Builds of 2005

December 30, 2005


It looks like I built 23 trucks and trailers.  This is WAY down compared to last year. (There are probably a half-dozen hoods and cabs that I modified but didn't build, and I don't count those until they are finished)

Several things account for this, first a lot of time was spent away from home earlier in the year during my mom's battle with cancer which she lost in June.

Then in September I took off for Texas and spent  several days at Peterbilt Motors Company, sort of a 'seminar' for me..

Then in the end of September I started a construction project to add an addition to my house for the truck room.  This stopped all building from early October until just before Christmas.

Here goes!

I think these are in order...


twinsteercoe.JPG (26993 bytes)

ironpeterb.JPG (24438 bytes)

brockwaysnow.JPG (23227 bytes)

wsstake.JPG (25614 bytes)

red3594.JPG (31262 bytes)

roadcommander.JPG (16270 bytes)

wastebedcoe.JPG (18099 bytes)

3ninesspread.JPG (20462 bytes)

diamondreoroyalle.JPG (20127 bytes)

imcbigrigflat.JPG (20772 bytes)

t800michtrain.JPG (20035 bytes)

rnkdiamondreodaycab.JPG (14604 bytes)

red70pacemaker.JPG (17795 bytes)

partsdep.JPG (15319 bytes)

359shorthoodbulktank.JPG (18685 bytes)

378btrain.JPG (16872 bytes)

The trailers still aren't finished.

378tri.JPG (30709 bytes)

cfdodge.JPG (19766 bytes)

This little Dodge was almost finished when I snapped the pic

fac3.jpg (31116 bytes)

mm357top.jpg (45364 bytes)

whiteroom.JPG (18440 bytes)

seaofpaint.JPG (74098 bytes)

Of course the BIG build..

P1010104.JPG (52581 bytes)

All these cabs/hoods were painted during '05, I still have a bunch from '04 and '03 that are painted awaiting building.


Thanks for looking.