Photographs from episodes, the pilot, magazine articles and the last known real truck used in episodes, currently in service in Wyoming.

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Updated 3/16/2005

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These are scenes from various episodes of Movin'On

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Here are scenes from the pilot movie In Tandem

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Here are photos from Overdrive Magazine's feature store on Movin'On

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Here are photos from Owner/Operator Magazine's Editor's Choice

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bettyundersonnyhood_a.jpg (28157 bytes) Thanks to Robby Gaines for the use of the magazine to scan.

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Here is the last known Movin'On truck, still on the road in Wyoming

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Thanks to Kerry Hoberg for the photographs.


Here's a 2004 version owned by a family near Grand Rapids, Michigan


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The neat thing about this modern version of Sonny's truck is that they got the idea and stripe info from my website, and I saw the truck at the St.Ignace Richard Crane NAST Truck Show, they told me they got the idea from "some guy with a Movin'On website named Tim."  That would be me!  I snapped a photo of my In Tandem W900 on the fender of their '04 W900L.    They have the trailer painted to match.  I must say, it's a stunning rig going down the road!

Here is a promotional flyer published by Kenworth with the specs of one of the Movin'On trucks.  This chart has the color names listed.

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Here's a set of "MovinOn-ish" cabover Kenworths

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I built a model of a "what if Sonny bought a Cabover..." sonnyk100onw900LfenderA.jpg (38074 bytes)

Here's a fuzzy photo sent in by a Movin'On fan, seen here in the '70s.

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In the fall of 2004 I was contacted by a producer at Country Music Television.  They were producing a count down program of "road songs," and wanted to feature the Movin'On theme and some video.  They had made contact with Mr.Phillip D'Antoni the original creator of Movin'On, who owns all rights to the name, themes, etc.  It was suggested that the producers at CMT make contact with me, as I might be able to help them with the theme or intro for the show.  I gladly provided them with the items they needed, and on the program they featured a brief scene of Sonny and Will and the KW.  I got a nice "special thanks" credit at the end of the show.   At least the show was back on the air for a few seconds!

Mr.D'Antoni has the rights to the shows, but doesn't know where the masters are at this time.  It would certainly be nice to see these shows made available on DVD or even back in syndication again.

Keep Movin'On!




Stay tuned, as I get more photos from episodes I will load them here.

If you have Movin'On info or trivia, let me know!





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