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With winter being a difficult time for photographing models outside, I thought I would try some real photographs as backdrops for my models.  I sent 3 photos to York Photo and had them print them in 20-30" poster size.  I then mounted the posters on foam-core board.  Then I painted another piece of foam-core board a concrete color.  These photos are using a Kodak Z740 camera on the "Auto" settings with 2 and 3 unfiltered incandescent bulbs. No flash. No tripod.  Strictly experimenting (okay, playing).  The photos have all been reduced and cropped.


constrreadyrow.jpg (59926 bytes)

dumperrow.jpg (61771 bytes)

mixerbreezeway.jpg (60373 bytes)

blue379outback.jpg (57186 bytes)

yellowoutback.jpg (53109 bytes)

white379back.jpg (53895 bytes)

schlumfront.jpg (38530 bytes)

schlumoutfront.jpg (40818 bytes)

deweyoutback.jpg (51472 bytes)

deweydarkoutback.jpg (53843 bytes)

388outback.jpg (58574 bytes)

xoutfront.jpg (35168 bytes)

wb breezeway.jpg (44288 bytes)

wbbreezeway.jpg (50858 bytes)

tiresrr.jpg (58996 bytes)

359 rearoutback.jpg (62554 bytes)

359sbfaoutback.jpg (56391 bytes)

359sbfa outbck.jpg (34401 bytes)

backdrop and lighting.jpg (44363 bytes)

FL000008.jpg (57714 bytes)

385frontcrnr.jpg (26957 bytes)

385 frontcorner.jpg (47815 bytes)

359ready.jpg (64522 bytes)

bjsoutback.jpg (56093 bytes)

trailerbreezeway.jpg (25807 bytes)

357123sidefront.jpg (41186 bytes)

357123frontcrnr.jpg (33913 bytes)

The following photos were taken with overhead lighting and a single halogen spotlamp. A tripod was also used.

peterbilt 389 11608.jpg (77049 bytes)

386 rh 13008.jpg (63423 bytes)

386 lf 13008.jpg (72120 bytes)

386 365 13008.jpg (67480 bytes)

picker12108.jpg (74090 bytes)

stelzerloggera12108.jpg (46255 bytes)

The two photos on the right are taken outdoors in full sun.

no1outbacksmaller.jpg (137964 bytes)

no1outbackrh.jpg (141345 bytes)