Dodge Bighorn

timbighorn.jpg (53989 bytes)  bighornattheshow_outfront.jpg (83787 bytes) bighornatshow_rearview.jpg (89481 bytes) Dodge Big Horn.  Illini Replica Conversions Big Horn has numerous parts, a detailed interior, and a great look.  Mine sits on a stretched Diamond Reo chassis.


Dodge L1000 daycab COE  -  Interstate Motorfreight

Timinterstatedodgecoe.jpg (59052 bytes) timdodgeleft.jpg (29721 bytes) Dodge L1000 Interstate mf.jpg (122901 bytes) timdodgerear.jpg (23161 bytes) interstaterig.jpg (35114 bytes) interstaterear.jpg (26890 bytes) Interstate MF rear.jpg (96328 bytes) Interstate Dodge L1000.jpg (162191 bytes) Dodge L1000 Right 1.jpg (138814 bytes)  

Dodge L1000 COE.  Spaulding Trading and Shipping resin cab, cut down to a daycab.  Interstate Motor Freight System decals. Note the first three photos are on a black and then glass table backdrop, then on the roadbed diorama and how the roadbed enhances the look of the photo.


Dodge L700

I started this little Dodge rebuilder over a year ago and finally decided to finish it.  I thought it would look good as a Consolidated Freightways city tractor.  The truck is pretty much box-stock.  1/2006.

timDODGE_CF.jpg (32123 bytes) timDODGEL700.jpg (34866 bytes)

This green and red Dodge L700 is the model that appears on the cover of the Lindberg Dodge L700 with flatbed and '49 Ford kit!

The L700's below were all built for Lindberg artwork.  The white truck was a complete original kit from, the dark red truck from my parts box, the bright red with black wheels from a Testors issue, the rusty wreck from my parts box and the bright red with tanker is a fresh kit.  12/30/2007

red l700 skellytank122707.jpg (412601 bytes) red L700 cab 122707.jpg (75419 bytes) dodgeL700hawk2.jpg (64431 bytes) L700smaller.jpg (66450 bytes) rustyl700smlr.jpg (106392 bytes) darkredl700whtwhl.JPG (97678 bytes)

Thank you to Ernie Pettit at Lindberg!


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