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Tim's Model Trucks


assyII_interior.jpg (98917 bytes)Recent builds and on the workbench trucks CLICK HEREassyII_artsy.jpg (84225 bytes)

Click here for a quick view of everything I've built all on one page.

Click on the links for each brand                      Click on the link for Style of Peterbilt

Diamond Reo and Diamond T    timraiderclose.jpg (33041 bytes)  

Peterbilt Conventionals 1939-1973 PIE351edited.jpg (72265 bytes)

 Mack Trucks      Timclairmontmack.jpg (60961 bytes)

Peterbilt Conventionals 1973-1987 timtan359.jpg (63929 bytes)

  White/Autocar/Western Star    P1010028edit.jpg (88690 bytes)

  Peterbilt Trucks '87 -current year 1   bigblue_lakesuperior.jpg (41348 bytes)

Peterbilt Trucks '87-current year 2 386 13008.jpg (62646 bytes)

Peterbilt Trucks '87 - current year 3 388carhlrlakehuron92108.jpg (89854 bytes)

Freightliner White-Freightliner  sercombeflred.jpg (27613 bytes)  

  Peterbilt Work Trucks  rnkson357heavyhaul.jpg (33686 bytes)

Dodge Trucks    P1010141edited.jpg (59896 bytes)  

Peterbilt Cabovers 1981-2005 P101editBJS.jpg (119289 bytes)

Ford Trucks     houseandtoter.jpg (37390 bytes)

  Peterbilt Cabovers 1950-1980 352 Pacemaker Left.jpg (64936 bytes)

  International Harvester       7upfront.jpg (49858 bytes)

 Winslow Moore inspired paint schemes   P1010033wmedit.jpg (98283 bytes)

Kenworth           Timinterstatek123.jpg (65698 bytes)  

                                                            The 1100 Cab and the 379 Cab 

GMC and Chevrolet

                                                       The Italeri 377 kit can be many trucks 

Trailers            flowboy_anddiamondreo.jpg (28627 bytes)            Arrow B-Train  arrow B left 62208.jpg (56500 bytes)

  The Peterbilt Parts Department  overtherail.jpg (42038 bytes)

Brockway, Hayes, Hendrickson and other makes

The Cub and the Pete                               

REAL truck photos 

   My kind of summer vacation - at the factory tim_379.jpg (32407 bytes)

More factory pics from the Open House 2008 Tim Ahlbornbigsmile 12.jpg (160526 bytes)


Recent builds and what I have on the workbench


Peterbilt truck photos - on the road and dealers and old brochures

Also featuring photos from other Red Oval fanatics!

 The Four Lane Road 

 Peterbilt photos for modeling reference  

These photos are loaded larger for detail

Comparing 378 and 357 for the Italeri kit 357standard pecs.jpg (185193 bytes)

 Misc Brand idea and reference photos  Real Trucks

Backdrop idea for model photos

 My truckroom as it was in 2003 See where I keep all of this!

My truckroom and builds of 2004 P1010106edited.jpg (235750 bytes) garagesign2.jpg (88393 bytes)

                                      Truckroom addition 2005  I ran out of space, so I added on to my home  

Builds of 2005     Builds of 2006   Builds of 2007

My truck room 2008      Everything I've built - '99-2/08




Sonny Pruitt and Will Chandler and the green KW

ATHS 2005 Convention - Auburn Indiana   Real Trucks

Trucks around the Mackinac Bridge

www.truckmodeler.com For Model Trucks in 1/24th and1/25th scale


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