 bytes) I stretched the kit frame for a 268" wheelbase.  The engine matches the exterior.


greenblack389cabpainted92509.jpg (243537 bytes) greenblack389paintedrear92509.jpg (120782 bytes) Here's the body painted and the silver separator stripe added.  9/25/09.

greenblack389progress92709.jpg (111957 bytes) GreenBlack389TESTpic.jpg (143215 bytes)

I plan on full rear fenders (parts coming from Sourkraut).  The real truck has some radical rear bumper treatment that I don't think I will attempt.

Greenblack389dash100209.jpg (105172 bytes) blackgreen389chassis100209.jpg (88689 bytes) Green Black 389 foiled 100209.jpg (99739 bytes) 10/2/09

greenblack389visormount10409.jpg (82044 bytes) greenblack389rear10409.jpg (93922 bytes) 10/04/09JadePB389progress100909.jpg (117038 bytes) 10/09/09

Sublime is almost done (Oct 10,09), some small parts still to be added and a booger in the clear above the drivers door needs to be fixed (don't ask how I scratched the clear).  Mr.Weatherman said cloudy and rain for days and days and this morning the sun came out for a short period - I took advantage of the sun and snapped a bunch of almost-finished pics.  I'll take finished pics once the sun returns.

Jade Peterbilt 389 left101009.jpg (98800 bytes) Jade PB 389 side 101009.jpg (121279 bytes) Jade 389 left 101009.jpg (118314 bytes) Jade389rear101009.jpg (117813 bytes) Jade389leftrear101009.jpg (119129 bytes) Jade389almostdone101009.jpg (120025 bytes) Jade 389 PB 101009.jpg (121378 bytes) 

Jade 389 ink 101009.jpg (274428 bytes) Jade Peterbilt 389 101009.jpg (88669 bytes) Jade389 rear 101009.jpg (125486 bytes)

Jadetoolbox101009.jpg (55094 bytes) Jadeheadlamp101009.jpg (34054 bytes) 10/10/09





My honored guest to my truck room during the St.Ignace Truck show was the Ice Road Trucker Alex Debagorski.


Italeri Tipper Trailer

I built this from a test-shot for Model Rectifier Corp's display.  The trailer represents the German built Schmitz brand of trailers.  The kit assembles nicely with a minimal amount of flash and clean up.  

Italeri Schmitz Dump 007edit.jpg (115052 bytes) Italeri Schmitz Dump 03edit.jpg (94802 bytes) Italeri Schmitz Dump 072edit.jpg (93453 bytes) Peternilt389 and Schmitztrailer91209.jpg (83680 bytes) Italeri Schmitz Dump 117edit.jpg (103803 bytes) Italeri Schmitz Dump 100edit.jpg (101351 bytes) Italeri Schmitz Dump 127edit.jpg (120653 bytes)

Italeri Schmitz Dump 134edit.jpg (136289 bytes) 9/12/2009


AMT Fruehauf Flat Bed

This is the latest from AMT - the Fruehauf 40 foot flat bed.   I built mine box-stock. The current reissue of the kit has a nice decal sheet with company names, mudflap logos and the old MPC Goodyear tires.

Here are several variations of the trailer I have built, stock,  3-nines spread axle, stock, 6 axle Michigan Steel hauler and a drop deck tire carrier.

Backdrop Pics  69.jpg (141278 bytes) Backdrop Pics 9309 63.jpg (52058 bytes) Backdrop Pics 65.jpg (82871 bytes) Backdrop Pics 64.jpg (61264 bytes) Backdrop Pics 67.jpg (51399 bytes) Backdrop Pics 66.jpg (60498 bytes) Backdrop Pics 62.jpg (139352 bytes)

Thank you AMT for bringing back another nice kit.



Big Hook

Here's a kit I haven't built before, the Revell of Germany "Can-Do" Wrecker, based on the Stepp's Towing fleet.

My take on the Can-Do wrecker is slightly different from the kit..

twintriwrckrparts71609.jpg (72335 bytes) twintrimockup71809.jpg (79987 bytes) twintriwreckermockup72109.jpg (118601 bytes) I'm going with a tandem steer and tridrive.  Instead of the 1/25th scale Peterbilt 359, mine will be on the 1/24th scale running gear/cab/sleeper of an Italeri kit.  I widened the wrecker body to fit 1/24th scale.  The frame is Evergreen channel.  Started 7/14/09.

On 7/20/09 I painted the cab and body.  The clear coat ended up a bit pebbly, so I used various rubbing compounds and waxes to bring a nice gloss to the parts.

hoodreflect172109.jpg (30447 bytes) hoodreflect272109.jpg (26876 bytes) hoodreflect472109.jpg (18345 bytes) hoodreflect372109.jpg (26970 bytes) roofreflect172109.jpg (64335 bytes) roofreflect272109.jpg (45182 bytes) roofreflect372109.jpg (39991 bytes) roofreflect472109.jpg (24417 bytes) 

tandemtriwreckermockup72109.jpg (136086 bytes) 7/21/09

This tandem steer, tri-drive wrecker has sure taken a long time to get built.  It has graced my workbench from mid July to the end of August.  I finally finished it!  The wheels are painted with Alsa Killer Chrome spray system.  Similar in appearance to Duplicolor Bumper Chrome, but not as thick and it dries.  The grille screen is stainless mesh from Plano Model Products.

TwinSteer Wreckerwheel83009.jpg (18768 bytes) TwinSteercrown83009.jpg (95745 bytes) TwinSteerGiantBee83009.jpg (240033 bytes) TwinSteerWrecker021edit.jpg (96832 bytes) TwinSteerWreckerinterior.jpg (60114 bytes) TwinSteerWreckerhoodopen.jpg (110221 bytes) TwinSteerWrecker122edit.jpg (155025 bytes) TwinSteerWrecker115edit.jpg (241110 bytes)

I got stuck on a company name for the wrecker.  The decal from the Lindberg Dodge L700 flatbed with the old car on the flatbed had the perfect company name, an auto restoration business, ideal for a company with a wrecker service.  I made the Winnipeg and phone numbers using Bare Metal Foil decal paper for ink jet printers.    While taking the photos the bee's were swarming the model!  They thought the amber marker lights looked like flowers.  

TwinSteerWrecker86.jpg (192282 bytes) TwinSteerWrecker79edit.jpg (199060 bytes) TwinSteerWrecker30edit.jpg (104137 bytes) TwinSteerWrecker29edit.jpg (136766 bytes) TwinSteerWrecker33edit.jpg (206873 bytes) TwinSteerWrecker026edit.jpg (61151 bytes) TwinSteers83009.jpg (173931 bytes) 

One of the nice things about digital cameras (and also a bad thing) is that you can see detail in much closer/clearer views.  I see several things that I have to fix, including the crooked left exhaust, the lower left exhaust elbow and trim some BMF from the right cab pillar.   8/30/2009




Peterbilt 365 SBFA 

365hoodshells52409.jpg (48953 bytes) 365frame52609.jpg (66385 bytes) 365partsassy52609.jpg (68034 bytes) 365cab52709.jpg (44951 bytes) 365bumper52809.jpg (39096 bytes) 365fishbelly.jpg (38919 bytes) 365primedtowhiterear53109.jpg (76473 bytes) 365allprimed53109.jpg (52469 bytes) 365primedwhiteright53109.jpg (88627 bytes)

I started this hood as a hood with no intended project.  I sliced the fenders off a Spaulding Trading and Shipping 357 hood, scratchbuilt the hood shell, reworked the 357 fenders a  bit and grafted them onto my new hood shells to make a 365 SBFA.  I have found it is just as easy to make two hoods as it is to make one hood, so I now have another version of the hood for a future built.

A friend suggested the configuration, tandem lift axles, long dump body.  I've cut out the corners of the cab for the corner window option. Under cab DPF on the right, a small fuel tank under the door on the left and a space saver battery box just aft of the cab.  Single exhaust.  Everything else is up in the air at this point.  I'm leaning towards this truck for colors. I can't decide "private fleet" or municipal.    Stay tuned.  5/31/2009


And the color choice is: 365framepaint6109.jpg (48084 bytes) The color looks more red than orange in this photo.  It is indeed orange. 6/1/09

365dpfunderside6509.jpg (52168 bytes) tankson6509.jpg (39689 bytes) 365dpf6509.jpg (35266 bytes) Cabtest6509.jpg (104258 bytes) 6/5 update:  Fuel tank, battery box, air tanks and DPF installed.

The DPF cover is a simple box cut from plastic with a hole cut for the piping.  A piece of round tube simulates the diesel particulate filter.  The tool box cover is a resin piece from Spauldings Peterbilt 389 conversion.  The cover was cut down for just the face.  The battery box is the COE box from AITM and slightly modified for the newer "SpaceSaver" box.  Air tanks from the kit were relocated to under the box.  The fuel tank is from the kit, cut down for a smaller size with scratchbuilt steps.  The tank, box and DPF were all painted with Duplicolor Bumper Chrome.  

365psbrackets6509.jpg (41133 bytes) 365dash6709.jpg (59440 bytes) 365partsmockup6909.jpg (67256 bytes) 365foiled6909.jpg (88814 bytes) 365mockup6909.jpg (73189 bytes) 6/7/09 update

365hvacscoop61009.jpg (16445 bytes) 365lightsandscreen61009.jpg (54369 bytes) 365psrb61009.jpg (26299 bytes) 6/10/09 progress 365notusedbug61209.jpg (36742 bytes) 365waitingforwheelstires61309.jpg (75538 bytes) 365balance61309.jpg (26976 bytes) 6/13/09 progress

354wheelson61709.jpg (76028 bytes) 365mockup61809.jpg (124311 bytes) 365mockup 61809.jpg (93913 bytes) 6/18/09 progress  365progress62009.jpg (65601 bytes) 36562009progress.jpg (78532 bytes) 6/21/09 progress


365abovealmostdone62509.jpg (113490 bytes) 365almostdonefront62509.jpg (80032 bytes) Peterbilt 365 62509.jpg (65549 bytes) 365frontalmostdone62509.jpg (125138 bytes) 6/26/09 progress... Not quite finished, but the sun and sky were perfect for photos so I snapped a few with the cab and roof resting in place for the photos.  

Peterbilt 365 62809.jpg (146846 bytes) 365 zoomed 62809.jpg (109836 bytes) Peterbilt 365 front62809.jpg (126168 bytes) Peterbilt 365rear62809.jpg (163583 bytes) 365 rightrear62809.jpg (113417 bytes) Peterbilt 365left62809.jpg (107336 bytes) 365JUISlogo62809.jpg (149013 bytes) 365withtext62809.jpg (163396 bytes) 

Peterbilt 365 frnt62809.jpg (111799 bytes) Peterbilt 365 6282009.jpg (55768 bytes) Peterbilt 365 crown62809.jpg (44961 bytes) Peterbilt 365 dumper62809.jpg (171591 bytes) Peterbilt 365 CrownII62809.jpg (62317 bytes) Peterbilt 365left62809.jpg (107336 bytes) 6/28/09 finished.

I made the company door logos using Bare Metal Foil clear decal paper for ink jet printers.  The logos crinkled as they cured and have a texture that I am not pleased with.  The company name "JUIS Sand and Gravel" is a fictitious name based on a line from the 1970's Saturday Night Live TV program.  The truck's name is "Jane."

This was a strange build for me.. almost a month from start to finish.



Chrome Paint Experiment

To simulate polished aluminum I have used Duplicolor BumperChrome spray paint.  I recently bought the "Killer Chrome" paints from Alsa Paint Products of California.  The Killer Chrome is a spray can system.  My first attempts didn't yield any better results than the $7 dollar can of BumperChrome.  The second attempt seems to have more luster but looks more like stainless steel.  More experimenting to come.  Here are some examples as I go.

Chromepainttest1july1009.jpg (178758 bytes) Chrometest2july1009.jpg (141415 bytes) Chrometest3july1009.jpg (57727 bytes) chrometest4july1009.jpg (351872 bytes) Chrometest5julu1009.jpg (145385 bytes) Chrometest6july1009.jpg (236225 bytes) 7/10/2009

I reshot the wheels with a lighter coat of the chrome.  The effect is a darker, slightly more lustrous wheel.

ChromeexperimentTWO71109.jpg (95872 bytes) ChromeexperimentTWOa71109.jpg (284426 bytes) chromeexperimentTwob71109.jpg (195965 bytes) chromeexperimentTWOc71109.jpg (40429 bytes) 7/11/2009

chromeexperimentTHREE71209.jpg (90491 bytes) chromeexperimentTHREEa71209.jpg (36672 bytes) ChromeExperimentTHREEc71209.jpg (78778 bytes) Here is Killer Chrome applied to an AMT Mercury sleeper.  I polished the clear coat before applying the Killer Chrome. The finish is smoother, but still not the high-gloss super-deep luster advertised on the Alsa website.

The Verdict:  Not a bad product, but extremely overpriced for the end result. Update:  It has been suggested that blue is used instead of black, and the surface must be smooooth.  This could be an issue for resin wheels and small parts.


GW Trucks 6109.jpg (69533 bytes) GW Trucks resin parts.


PACCAR Tech Center 389


As with all my late model PB's, I start with an Italeri kit, this time the 378.  The hood is a resin copy of my pattern cast by Spauldings.  Spauldings offers the hood, headlamps, bumper, air cleaners, battery boxes, springs and cab sides to convert the Italeri 377 into a 389.  I'll use the springs, air cleaners and batter boxes on another project.

My PTC 389 will have a 355 wheelbase, a 70" sleeper, and Ultracab roof.    Started 4/19/2009.  Actually, the hood was painted in early March.

I'm calling it finished for now, there are a couple of things that need to be corrected and add yet, but those will come later.  4/29/09.

5/2/09 - I repositioned the crooked (too high) mirrors and a couple of other crooked parts.  New pics added.

PTCrails42009.jpg (80444 bytes) ptcrail42009.jpg (100264 bytes) ptcaxles42009.jpg (141976 bytes) ptc389paint42009.jpg (127331 bytes) ptc389mockup42309.jpg (145225 bytes)

ptcdpf42209.jpg (165831 bytes) ptchub42509.jpg (181524 bytes) ptcframe42209.jpg (80987 bytes) ptcallthe parts42509.jpg (145072 bytes) ptchood42609.jpg (83805 bytes) ptccab42609.jpg (72344 bytes) ptcsleeper42609.jpg (87441 bytes) ptcunibilt42609.jpg (101973 bytes) 

ptcbumper42609.jpg (125988 bytes) ptcmockup42609.jpg (129096 bytes) ptc389aircleaner42809.jpg (61891 bytes) ptc389breather42809.jpg (58403 bytes) ptc389doorrht42809.jpg (34730 bytes) ptc389dpf42809.jpg (68097 bytes) ptc389text42809.jpg (71442 bytes) ptc389rhfndr42809.jpg (26240 bytes) 

ptc389rghtside529.jpg (30741 bytes) ptc389rof529.jpg (74485 bytes) ptc389sides529.jpg (77787 bytes) ptc389trlrpb529.jpg (76471 bytes) PTC389withtrlr5209.jpg (114022 bytes) ptc389txt529.jpg (56944 bytes)

PTC389PBtrlr529.jpg (117172 bytes) PTC389nofrng529.jpg (102655 bytes) ptc389lft5209.jpg (58021 bytes) ptc389art29.jpg (77520 bytes) pbtrlrptc3895209.jpg (169579 bytes) 

389inpqi42809.jpg (84604 bytes) ptc389breezeway42809.jpg (113140 bytes) PTC389left42809.jpg (143208 bytes) PTC389leftside42809.jpg (123372 bytes)  ptc389r42809.jpg (97904 bytes) ptc389leftcab42809.jpg (149727 bytes) ptc389caboutback42809.jpg (51518 bytes)


PTC389rear42809.jpg (112933 bytes) PTC389reargrass42809.jpg (154589 bytes) PTC389rr42809.jpg (127597 bytes) pTC38942809.jpg (128242 bytes) ptc 389 art 42809.jpg (179984 bytes) PTC389nofairing42809.jpg (128650 bytes) PTC 389 42809.jpg (92056 bytes)

three38942809.jpg (162271 bytes)

The Inspiration:  A PACCAR Technical Center 389.  My version will be slightly different with polished air cleaners.  

PCT389D760803.jpg (143301 bytes) 760803.jpg (177246 bytes) PCT389bluegrayD760803.jpg (153080 bytes)


2009 Peterbilt 386 Hybrid


386parts2409.jpg (120753 bytes) 386fairing2409.jpg (133158 bytes) 386mockup2909.jpg (151225 bytes) 386mouckupright2909.jpg (142316 bytes) 386primecab21109.jpg (121347 bytes) 386vipergreen21409.jpg (101120 bytes) 386hybridgreen22809.jpg (104700 bytes) 386hybridgreento22809.jpg (87809 bytes)

Peterbilt 386 in aero-dress.  My 386 will feature full side fairings, roof deflector, cab/sleeper transition panels, aero visor and mirrors.

Starting with the Italeri 377, a resin hood from AITM and a resin roof from MonkeyClaw, I cut down the sleeper to a 48" length, modified the cab for the newer door/window style, scratchbuilt the side fairings and aero visor.  The resin hood has been massaged too.  

Started 2/09/09

Since my plan is the Wal*Mart 386 Hybrid, finding the Dupont Imron color in spray paint would be a big problem.  I did a Google Search for "custom mix spray paint" and found Tower Paint in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  The custom mixed the Viper Green, packed it into a large spray can and in 3 days I had my color.  I am impressed with the quality of the paint.  It sprays evenly, no splats, no pressure issues, the metallic goes on smooth and consistently.  The only drawback so far is that I have to wait five days before clear coating. (2/14/09) Okay.. 6 days later I cleared it and the clear crinkled.  Hmmmph.  Everything was stripped, it was painted again, and six days later it has been clear coated again.  2/28/09.  

386hybrid3109progress.jpg (216983 bytes) 386hyridframe3409.jpg (99276 bytes) 386taillamp30309.jpg (75543 bytes) 386hybridMoLuminum3509.jpg (76454 bytes) 386hybridmirrors30609.jpg (135327 bytes) 386hybridprogress3609.jpg (150490 bytes) 386hybrideof3609.jpg (160505 bytes) 3/6/09 update.

386hyridRHprog30809.jpg (130464 bytes) 386hybridrear3808.jpg (91542 bytes) 386hybridhood3709.jpg (140962 bytes) 386hybridcabhood3709.jpg (132319 bytes) 386hybridcahoodbunk3709.jpg (152355 bytes) 386hybridcabhoodbunkfairing3709.jpg (134659 bytes) Onthebench3809.jpg (201153 bytes) 3/8/09 update

hybrid386inthebox40909.jpg (158674 bytes) hybrid386hood41109.jpg (95061 bytes) hybrid386progress41209.jpg (130160 bytes) hybrid386testfit41209.jpg (122577 bytes) 4/12/09 update.

I've gone as far as I can for now.  I want to re-do the unit numbers and rework a couple of things. So for now, it is done.  4/29/09

hybrid386CARB529.jpg (36378 bytes) hybrid386deck529.jpg (169106 bytes) hybrid386fender529.jpg (70032 bytes) hybrid386left529.jpg (56165 bytes) hybrid386above529.jpg (98864 bytes) hybrid386wfairing529.jpg (72983 bytes) hybrid386rightdoor529.jpg (32534 bytes)

hybrid386rhslpr529.jpg (141195 bytes) hybrid386rear529.jpg (152205 bytes) hybrid386moluminumwheels529.jpg (102767 bytes) hybrid386mirrorvisor529.jpg (112889 bytes) hybrid386right529.jpg (66009 bytes) hybrid386wfrngrht529.jpg (171924 bytes) hybrid386withfrng529.jpg (130056 bytes) hybrid386zoom529.jpg (37749 bytes)

Hybrid386zoomed529.jpg (81721 bytes) Hybrid386522009.jpg (122061 bytes) hybridrear5209.jpg (120419 bytes) hybridwithmoluminum529.jpg (62581 bytes) 

Hybrid386backofslpr42809.jpg (247772 bytes) hybrid386bos42809.jpg (84436 bytes) hybrid386outback42809.jpg (116469 bytes) Hybrid386PQI42809.jpg (78718 bytes) hybrid386andoval42809.jpg (48742 bytes) hybrid386 outback42809.jpg (94652 bytes) hybird389 PQI42809.jpg (78613 bytes) 

hybrid386pqiart42809.jpg (47107 bytes) Hybrid386rear42809.jpg (159022 bytes) hybrid386rearinside42809.jpg (79586 bytes) hybrid 386 in PQI 42809.jpg (58739 bytes) hybridpqi38642809.jpg (101101 bytes) PQI hybrid38642809.jpg (64413 bytes) PQIhybrid386 42809.jpg (86633 bytes) PQIhybrid38642809.jpg (87643 bytes)

386hybridfullsun42809.jpg (160077 bytes) hybrid386breezeway42909.jpg (105834 bytes) walmart 386 at dusk 101109.jpg (78007 bytes)  Walmart386 rear 101109.jpg (83462 bytes) Walmart 386 rear left 101109.jpg (84795 bytes)

The inspiration

Walmart386D771794.jpg (131770 bytes) WalmartHybrid386D771652.jpg (162662 bytes)

Walmart386 101109.jpg (96396 bytes) While taking this photo I noticed that the wind was moving the unattached air deflector from behind. 

Before I could catch the deflector and reposition it, the wind caught it again and this happened Disaster in the making.jpg (110936 bytes)

The wind tossed the deflector forward knocking off the hood mounted spot mirrors.  Hmmph!  10/11/09


Workbench project - aka a mess  

I wanted to build just one 70" sleeper for a project.  One sleeper.   One thing lead to another and I have FOUR of them for future projects.  Building four at a time really isn't any more difficult than building one.. just more time consuming.  4/19/09

BenchMessprogress4182009.jpg (69002 bytes) BenchMessProg41809.jpg (63936 bytes) BenchMess41809.jpg (107972 bytes) BenchMessprogress41809.jpg (72867 bytes) BenchMessfloor41809.jpg (55496 bytes)


Stacks - 2008 Peterbilt 389

 stackspainted81608.jpg (184919 bytes) stacksstripedright81608.jpg (175568 bytes) stacksstriped81608.jpg (195265 bytes) stacksstripe81608.jpg (105556 bytes)  

  I finally found a rattle-can paint that is close to the color I need for "Stacks."  The paint is Duplicolor engine enamel "Torque and Teal."  The white stripes are thin automotive grade vinyl cut to shape (vinyl from www.flaminfrog.com). 8/16/2008

Stacks is owned by John Smedile of NJ and is leased to Horseless Carriage.  Stacks is the nickname for John's 2008 Cat powered 389.  

Stacksframe3109.jpg (146534 bytes) stacksmockup31709.jpg (182207 bytes) Stacksmockuptwp31709.jpg (173498 bytes) stacks31909fuzzy.jpg (72531 bytes) Stacksfuel32109.jpg (36159 bytes)

3/17/09 update:  Stacks is back on the workbench.  Using pieces left over from another PB kit, I stretched the frame to a 295 wheelbase, installed the glass and interior and applied Bare Metal Foil Chrome.  The new formula for BMF is quite nice.  The foil polishes up nicely and seems to work around corners better.


Stacksdoor32109.jpg (42385 bytes) Stacksdoorsign32109.jpg (33103 bytes) StacksHorselesslogo32109.jpg (22127 bytes) StacksJPSdoor32109.jpg (50035 bytes) Stacksleftfender32109.jpg (56693 bytes) Stacksmirror32109.jpg (37921 bytes)

Stackspics32009.jpg (239075 bytes) Stacks389_32109.jpg (163003 bytes) Stacks38932109.jpg (75460 bytes) Stacks 389 32109.jpg (93766 bytes) Stacks Right 32109.jpg (196006 bytes) Stacksartsy32109.jpg (91399 bytes) Stacksflaps32109.jpg (51398 bytes) Stackshighway32109.jpg (46877 bytes)

Stacksleftrear32109.jpg (192717 bytes) Stacksleftside32109.jpg (146969 bytes) Stacksright32109.jpg (159673 bytes) Stacksrightside32109.jpg (167543 bytes) 

3/21/2009 Update:  Finished!  Resin hood from Spaulding Trading and Shipping, along with resin cab sides, bumper and springs to convert the Italeri 377 to a SFFA 389.  The 70" sleeper was scratchbuilt except for the roof front and sleeper front.  I goofed on the sleeper - the real Stacks has a "Werner Door" on the RH side.. I forgot the option.   I should have stretched the fuel tanks too (not just reworking them for 4 straps).  The exhaust was reworked for the '08 style with DPF and dull aluminum piping (Testors Metalizer Aluminum).  While I mention "wish I hads,"  I was I had laid the stripes out more carefully so the stripes matched better.  I had to splice them where I didn't want to because I didn't take enough time laying them out ahead of time.  Special thanks to Cheryl of Flamin'Frog for the great work on the lettering.  3/21/2009.


389 smedile striped edit.jpg (232118 bytes) Smedile389nostripesjuly.jpg (191124 bytes) John Smedile 389 Stacks 2.jpg (33662 bytes) John Smedile 389 insnow.jpg (30860 bytes) smedile_004.jpg (63735 bytes) smedile_006.jpg (78128 bytes) John Smedile 389 Stacks.jpg (26363 bytes) 389388decked807.jpg (223011 bytes) The real truck


Southland Sod 379-119


MVC-677S.jpg (86792 bytes) Southlandroughdaycab103108.jpg (89327 bytes) Southlandroughhoodcab103108.jpg (115457 bytes) southlandparts103108.jpg (170250 bytes) southland379frame110208.jpg (164124 bytes) southlandpartspainted110208.jpg (221593 bytes) southland379above110208.jpg (168133 bytes) southlandmainstripe110308.jpg (122698 bytes) southland379painted11308.jpg (148337 bytes) southlandpainted11308.jpg (151305 bytes) southlandframe110508.jpg (151325 bytes) southlandengineinstall110808.jpg (169287 bytes) southlandmotorinterior11508.jpg (185931 bytes) southlandparts110708.jpg (161872 bytes) SouthlandSoddoor30909.jpg (38243 bytes) SouthlandSod379onbench30909.jpg (165056 bytes) Southland379rear30909.jpg (65629 bytes)

In southern California is Southland Sod Farms with their fleet of 379-119's in classic dress.  Painted fuel tanks, battery box sides, cab mounted steering reservoir,  painted rear wheels and small bumpers.  This fleet has captured the look of a mid 70's Peterbilt 359.  My version starts with an original issue of the Italeri 378 kit.  The cab was converted to a daycab with a new back wall. The LH cab side was modified to omit the molded on air cleaner mount and intake hole.  The hood was modified to appear as a 379 short hood (minus the huck rivets).  The frame has only been modified at the end, removing the tractor taper.  The rear suspension was moved forward.  The deck is made from the flatbed trailer from Lindberg.   The brown I chose is really confounding me.  In some light it is really close to the Southland color, in other light it is too dark, or too metallic or too red or..  arg!      Started 10/30/2008 and finished 3/09/2009.  Thanks to Cheryl for making the door logos for me.


Southland37930909.jpg (193393 bytes) Southland379onbench30909.jpg (131751 bytes) Southland379front30909.jpg (137353 bytes) Southland379crown30909.jpg (43511 bytes) Southland Sod 379 399.jpg (173616 bytes) Southland Sod379hwy3909.jpg (136175 bytes) southlandclipboard3909.jpg (64935 bytes) SouthlandSodsignal3909.jpg (73591 bytes) SouthlandSoddoor30909.jpg (38243 bytes)


Southlandsod379left30909.jpg (162799 bytes) SouthlandSod379top30909.jpg (174426 bytes) Southland379close3909.jpg (154166 bytes) 

Peterbilt 330/335/340 hood

Mysteryfenders21809.jpg (89497 bytes) Mysteryhood21809.jpg (62262 bytes) Mysteryhood22209.jpg (186804 bytes) 

Peterbilt 330/335/340 hood.  This hood is entirely scratchbuilt.   2/27/2009


1975 Hayes Clipper COE



75HayesCOEcab12409.jpg (82749 bytes) 75HayesCOErawcab12309.jpg (190006 bytes) 75HayesCOEtext12509.jpg (236213 bytes) 75HayesCOEpainted12509.jpg (128722 bytes) 75HAYEsCLIPPER1269.jpg (170785 bytes) 75HayesClipper12609.jpg (130510 bytes) 75Hayesblkbmp12709.jpg (150936 bytes)

75Hayesalumbmp12709.jpg (86354 bytes) 75Hayesblackstripebmpr12709.jpg (90048 bytes) 75clipperblackseat12809.jpg (90652 bytes) 75Hayesinttest12809.jpg (42081 bytes) 75Hayeswindshield12809.jpg (39724 bytes) 75Hayesinterior1309.jpg (67554 bytes) 75Hayesframe13009.jpg (133449 bytes) 75Hayestestcab13009.jpg (115850 bytes)

75HayesClprfront13109.jpg (103003 bytes) ClipperGrille13109.jpg (58510 bytes) 75HayesClipperfront2109.jpg (41478 bytes) 75HayesClipperright2109.jpg (88465 bytes) 75HayesClipperrhtside2109.jpg (69101 bytes) 75HayesClippersidelft2109.jpg (71698 bytes) 75Hayestilted2109.jpg (62649 bytes) 75Hayeswithflat2109.jpg (89327 bytes) 

 75HayesClipperear2109.jpg (63761 bytes) 75HayesClipperrearrht2109.jpg (66447 bytes) 75ClipperPacemakers20109.jpg (100838 bytes) Hayes3522109.jpg (96263 bytes) 75HayesClipperNoVisor2109.jpg (139314 bytes) Hayes3cab2109.jpg (95581 bytes) hayesClipperstwo20109.jpg (76510 bytes) HayesClipperthree2109.jpg (98294 bytes) Hayesgrille2109.jpg (49034 bytes)

Back in 1974, PACCAR bought Hayes Trucks LTD from Mack.  In the short time that Hayes was in production under PACCAR, the Clipper COE used the Peterbilt Pacemaker cab.  The cabs were ordered from Peterbilt Parts Department as a complete cab and shipped to Hayes to assemble on their frame.  My Clipper is based on the AMT Peterbilt Pacemaker 352 kit.  I've modified the cab for the mid-70s Pacemaker features and the Hayes grille surround using etched metal from the Clipper COE resin trans-kit once offered by Spaulding Trading and Shipping.  My frame is a combination of the 352 kit and rails from the later reissue AMT 359.  The rear axles feature the wide "Canadian" spread.  Spoke wheels were sourced from a junked Diamond Reo (ebay buy).  Fuel tanks and mufflers from an Italeri PB.  

75HayesClipperright2509.jpg (106287 bytes) 75HayesClipper2509.jpg (95376 bytes) 75HayesClipperLeftRear259.jpg (158479 bytes) 75hayesClipper020509.jpg (133963 bytes) 75Hayes Clipper2509.jpg (83904 bytes) 75hayesgrille2509.jpg (63723 bytes)

The etched metal grille was a big challenging as I am notorious for having epoxy ooze out where it isn't wanted, only to discover the ooze too late.  The Hayes mudflap logos came from a brochure.   I made the cab corner deflectors from Evergreen round tube cut and covered with BMF.  I still need to find one component for the engine as the pieces were missing.  Once warm weather returns, I will sift through the parts boxes in the garage.  2/1/2009

The Hayes-PACCAR story

Excerpt from the book PACCAR The Pursuit of Quality by Alex Groner and Barry Provorse, Published
by Documentary Media, Seattle, WA.  First published in 1981.

"In February 1974, PACCAR bought Hayes Trucks LTD of Vancouver, BC, a principal competitor in Canada of Canadian Kenworth.  Specializing in
heavy duty trucks used by a number of large forest products companies, Hayes had a sales of almost $20 million dollars in the fiscal year ending
November 30,1973.  The firms market was primarily western Canada but sold units in other provinces as well as the United States.  The plan was
to have Hayes compete against Kenworth much the same as Peterbilt and Kenworth competed for business in the United States.

...Mack Trucks Inc., took over the firm in 1969.. ... expanding the sales organization into eastern Canada.  As sales rose from $10 million a year to $20 million, Mack was faced with the choice of financing an appropriate plant expansion or disposing of the company.  In 1974 they decided to sell and PACCAR decided to buy.

Hayes did not turn out to be a good investment for PACCAR.  The acquisition had been made just before the start of a major worldwide recession
and a pronounced downturn in the truck sales market.  Prospects for long term growth seemed little better, and thus PACCAR  decided to dissolve the company.  Its operations ended on September 30, 1975."


Mirror - Mirror

PBmirrorwire1209.jpg (196521 bytes) PBmirrorbent12209.jpg (250730 bytes) 

I bought a roll of galvenized steel wire at the local True Value hardware store and set out to make a "few" Peterbilt mirror brackets for '05-current year conversions of the Italeri 377 and 378 kits.   A "few" turned out to be 30.  1/22/2009


Peterbilt 367 Heavy Haul Rig-up

367hhcrossmember122808.jpg (122357 bytes) 367HHframe122908.jpg (116404 bytes) Peterbilt 367 hoodsprimer120108.jpg (118274 bytes) 367HHprogress123108.jpg (157382 bytes) 367HHdeckprog1209.jpg (124833 bytes) 367Hhprog1109.jpg (126486 bytes) 367HHwinchprogress1309.jpg (113170 bytes) 367HHprogress1309.jpg (143223 bytes) 

367HH1709progress.jpg (168492 bytes) 367HHrhcompnts1809.jpg (110717 bytes) 367covers10909.jpg (173453 bytes) 367HH199progress.jpg (168543 bytes) 367HHprogress11009.jpg (150568 bytes) 367HHtestgrille11309.jpg (153167 bytes) 367HHwipers11209.jpg (35160 bytes) 367HHtestcab11109.jpg (136476 bytes) 

367HHbumper11509.jpg (120495 bytes) 367HHprogress11509.jpg (123653 bytes) 367HHpaintedbumper11609.jpg (103184 bytes) 367HH11609progress.jpg (176635 bytes) 

PB 367 HeavyHaul SBFA oilpatch rig-up truck - I started the hood in late '08, then started the frame and body in late December.  The kit frame rails were too lightweight and short for the configuration.  I used Evergreen strip #383 to simulate a 13" rail.  The crossmembers were scratchbuilt. (the kit crossmembers and rails will be used on another truck).  Since the frame rails will only be visible from the sides, I didn't worry about the lack of flanges (to make a "C" channel) rail.  The crossmembers had to be scratchbuilt due to the solid rail (otherwise the frame would be too wide).  The rear suspension will be a tandem drive with a lift axle.  Kit Form Services wheels all around, Plaskit resin suspension for the lift axle.  (modified Neway).  The rig-up  body is fabricated from Evergreen sheet stock.  The gin poles are Plastruct round tube. Started 12/21/2008

267HHrhcabwinch11909.jpg (84084 bytes) 367HeavyHaulleft11909.jpg (144381 bytes) 367heavyhaulrig11909.jpg (126974 bytes) 367HeavyHaulright11909.jpg (151819 bytes) 367HHartsy11909.jpg (137736 bytes) 367HHDPF11909.jpg (53358 bytes) 367HHfromabove11909.jpg (170259 bytes) 367HHKFSwheelKMcLlogo.jpg (44380 bytes)

367HHleft11909.jpg (130820 bytes) 367HHleftdoor11909.jpg (47685 bytes) 367HHleftside11909.jpg (101332 bytes) 367HHlfrr11909.jpg (163681 bytes) 367HHlift11909.jpg (27610 bytes) 367HHoilrig11909.jpg (116866 bytes) 367HHrear11909.jpg (129133 bytes) 367HHrightcab11909.jpg (147333 bytes) 367hhrigleftrear11909.jpg (155313 bytes) 

367HHrigside11909.jpg (151894 bytes) 367HHwhitebackgrnd11909.jpg (101547 bytes) 

Finished 1/19/2009

The inspiration  -  photos from Peterbilt of Wyoming's Truckpaper.com listing and a fabricator listing(c2008)

D752447  367 HH.jpg (198474 bytes) D752447.jpg (204372 bytes) Earthmovers2.jpg (69143 bytes)


Peterbilt 377 with drom


377ablesleeper121208.jpg (169011 bytes) 377redblacknoslpr121408.jpg (153257 bytes) 377redblackslpr121408.jpg (159733 bytes) 377redblackslprdrom121408.jpg (131704 bytes) 377redblack121408.jpg (188562 bytes) 377redblackabove121408.jpg (180470 bytes) 377 with drom.jpg (69049 bytes)

377DD60andsteeringdirt121708.jpg (106236 bytes) 377dirtyinterior.jpg (87365 bytes) 377firewallengine121608.jpg (130744 bytes) 377lookingin121708.jpg (16584 bytes) 377mockuponframe121708.jpg (183844 bytes) 377windshield121708.jpg (58357 bytes) 377rollingchassis122008.jpg (140055 bytes) 377fromlftrear122008.jpg (145341 bytes) 377hoodopenlft122008.jpg (203816 bytes)

377hoodopenrght122008.jpg (162484 bytes) 377leftnodirt122008.jpg (174380 bytes) 377nodrom122008.jpg (178236 bytes) 377rhhoodopen122008.jpg (118460 bytes) 377rightrear122008.jpg (164646 bytes) 377righttext122008.jpg (132553 bytes) 377breezeway122108.jpg (123489 bytes) 377dirtyandclean122108.jpg (158363 bytes)

377dirtycleanside122108.jpg (137641 bytes) 377doorclose122108.jpg (63011 bytes) 377engine122108.jpg (81874 bytes) 377engineleft122108.jpg (97137 bytes) 377engineright122108.jpg (56975 bytes) 377hoodopenleft122108.jpg (170384 bytes) 377leftbreezeway122108.jpg (114377 bytes) 377leftopenhd122108.jpg (151409 bytes)

377insun122208.jpg (172358 bytes) 377outback122108.jpg (100476 bytes) 377redblack122108.jpg (110041 bytes) 377redblackrht122108.jpg (87289 bytes) 377rightoutback122108.jpg (81982 bytes) 37748122108.jpg (114802 bytes) 377rhinsun122208.jpg (140335 bytes) 377rearinsun122208.jpg (133571 bytes) 377engine122208.jpg (26406 bytes)

I obtained the photo of this interesting red, black and yellow 377 in 2003.  This unique configuration intrigued me enough to assign an Italeri 377A/E kit for a future build.  5 years later I decided it was time to build it.  I lengthened the frame 1.5 inches, scratcbuilt the drom box, fabricated an Able style 48" sleeper using the Revell of Germany 359 sleeper roof, the doors were cut from the kit sleeper and grafted into the new side panels.  The red is Krylon International Red and Duplicolor Black. The headache rack was made from Plastruct diamond tread sheet and Evergreen square rod.  The fenders are Platruct car siding. Decals are combinations of decal sheets from several kits and from Kit Form Services North American decal sheet.  The mudflaps are from the KFS sheet.   I coated the body with a layer of weathering chalks to dull the paint a bit.  I took artistic liberties with several features, including the graphics and headache rack.  The darned hood doesn't want to close tightly on the left side.

 Started 12/14/2008 finished 12/21/2008


1988 Peterbilt 376

PB376specpic.jpg (44906 bytes) Peterbilt37612608.jpg (143193 bytes) Peterbilt 376 12608.jpg (235355 bytes) 376cabreadytomount.jpg (123116 bytes) 376and377121108.jpg (128422 bytes) 376rear121108.jpg (60903 bytes) 377and37612112008.jpg (133761 bytes) 376nearlydone12808.jpg (184752 bytes) 376fromabove121108.jpg (100595 bytes) 

376insun122208.jpg (132729 bytes) 376rearinsun122208.jpg (108562 bytes)

The Peterbilt 376 was built from 1988 until 1991 as a light class 8 tractor or truck.  The truck was targeted at the city delivery market.  Basically a single drive 375, the 376 was a plain-Jane truck.  About as bare-bones of a Peterbilt as you could have ordered.  My 376 started as the Italeri 377 kit that I had robbed many parts from to use on other model builds.  The frame rails are made from Evergreen #391 .125x.375" strips.  The cab backwall was cut from sheet plastic with the back window cut out.  The 377 hood was cut from 120" BBC down to 114" BBC.  The fuel tank was sourced from the parts box and covered with Bare Metal Foil.  The wheels are resin items from Kit Form Services.  I made the initial hood modifications in December of 2006 and then put the kit back into the stack of kits.  I started back on the 376 and finished it in December 2008.

375cityscene1stcls.jpg (127329 bytes) 376trucks.jpg (76471 bytes) Actual 376 in tractor and truck configurations.


PB 367 HeavyHaul hoods

Peterbilt 367 hoodsprimer120108.jpg (118274 bytes) 367HHhoodtest112908.jpg (131021 bytes) 367HHhoodsnoprime112908.jpg (165631 bytes) 367HHhood112908.jpg (68843 bytes) 

Three 367 HeavyHaul SBFA hoods for future projects.  Two will be for FEPTO fixed grille options. 12/1/2008


Brockway 760 SFFA

"The toughest truck in the world" - Brockway Trucks - that is what Mike Parkhurst of Overdrive magazine used to call them.  This axle-forward model 760 is a resin cast hood/cab from www.aitruckmodels.com.  I used the Italeri "Mack" Superliner as the donor kit.  A small notch in the front of the frame was made to accept the radiator so that the cab/hood sat at the right height off the frame.  I used the AITM fuel tanks, battery boxes, bumpers and other items.  The casting is smooth and free of distortions and pin holes.


Brockway760cabedit113008.jpg (63539 bytes) Brockway760front113008.jpg (85412 bytes) brockway760cabclose113008.jpg (53523 bytes) BrockwayCOEand7611208.jpg (137524 bytes) Brockway760rearonbench.jpg (185665 bytes) Brockwayplowand760.jpg (143476 bytes) AITMBrockway760112108.jpg (160748 bytes) brockwaynearlydone112108.jpg (212324 bytes) AITMBrockwayresin110708.jpg (122605 bytes)

brockwaystriped111408.jpg (181042 bytes) Huskie760brochure.jpg (140015 bytes) brockway1stchoicecolor111208.jpg (229472 bytes) Brockwayinprimer111208.jpg (174117 bytes)

My original plan was a dressed up Huskie, gold and brown.  I had a terrible paint failure when I applied the clear coat to the gold.  I stripped the paint and went for dark black cherry metallic with a gold stripe (vinyl).  The vinyl bubbled up and looked terrible so I removed the vinyl and went with only painting the bumper, grille and wheels cream for accent.  The LSSI door signs are railroad decals from Microscale.  LSSI was Lake Superior and Ishpeming (Michigan) railroad.

The AITM casting is just begging for a a 761 SBFA companion to be built.  11/29/2008.


Ford LNT 9000 Snow Plow

I built this AMT Ford LNT 8000 Ford Snowplow box stock.   The model is missing mirrors in these photos.  8/5/2008

fordplowinterior8508.jpg (62944 bytes) Fordplowhoodoff8408.jpg (227987 bytes) fordplowengine8508.jpg (83084 bytes) fordnoplowdumptractor8508.jpg (140791 bytes) Fordnoplow80508.jpg (168527 bytes) plowassembly8508.jpg (120706 bytes) fordsnowplowrear8508.jpg (101189 bytes) FordLNTmockup8208.jpg (150009 bytes) FordLNT8108.jpg (158739 bytes)

FordLNTpaintparts8208.jpg (257358 bytes)


Skelly Oil Dodge Tanker


SkellyL700tilted.jpg (133254 bytes) SkellyL700tanker.jpg (84455 bytes) L700andtankerforSkelly.jpg (95545 bytes)

Lindberg Dodge L700 and tanker wearing Skelly Oil livery.  These were built box-stock.  12/27/2007.


Chevrolet Titan/90 COE


Titan90paintedparts.jpg (170758 bytes) Titan90leftclose.jpg (124668 bytes) AMTChevyTitan90tilted.jpg (142396 bytes) ChevroletTitan90left.jpg (152387 bytes) Chevroletitan90AMTright.jpg (130326 bytes) AMTTitan90fromabove.jpg (155880 bytes) AMTChevyTitan90side.jpg (123233 bytes) AMT ChevyTitan90.jpg (115812 bytes)

Box-Stock AMT Chevrolet Titan/90 COE.  Look at the bottom of the AMT reissue Titan 90 kit - this is the truck on the bottom of the  box.


Lindberg Peterbilt 359

Lindberg359lh9708.jpg (118141 bytes) Lindberg359RHclose.jpg (136592 bytes) Lindberg359satbridge.jpg (94777 bytes) black359satMackinacBridge.jpg (141734 bytes) black359MacBridge.jpg (141229 bytes) black359lake.jpg (204554 bytes) black359LHuronmackIsl.jpg (105449 bytes) lindberg359rear82808.jpg (226121 bytes) linberg359side82808.jpg (162672 bytes) 

Twin 1/20th scale Lindberg 359s built box stock.  9/2008.


Looks like a pumpkin

FLD120parts82508.jpg (133218 bytes) FLD120partsleft82508.jpg (125324 bytes) FLD120nofair82708.jpg (149511 bytes) FLD120painted82708.jpg (175614 bytes) 

Italeri Freightliner FLD120 reworked for an integral sleeper.  8/27/08 is the last time I worked on the Freightliner.  I am waiting for vinyl graphics for it.


Resin Parts - good stuff! 

AITMBrockwayresin110708.jpg (122605 bytes) As Overdrive Magazine used to call them "The toughest Truck in the World!"  AITM www.aitruckmodels.com offers this big Brockway conversion kit.  Look for mine to built in 70's style.   I will use an Italeri 1/24th scale frame. 11/7/2008

MonkeyClawparts110608.jpg (199189 bytes) Monkeyclawroofoff11708.jpg (252379 bytes)  Monkey Claw resin parts www.monkeyclawmodels.com has several Peterbilt sleepers in resin.  The line up includes the stand-up 63" sleeper, the flat top 63 and a correct style/scale 36" sleeper.   Also offered now is a raised cab roof and 2 hood conversions.  Look for these parts to grace future PB builds! 11/6/2008




More Hoods

367part1.jpg (135468 bytes) 367part2.jpg (130766 bytes) 367part3.jpg (143087 bytes) 367part4.jpg (123720 bytes) 367part5.jpg (144809 bytes) 367part6.jpg (136920 bytes) bumpers.jpg (96390 bytes)

367 hoods for the Italeri 378 kit.

Peterbilt 378

I watched this truck being built in September 2005.  A unique paint set-up on this 378.  Black with a white roof and silver fenders.  Being unique, it was added to my truck-to-build list.  I modified the cab, roof and sleeper in mid 2006 and painted the body in October of 2006.  I returned the 378 to the workbench on 9/25/08, constructing the frame, running gear, etc.  I added metal mesh to the air cleaners, along with mesh for the grille screen (www.planomodelproducts.com).

378inprog10012008.jpg (269582 bytes) 378blackhood100208.jpg (133744 bytes) 378black100208.jpg (138958 bytes) 2002_378_blackwithwhiteroof.jpg (53008 bytes) 378ASSYII92005.jpg (107191 bytes) 378blackhoodtilt10508.jpg (146418 bytes)

A couple of detail highlights I tried on this one include painting the inside edge of the headlamps black, and the recessed area of the fog lamps on the bumper.  The fog lamps now have a nice recessed look to them.  The headlamp lenses were covered with Bare Metal Foil on the backside.  The black highlight and the BMF gives more depth to the lamps. The curved exhaust tips are from an Italeri Western Star, as is the frame step.  The air horns are from a Revell of Germany 359.  The mirrors are made from aluminum tube.  

378blackleft100508.jpg (150208 bytes) 378blackrear100508.jpg (121652 bytes) 378blackrearleft100508.jpg (92795 bytes) 378blackrhside100508.jpg (130477 bytes) 378blackright100508.jpg (98763 bytes) 378blacktiltclose100508.jpg (61840 bytes) 378blackwhitesilver100508.jpg (166053 bytes) 378blckgrillelamps100508.jpg (88648 bytes) 378blk100508.jpg (98930 bytes) 378blkhoodtiltright100508.jpg (128227 bytes) 378MontanaExpress rh 121108.jpg (84471 bytes) 378MontanaExpress121108.jpg (112473 bytes) 378MEgrille121108.jpg (59955 bytes) 378blackwhiteMontana121108.jpg (105310 bytes) 378 MontanaExpress121108.jpg (125163 bytes)

Note the vertical scratch on the left side of the bumper in the 4 photos on the right (above).  The scratch occured after a traffic mishap.  While I was transporting models to the Peterbilt factory, a large bump near Green Bay, Wisconsin vaulted the 378 forward and it smacked into my PIE Peterbilt 351 and green Peterbilt 350 livestock COE.  The 378 suffered the scratch, the 350 lost its cab and the 351 had its cab/hood come off, a headlamp break off and the aircleaner zing across the back of my pickup.  I thought about replacing the bumper on the 378 but decided to leave it as a battle scar with a story to tell.  (10/30/2008)


378grilleclose100508.jpg (128580 bytes) 378headlampblackoutline100508.jpg (20493 bytes) 378lampshorns100508.jpg (52690 bytes) 378markerlight100508.jpg (22377 bytes) 378rhfront100508.jpg (152937 bytes) 378windshieldclose100508.jpg (53786 bytes) 378blackangle100508.jpg (139259 bytes) 378bugdefltrholesfilled100508.jpg (89925 bytes)

  Tamiya turn signal orange is used for the amber lenses.(yes, I finally found some of this!).  I dislike the bug deflector mounting slots that the top of the grille/crown has.  I filled these in and wrapped the top of the crown with Bare Metal Foil.  The paperwork in the windshield represents items seen on a factory-fresh truck including the sequence number, target build date and Denton "bilt with pride" sticker.  The front wheels are resin from Mo'Luminum.  The rears are the kit wheels with the PB oval holes drilled out and painted with Duplicolor Bumper Chrome.  The engine is a fake Kitty-Cat painted new Cat yellow.

Since taking these photos, I have corrected a few crooked items that the camera lens sees and the eye misses:  Right hand toolbox, RH mirror and left air cleaner.  



Peterbilt 388 Car Hauler

In mid 2008, Peterbilt introduced a new version of the aluminum hood 388, this new hood was aimed at the car hauler market. The hood has less slope creating a lower height for the cab and sleeper, thus more "headroom" for a car body and cargo.  I decided to try my hand at making one.  My idea was to build just the 388, no car racks.  As soon as I got into the project I decided to expand and make the car hauler body too.  My aim was a brand new truck still on the dealer's lot - in this case inspiration from a Rush dealer Truckpaper.com listing.

 PBproject91108.jpg (151850 bytes) 388carhaulerpainted91108.jpg (154847 bytes) 388rearframe91108.jpg (100724 bytes) 388carracks91208.jpg (140010 bytes) 388carhauler91308.jpg (120990 bytes) 388carhaul91608.jpg (187579 bytes)  388carhaulerback91808.jpg (139609 bytes)  388carhaulerbody91708.jpg (155960 bytes) 388carhaulparts91908.jpg (224300 bytes)  388grille91908.jpg (102900 bytes) 388nobody91908.jpg (110281 bytes) 388carhauleralmostdone91908.jpg (199209 bytes) 388almostdone91908.jpg (155344 bytes)

I scratchbuilt the 388 hood and crown, grafting fenders from the Italeri 378 hood on to the hood skin.  The cab sides are resin items from Spaulding Trading and Shipping. I lengthened the frame between the battery box and the springs to account for the longer BBC of the 388 (125" versus 119" for 378).  The rear of the frame was lengthened aft of the rearward spring mount.  The 48" sleeper is a combination of parts from a junked Revell of Germany 359 63" sleeper (roof), cab sides and backwall from an Italeri 377 sleeper, and a modified front wall from the 378 kit.  All of the roof horn/light holes were filled in as the marker lights are on the car rack structure.  The horns are side mounted on the roof.  The drivers battery box is a more typical tall box from www.aitruckmodels.com.  Side note:  Italeri didn't use the wrong left hand box on the 378 kit, what they used was the high-mount box option seen on trucks that require extra ground clearance like a log truck, except Italeri didn't mount them higher.   

The rack body was constructed from various sizes/shapes of Evergreen square rod and tube.  I used the decking from a Revell of Germany car transported kit for the decking.  The ladder is Plastruct.  The fuel tanks were stretched using another set of tanks.  The leftover parts will make a set of small tanks for another project.  The tanks were painted bumper chrome and rubbed to a dull-aluminum look.  I mounted the tanks reversed so that the fuel fill was forward under the cab/sleeper transition panel.  Speaking of the panels, I cut these pieces square on the bench, but didn't take into consideration any irregularities in the the sleeper or cab shape, thus they don't site properly.  I damaged the paint while attempting to readjust one - I should have left well enough alone.

388 carhauler92208.jpg (103634 bytes) 388car hauler92008.jpg (103861 bytes) 388carhaulcloserh92008.jpg (138685 bytes) 388carhauler92008.jpg (113084 bytes) 388carhauler 92008.jpg (82800 bytes) 388carhaulerabove92008.jpg (136254 bytes) 388carhaulercloselh92008.jpg (112174 bytes) 388carhaulerleft92008.jpg (143908 bytes) 388carhaulerleftr92008.jpg (141029 bytes) 388carhaulerrearrh920808.jpg (83685 bytes) 388carhaulerrh92008.jpg (158049 bytes) 388carhaulerright92008.jpg (98311 bytes)

The exhaust is underframe mounted, I scratchbuilt a simple DPF out of Plastruct tubing, and carved the curved tip out of thick plastic sprue.  Even though the model represents a modern 388, I left the interior pretty much kit-stock as it isn't very visible under all the car rack body channels.  Almost a sheet of Bare Metal Foil was used on this, covering the grille, grille crown, door jambs, bumper, battery box, fuel tank straps, hood spine, air tanks, vent covers and headlamps.  Paint used was Duplicolor Gunmetal Gray Metallic, gloss black for the frame, and Bumper Chrome for the fuel tanks, ladder and hydraulic parts.

Over all, I'm pleased with the outcome.  I wasn't sure where this one was heading, and I might still modify it as time goes on.   I need to redo the rear mudflaps as they aren't mounted at the same level.  Thanks to Yves at www.whitefangmodel.com for the Rush logos.

 388carhaull92008.jpg (164245 bytes) 388carhaulr92008.jpg (99044 bytes) 388carhaulrartsy92008.jpg (112450 bytes) 388carhaulrearl92008.jpg (163512 bytes) 388carhaulrfrnt92008.jpg (150691 bytes) 388carhaulrhrr92008.jpg (150109 bytes) 388carhaulrl9208.jpg (128342 bytes) 388carhaulrrear92008.jpg (94025 bytes) 388carhaulsml92008.jpg (47587 bytes)

9/10/2008 through 9/20/2008



379-127 long hood and 120" sleeper 

379 longhoodside80908.jpg (163529 bytes) 379longhoodshell8908.jpg (180585 bytes) 379longhoodtop80908.jpg (177836 bytes) 379longhoodgrille80908.jpg (95669 bytes) 379longhoodoncab8908.jpg (236967 bytes) 379longhood 80908.jpg (162857 bytes) 379 127 ict120 8908.jpg (118462 bytes) 379longhoodframe8908.jpg (121230 bytes) 379longhoodtilt8908.jpg (107785 bytes) 379longhoodeng81008.jpg (169111 bytes) 379longpaint81008.jpg (163596 bytes) 

379longhoodcabfoiled81108.jpg (141789 bytes) 379longhood081508.jpg (146004 bytes) 379longhood81508.jpg (220991 bytes) 379sleeperandexhausttest81408.jpg (187084 bytes) 379127almostdone32008.jpg (144737 bytes) 

peterbilt37912782208.jpg (119111 bytes) peterbilt379127aug2208.jpg (79480 bytes) 37912782208.jpg (131563 bytes) 379127white82208.jpg (100799 bytes) 379127rooflight82208.jpg (128298 bytes) 379127roof82208.jpg (132229 bytes) 379127rightrear82208.jpg (111993 bytes) 379127hood82208.jpg (144926 bytes) 379127rearright82208.jpg (129591 bytes) 379127bmfcab82208.jpg (66416 bytes) 379127airbag82208.jpg (23832 bytes)

379127morefoil82208.jpg (58906 bytes) 379127lf82208.jpg (100068 bytes) 379127leftside082208.jpg (78316 bytes) 379127leftrear82208.jpg (120300 bytes) 379127leftprofile082208.jpg (133694 bytes) 379127rhside82208.jpg (99853 bytes) 379127horns82208.jpg (149379 bytes) 379127fueltank82208.jpg (17069 bytes) 379127door82208.jpg (114145 bytes) 379127closerh82208.jpg (135351 bytes) 379127bumper82208.jpg (37096 bytes)

The Italeri 378 kit is the base - the hood and sleeper are scratchbuilt using sheet plastic from Evergreen.  The frame is extended using Evergreen strip stock.  This kit had faulty chrome plating that I stripped off many parts and used bare Metal Foil Chrome to simulate aluminum.  I left the slightly dulled chrome plating on other parts for an older/weathered look.  The Watson Trucking decals are slightly modified Lee Watson decals from the Revell 377 kit.  The headlights are from an AMT Peterbilt 359 with the mount inverted (ala a 351).   The drivers side battery box is from AITM and the big tool cabinets are old RNK items - these two tool cabinets have been on 2 other models previously.  Started 8/8/08   Finished 8/22/08


White 377 Big Bunk

In early 2007 I bought 2 built-up Peterbilts from another modeler.  A 377 and a 378.  Both were in need of rebuilding, and I rebuilt the 378 into a short wheelbase daycab that became the blue Alcoa Tire rig.  Using the remaining frame section from the 378, I stretched the 377 and made it into a long framed daycab AND as a big bunk tractor.  I couldn't make up my mind.  Even 1 year later I still can't make up my mind what to finish it as, but with the white 379 built, it looked like a perfect companion for the 377.

377and37912782308.jpg (115358 bytes) 377asdaycab82308.jpg (140788 bytes) 377asdaycabrear82308.jpg (98941 bytes) 377and379lft82308.jpg (121245 bytes) 377and379side82308.jpg (95292 bytes) 377and379above82308.jpg (143763 bytes) 377and37982308.jpg (107482 bytes) 377hoodopen82308.jpg (179603 bytes) 37737982308rear.jpg (129421 bytes) 

The 377 is missing some pieces - mudflaps, hood tie downs, front shocks and some odds and ends.   Someday I'll finish it.   8/23/2008


Peterbilt 389 hoods

389sinprimer2608.jpg (57421 bytes)

Resin hoods cast from my pattern of a 2008 389 hood.  The cab sides are resin also.   2/5/08  




388 hood and a sleeper

Now that the Italeri Peterbilt 378 kit (#746) has been reissued (thank you Model Rectifier Corp.!), I set out to convert one into a 2008 model 388.  While working on the hood and cab, I also built a 36" Peterbilt style sleeper for another 378 kit.  7/23/2008

388 378 hood compare 72008.jpg (161951 bytes) 388 hood 72008.jpg (187992 bytes) 388 hoodtakeII 72008.jpg (154274 bytes) 388 hoodtxt72008.jpg (162942 bytes) 388 paint fresh 72208.jpg (212778 bytes) 388 paintfresh 72208.jpg (171041 bytes) DC1.jpg (39247 bytes) DC2.jpg (77775 bytes) DC3.jpg (135853 bytes) 36 sleeper 72208.jpg (234647 bytes)

Okay, I wasn't happy with how my modified kit hood looked, so I made an entirely new hood from Evergreen plastic.  Only the fenders come from the kit hood.

Hoodunderside72908.jpg (120325 bytes) 388cabhood73008.jpg (155132 bytes) 388cabwaxed73008.jpg (88880 bytes) 388hoodpainted72908.jpg (173619 bytes) 388hoodtop72908.jpg (95634 bytes)

The real truck: AutoreOil388July2008.jpg (209588 bytes) Autore388rear72308.jpg (235140 bytes) Autore388StIg72308.jpg (204440 bytes) Autore 388 72308.jpg (156661 bytes) Autore 388 ShellStIg72308.jpg (186955 bytes) 

Scratchbuilding the 388 hood lead me to build a second for a future project.  That hood lead me to try a 2008 367 SFFA hood, which lead to another.  So now I have 4 '08+ hoods for future builds. 7/29/08

hoodssanded72608.jpg (211185 bytes) hoodsfendered72708.jpg (205920 bytes) Hoods72508.jpg (185263 bytes) 




Peterbilt 384 daycab


Peterbilt 384 - started July 4, 2008.   I heavily reworked an AITM resin 386 hood, removing 10" inches in length, resloping the hood, changing the fender shape slightly.  The donor kit is an Italeri Peterbilt 377.  The cab has been modified to daycab, the 377 molded on fenders removed and the doors converted to current year style.  The forward fuel tanks are kit items cut down.  The fuel tank steps are made from Plastruct.  The battery box is resin from AITM.  (www.aitruckmodels.com).   The door lettering (what a royal pain!) is dry-transfer lettering.  My inspiration was the cover of the Peterbilt magazine First Class Volume 27 Number 2, Winter 2007.  My 384 is not an exact replica, although it does wear the doorsigns for Evans Oil Co of Naples, Florida as does the truck on the cover.  

I may yet rework the bumper as it isn't quite right. 7/14/08

7/15/08 - I redid the bumper and added the hood mounted mirror.

384 71508 cover.jpg (167745 bytes) 384 firstclass 7608.jpg (126533 bytes)

384 hood 7408.jpg (114060 bytes) 384 paint7608.jpg (160593 bytes) 384 fresh 7608.jpg (135446 bytes) 384 71208.jpg (179804 bytes) 384and38671408.jpg (168352 bytes) 384right71408.jpg (219929 bytes)  


384text71408.jpg (182439 bytes) 384tnkrht71408.jpg (101902 bytes) 384rearjuly1408.jpg (82964 bytes) 384rear71408.jpg (181981 bytes) 384firstclassdash71408.jpg (27926 bytes) 384dpf71408.jpg (29118 bytes) 384rhh71408.jpg (43429 bytes) 384above71408.jpg (152505 bytes) 384_386compare71408.jpg (201816 bytes) 384framelabl71408.jpg (95979 bytes) 384tankjuly1408.jpg (136496 bytes) peterbilt 384 71408.jpg (136056 bytes) 384 july1408.jpg (104981 bytes)

384 71508.jpg (103984 bytes) 384 71508 artsy.jpg (91509 bytes) 384 71508 left.jpg (116146 bytes) 384 71508 lft.jpg (77879 bytes) 384 71508 onmag.jpg (159290 bytes) 384 71508 right.jpg (133854 bytes) 384leftjuly1408.jpg (207877 bytes) 384 71508left.jpg (128493 bytes) 384 dentonlogo.jpg (30993 bytes) 

I'm still debating if I should finally build the Revell Beall chrome plated tanker to go with this.  Stay tuned.

1/15/2009 - My 384 was featured in the Winter 2009 issue of the Peterbilt dealer magazine First Class! 


On the workbench July 4, 2008

Various hoods and parts for future projects.   

359 SBFA Hood 7408.jpg (134175 bytes) 365 hood 7408.jpg (93554 bytes) 384 hood 7408.jpg (114060 bytes) 385 120 hood 7408.jpg (105584 bytes) airshield 7408.jpg (125792 bytes) hoods7408.jpg (170901 bytes) Wreckerbody 7408.jpg (124569 bytes) Frontyard July 4 2008 before mowing.jpg (172135 bytes) frontyard July508 mowed.jpg (217623 bytes)   



Blue Petes

With Italeri reissuing the Peterbilt 378 kit (summer '08), I was anxious to build one - or two.   Here are two examples. Both metallic blue, (one a brighter blue), one built straight out of the box as a 378, the other modified and reworked into a 379-119 with 70" sleeper.

379 119 62108.jpg (200430 bytes) 378 rh 61508.jpg (203458 bytes) 

The 379 was inspired by a real truck seen at the International Bridge at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan in 2006.  The truck was hauling windmill parts along with 2 other PB's (a black 379X and a blue 359).  I had planned to weather my version as the real truck looked in the photo, but recalled that the driver of the 379 was commenting on how dirty the truck was at the time I was taking the photos.  I'm glad I kept it gleaming.

Progress Photos

37911961608.jpg (274969 bytes) 379119 61608.jpg (276865 bytes) 379 119 prog 61908.jpg (198580 bytes) 379119 progress 61908.jpg (188850 bytes) 378 379 61908.jpg (158219 bytes) 378 and 379 on bench 61908.jpg (182681 bytes) 379 rack 61908.jpg (109748 bytes)

378 air cleaners 61708.jpg (100046 bytes) 378 aircleaners 61708.jpg (154898 bytes) 378 air cleaner w stnls 61708.jpg (57839 bytes) 379grilleaclmesh61708.jpg (174288 bytes) 379grilleaclmesh61708edit.jpg (101424 bytes) 379doorsign62008.jpg (121980 bytes) 379grille Plano mesh 62008.jpg (77298 bytes)

The kit air cleaners have the mesh recessed too much.  I wrapped them with round hole mesh from www.planomodelproducts.com  The grille screen is mesh from Plano.  These two metal items really change the looks of the model.  The Landstar Ranger door signs are from Kit Form Services.


379119 rh 62008.jpg (219869 bytes) 379 119 62108.jpg (200430 bytes) 378 rh 61508.jpg (203458 bytes)


378 from above61508.jpg (133497 bytes) 379 119 from above 62108.jpg (88988 bytes) 378roofview61508.jpg (201463 bytes) 379 119 above 62108.jpg (171409 bytes) bluepetehoods 62108.jpg (169195 bytes) 378 across 62108.jpg (212206 bytes) 379119 across 62108.jpg (209875 bytes) 379 127 and 379 119 62108.jpg (198260 bytes) 

379119front 62108.jpg (150394 bytes) 379 199 fuzzy.jpg (211022 bytes) 379119 front 62108.jpg (170440 bytes) 379grille 62008.jpg (262869 bytes) 379119 plano grille 62008.jpg (157982 bytes) 379119grille 62108.jpg (96747 bytes) 378 62108.jpg (188519 bytes) 379119front62008.jpg (191927 bytes) 

379 119 hood 62108.jpg (165557 bytes) 379 119 hoodup 62008.jpg (188345 bytes) 378engine61508.jpg (128698 bytes) 379 378 hoods 62108.jpg (252279 bytes) 379 and 378 engines 62108.jpg (223360 bytes) 378 engine62108.jpg (267457 bytes) 378 engine 62108.jpg (186159 bytes) 378hoodopen61508.jpg (147126 bytes) 379 119 open 62108.jpg (140295 bytes) 379119hoodopen62008.jpg (177043 bytes)

379 119 blue lft 62108.jpg (146882 bytes) 379 119 lft 62008.jpg (136342 bytes) 379 119 rear lf 62108.jpg (157983 bytes) 379 119 rear 62008.jpg (171144 bytes) 379 119 rear a 62108.jpg (156626 bytes) 379 119 rh r 62108.jpg (122993 bytes) 379 rack 62008.jpg (136828 bytes)

wheels PB style 62108.jpg (183205 bytes) wheels round 62108.jpg (212549 bytes) 379 119 above b 62108.jpg (183490 bytes) 379 and 379 grilles 62108.jpg (226228 bytes) 

379119front62008.jpg (191927 bytes) Note the tiny bee that was captured in flight.  The little bee was really interested in the amber marker lights!

379 119 rear trlr 62108.jpg (118933 bytes) 

378 finished 6/15/2008 - 379 finished 6/21/2008


1946 Peterbilt 344 - Teresi Trucking

Teresi344 6108.jpg (224727 bytes) Teresi 344 6108.jpg (214926 bytes) Teresi 344 6308.jpg (228395 bytes) Teresi 344 60808.jpg (273108 bytes) Teresi 344 6808.jpg (273325 bytes) Teresi 344 rear 6808.jpg (267188 bytes)

1946 Peterbilt 344 tractor  based on a 1948 Peterbilt 344 owned by Teresi Trucking of Lodi, California.  The real truck is featured in the book Peterbilt:The Class of the Industry by Henry Rasmussen.  There is a photo spread on pages 55-60.  The truck is also seen on www.hankstruckpictures and on www.teresitrucking.com   The 344 cab and hood are resin cast from the old Silver State Specialties company.  This is a "blem"- a casting with flaws - in this case the hood and fenders were badly warped and the cab was full of pin holes.  I only had the older style of 344 with the vents in the side of the hood, so I decided to make a fictional older version of the Teresi '48 Pete.  Stated on 6/1/2008.  

Ford C900 Tractor

FordCpainted52808.jpg (163709 bytes) paintedcab52508.jpg (83257 bytes) C900onbenchtilt.jpg (175759 bytes) C9006108.jpg (144041 bytes) c900tiltsun.jpg (169300 bytes) C900rearsun.jpg (150707 bytes)

This little Ford C900 was built box-stock.  The only modifications made were to strip most of the chrome.  The U.S.Forest Service logo was made from a photo and printed on decal paper.  6/1/2008

Mack R600 

AMT Mack R600 modified to a sleeper cab tractor based on a photo seen on www.hankstruckpictures.com.  I stretched the Mack's frame to accomodate the sleeper.  The rear window of the cab was enlarged to accept the molded front of the sleeper.  The sleeper is from American Industrial Truck Models #SB-4 36" Able Body.  The 2 hole wheels are also from AITM.   The Mack kit is lends itself nicely to making a fleet tractor.  I also bobbed the bumper and added dual exhaust.  The kit comes with two bumpers, an unpainted and a chromed bumper.  Two styles of roof lights are also included.  Thanks go to Stevens International and AITM! 5/25/08

Mack R partstext 51808.jpg (182176 bytes) Mack R wrokbnch 52408.jpg (164513 bytes) Mack R600 52508.jpg (85669 bytes) Mack R 52808.jpg (78675 bytes) Mack R daycab 52308.jpg (130920 bytes) Mack R leftside 52508.jpg (174307 bytes) Mack R doorsign52508.jpg (35847 bytes) Mack R rear 52808.jpg (109190 bytes) Mack R stacks.jpg (19313 bytes) Mack ThreeRs 52808.jpg (170572 bytes)








  Tower of 378.jpg (218488 bytes)

The above photo shows my row of 'modern' Peterbilt kits, each assigned a model number, and proposed build. The stack on the right is the '08 reissue of the 378 kit with 377s behind it.  Obsessed?  You bet!



357 bunks.jpg (57046 bytes)