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 Tim's Model Trucks

Welcome to the home for my photo collections of my model trucks and real trucks

Peterbilt is my favorite, so this site is heavily laden with Peterbilts.  It is an obsession that started when I was given an AMT T500 "California Hauler" Peterbilt 359  model kit back in 1970.  I've been lucky enough to tour the old headquarters in Newark, California and the Madison, Tennessee plant back in the mid 1970s and the Denton, Texas plant.   I've struck up friendships with former and current Peterbilt staffers, and made countless friends in both the trucking and modeling world, all due to my love for the Red Oval


My 1/24th scale '09 Peterbilt 365 with a scratch built hood, grille and dump box and  my WalMart 386 Hybrid  with resin hood from AITM cast from my original hood.

My modeling started as a young boy growing up during the late '60s and '70s in Madison, Wisconsin.  By 1980 my interests had moved away from model building and trucks.  In 1999 my passion for the Red Oval and model building was rekindled.   Since then I've built over 300 trucks and trailers, selling several custom built models to truck owners, for 7 years I hosted the Plastic Cowboy/TruckModeler websites, and since 2003 I write the monthly Trucker's Corner column in Model Cars magazine.

In the fall of 2007 I was honored to have my photographs of my Peterbilt models featured in the Welcome Center inside the Peterbilt factory in Denton, Texas. In October of 2008 I was thrilled to have a display of 50+ Peterbilt models in the Welcome Center as part of the Peterbilt Denton  yearly open house.  It was great having showing off my models to the folks who design and build them.  In October of 2009 I returned with another display and a great time was had.


Three views of my display - photos courtesy of Roger Snider -  www.rogersnider.com

Check out Roger's Class Pays open house display book!


I build other makes too.. like this Kenworth K500 heavy COE with a DAF cab and others such as these below.

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I have set up my site with both my finished models, models in progress and reference pages for real trucks including history pages dedicated to  Peterbilt Motors Company and their products.  

  I hope you enjoy my trucks!  


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or, what's under the hood.


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In-Progress and recent projects  

Click here for what I'm working on


For model trucks built by modelers from around the world - WWW.TRUCKMODELER.COM


Real Trucks or Model Trucks?


See the backdrop photos  HERE.



Check out Trucker's Corner each month in Model Cars Magazine!


Model Cars Magazine Truck Modelers Forum


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Tims Model Trucks


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