The Big Project



I have run out of display room, kit storage room, workbench room, research book room..  the trucks have filled the   Truckroom



I decided to fix the problem with an addition onto my home, enlarging the truck room.

The Project started in the end of September 2005.  I targeted mid-December before I would be parking trucks on the shelves. How often do you hear of a construction project actually being completed on the target date?  This one was!  And a day early at that!

The finish project photos are at the bottom of this page.

Here are some in progress shots.

add_hole.jpg (44914 bytes)

The hole is dug (end of September)



 Rory and the Big Pile

add_pile_rory.jpg (45502 bytes)

add_found.jpg (56782 bytes)

Foundation in and backfilled (10/13/05)


Lots of the leftover dirt was used outfront to regrade a problem area by the mailbox.  Maybe now I can actually grow grass on this spot.add_mailboxdirt.jpg (68475 bytes)


add_trucks.jpg (57373 bytes)

All the trucks ended up on the shelves in the guest room stacked and jammed everyplace. 


 The trailers and shelving are in the garage.

add_garage.jpg (33093 bytes)

add_kits.jpg (51233 bytes)

 The kit boxes are stacked and wedged everywhere.  This is one stack.

All the shelves and trucks had to come out of the room, drywall repair soon.add_demo.jpg (24813 bytes)

To this point (October 13, 2005) was quite nerve wracking and so far I haven't broken any trucks outside of 2 mudflaps, an antenna and the sideboards off 2 dump trailers.  Lets see how good I do when the new room is put back in order.


UPDATE:  10/22/2005  5pm   

The Truck Room in March of 2004.  Jamb packed. add_demo.jpg (24813 bytes) Empty and almost cleared out and walls repaired from shelf brackets add__demopaint.jpg (19934 bytes) Everything out, walls repaired and back to white.

Here's the original truckroom now back to all white. I repaired the damage to the drywall from the old brackets, pulled up the carpet as it won't be able to be matched.

The contractor had a busy Saturday.

add_backyardmess.jpg (35797 bytes)

Looking across the backyard.

add_wallsup102205.jpg (43224 bytes)

A real mess!

add_wallsup2.jpg (41639 bytes)

View from directly behind

add_wallsupside102205.jpg (47839 bytes)

What the neighbors see from the street


add_wallsup_insideeast.jpg (47823 bytes)

Inside facing east.  There will be two windows on this wall providing ample natural light.

add_wallsup_insidenorth.jpg (51760 bytes)

Inside facing north.  This and corner will be all shelving.

add_wallsup_insidewest.jpg (52118 bytes)

Inside facing west.  No windows on this wall.  Too much afternoon sun to bake and fade things!

add_wallsup_insidesouth.jpg (41977 bytes)

Inside facing south.  The tarpaper is to protect the existing wall incase of rain


add_truss.jpg (49974 bytes)

I went with a cathedral scissor truss to eliminate the 'cave' feeling.


 The dog is not very please with all this.

add_roryupset102205.jpg (40852 bytes)

add_roryreallyupset102205.jpg (45876 bytes)

She's not happy at all. Her yard is a mess, there's a house where her "sunny spot" was.  A mess on the grass, workermen pounding all the time.  Yup.  She's upset.


November 12 Update

add_roofon.jpg (35929 bytes)

The roof was on, soffit and fascia added on 11/5/2005


add_fromwest_nov10.jpg (39835 bytes)

Looking from the northwest

add_insidenov10.jpg (33428 bytes)

Electrical rough in, some insulation done.  

add_archwaygoeshere.jpg (41384 bytes)

Looking inside from a window opening, this wall will have the archway to the existing truckroom.

   November 15 Update

The exterior has been sided and trimmed.  No pics yet, mother nature is in a foul mood as of late.

add_insidelookingnw.jpg (31891 bytes)

Looking to the northwest

add_inside1.jpg (24355 bytes)

Archway cut open.

add_inside.jpg (30378 bytes)

Looking from inside the addition to the old room

add_inside2.jpg (26572 bytes)

Looking from the walk-in closet through the old room into the new.

add_insideladder.jpg (34291 bytes)

Rory is not quite sure about this.

add_insidelookingeast.jpg (29755 bytes)

Double windows on the east will let in ample light and ventilation if needed


 November 16 Update

add_1116.jpg (23200 bytes)

Only thing new here is the electrical outlet has been moved to beside the archway (Thanks Mark!)

add_1116b.jpg (24762 bytes)

Looking from inside the new room, the archway is just shy of 6 feet wide.

add_1116a.jpg (23697 bytes)

Looking from my old workarea (the walk-in closet) across both rooms. 26 feet from wall to outerwall.

add_1116g.jpg (23980 bytes)

Same angle as the 11/15 photo, Rory is a bit more at ease about things.

add_1116d.jpg (25351 bytes)


add_1116e.jpg (21785 bytes)

First coat of drywall mud is on and curing.

This wall will be all shelves eventuallyadd_1116f.jpg (19746 bytes) add_1116l.jpg (25834 bytes) The only thing new on this photo is the added electrical outlet near the archway.add_1116j.jpg (18804 bytes)
add_outsidefromdeck.jpg (41477 bytes)

Looking from the dining room door.

add_outside.jpg (30051 bytes)

View from the backyard

add_outsiderear.jpg (29657 bytes)

Looking from the back

add_outsidefromeast.jpg (22821 bytes)

The snow hides the mess nicely.  Spring will be a busy time repairing the grass and landscape.


add_12_5_a.jpg (15291 bytes)

Drywall mud and taping done, sanding done!  Phew!

add_12_5.jpg (19433 bytes)

2 coats of primer/sealer and 2 coats of  'color' and my arms and shoulders are tired.

add_12_5b.jpg (18142 bytes)

The archway still needs to be trimmed out.

add_12_5c.jpg (19100 bytes)

The windows also need to be trimmed out.

add_12_5d.jpg (18171 bytes)
add_12_5e.jpg (24921 bytes)

Looking across the old 9x13 room into the new room

add_12_5f.jpg (14902 bytes)

The West Wall

add_12_5g.jpg (18566 bytes)

The white stripe on the floordeck is nothing more than me using up paint in the tray, not enough to save, no sense in pouring it down the drain.. 

add_12_5out.jpg (27862 bytes)

Fresh Snow from last evening.

1208bracketseast.jpg (20986 bytes) 1208bracketsnorth.jpg (16401 bytes) 1208bracketsup.jpg (17669 bytes) A trip to Home Depot and plenty of $$ later the adjustable shelf brackets are up.  

December 10, 2005 

1209painted.jpg (17301 bytes)

Everything has been trimmed and the trim has been painted.

1209painted1.jpg (20399 bytes) 1209painted2.jpg (21007 bytes)

As soon as the carpet is installed the shelves will go up.  Then the worktable will be constructed.

rorystillisntsureaboutallofthis.jpg (43752 bytes)

Poor Rory, she's still not sure about all of this.  Although she did get to like the attention the contractors gave her.

December 14, 2005

P1010071.JPG (18374 bytes)

Carpet installed

P1010072.JPG (17306 bytes)

The room looks darker only due to the bright outside confusing the camera.

P1010073.JPG (19115 bytes) P1010074.JPG (18493 bytes)

Rory inspecting the carpet job.

P1010076.JPG (15436 bytes)
P1010078.JPG (19327 bytes) P1010077.JPG (18438 bytes) P1010079.JPG (25837 bytes)

Up go the shelves!

P1010080.JPG (25084 bytes) P1010081.JPG (29138 bytes)
P1010082.JPG (23822 bytes) P1010083.JPG (25880 bytes) P1010084.JPG (26628 bytes) P1010086.JPG (27350 bytes) P1010085.JPG (21150 bytes)
P1010087.JPG (22870 bytes)

The work desk is made from 2 kitchen base cabinets and 2x lumber 

P1010088.JPG (24441 bytes)

The top is a nice sheet of Cabinet Grade plywood. The rough edges will be trimmed eventually

P1010089.JPG (30610 bytes)

The two book cases in front of the bench are MDF assemble-your-self units.

FINISHED!   December 15, 2005

Well, almost finished, still need the overhead lighting installed and some trim work on the desk

P1010103.JPG (49382 bytes)

Everything is back in!

P1010104.JPG (52581 bytes) P1010105.JPG (49204 bytes)

The big CF logo was a new-old stock vinyl graphic

P1010106.JPG (51298 bytes)

North wall Note the Plastruct display 

P1010107.JPG (42747 bytes)

Looking back into the original room

P1010108.JPG (41335 bytes)

Behind the desk.  The computer area will be changing, I need an under-mount tray for the keyboard

P1010109.JPG (51931 bytes)

North wall

P1010110.JPG (51125 bytes)

West Wall

P1010111.JPG (43806 bytes)

Looking over the desk.  The top doesn't look that big, but it is 4x6, my old was 2'x4' !

P1010112.JPG (34294 bytes)

Misc Peterbilt photos grace the walls

P1010113.JPG (34576 bytes)

More 'truck art.'

P1010115.JPG (33810 bytes) P1010116.JPG (45933 bytes)

The old workbench, now set up as parts storage, and possibly the winter-time photo area

P1010117.JPG (37300 bytes)

These trucks have all been in Model Cars Magazine

P1010118.JPG (67256 bytes)

Looking like a library..  that poor green lamp needs the drywall dust vacuumed off.

P1010119.JPG (50124 bytes)

Knick-Knacks on the front of the desk

P1010120.JPG (45673 bytes)

Sort of a 'sick bay' as many of these trucks need rebuilding or repair.

P1010122.JPG (43133 bytes)

Theese kits and these shelves are all that remain in the guest room now.  It's huge!

This little 14'x14' addition has taken just under 3 months.  The house was a mess, there are things that I'll be looking for for months to come.  I can't even imagine a whole house remodel or larger addition.

Complaining aside, I'm glad I did this.  I'll be paying for it long after it's overstuffed!



add_frontnov102005.jpg (45613 bytes) From the street you can barely see the addition.  


tr2.jpg (71742 bytes) add_wallsup_insidenorth.jpg (51760 bytes) add_wallsup_insideeast.jpg (47823 bytes) add_inside.jpg (30378 bytes) add_wallsup_insidesouth.jpg (41977 bytes)
add_demo.jpg (24813 bytes) add_insidenov10.jpg (33428 bytes) add_insidelookingeast.jpg (29755 bytes) add_1116b.jpg (24762 bytes) add_insideladder.jpg (34291 bytes)
add__demopaint.jpg (19934 bytes) add_1116e.jpg (21785 bytes) add_1116d.jpg (25351 bytes) add_12_5d.jpg (18171 bytes) add_1116g.jpg (23980 bytes)
add_inside1.jpg (24355 bytes) add_12_5_a.jpg (15291 bytes) add_12_5c.jpg (19100 bytes) 1209painted1.jpg (20399 bytes) P1010077.JPG (18438 bytes)
add_1116.jpg (23200 bytes) 1208bracketsnorth.jpg (16401 bytes) 1208bracketseast.jpg (20986 bytes) P1010074.JPG (18493 bytes) P1010111.JPG (43806 bytes)
add_12_5g.jpg (18566 bytes) P1010106.JPG (51298 bytes) 1209painted.jpg (17301 bytes) P1010085.JPG (21150 bytes)
1209painted2.jpg (21007 bytes) P1010073.JPG (19115 bytes) P1010107.JPG (42747 bytes)
P1010071.JPG (18374 bytes) P1010082.JPG (23822 bytes)
tr2.jpg (71742 bytes) P1010108.JPG (41335 bytes)
P1010103.JPG (49382 bytes)
add_kits.jpg (51233 bytes) P1010122.JPG (43133 bytes)


add_hole.jpg (44914 bytes) add_found.jpg (56782 bytes)
add_backyardmess.jpg (35797 bytes) add_outsidefromdeck.jpg (41477 bytes) add_wallsup2.jpg (41639 bytes) add_roofon.jpg (35929 bytes)
add_outsidefromeast.jpg (22821 bytes) add_12_5out.jpg (27862 bytes) add_outsiderear.jpg (29657 bytes) add_outside.jpg (30051 bytes)

That's it for now.