Diamond T and Diamond Reo



Diamond Reo COE

tim_diamondreoCOErear.jpg (27759 bytes)  

1967-ish Diamond Reo daycab COE.  This is a resin conversion cab from RNK Conversions.  Originally cast by Frank Gortsema.  The cab comes as a Diamond T, I modified the grille for a Diamond Reo.   The cab sits on an AMT/Ertl GMC Astro/95 chassis.  Wheels and tires are resin from RNK Conversions.   I cut the fuel tanks down for smaller tanks.  The engine is a Cummins from another AMT kit.   The Diamond Reo nameplates are from JBOT Decals.  The color is Duplicolor red and metallic silver.  I painted this cab back in 2003 intending to build it in 2004.. I guess I got side tracked. (8/16/2005)

Flow Boy Trailer & Diamond Reo

This is the model I replaced the KW dumper with for the MTDG contest.  A Red River asphalt trailer in Michigan specs with 7 axles.  This won 2nd place in the Construction class of the MTDG  contest!

flowboy.JPG (58180 bytes) A real Flow-Boy.  flowboyDR.JPG (49584 bytes) flowboyrearroad.JPG (49909 bytes)

diamondreo_flowboyrear1.jpg (50228 bytes) road_ends.jpg (35256 bytes) road_reo.jpg (244049 bytes) road_dog.jpg (27809 bytes) road25.jpg (38763 bytes) 

The asphalt trailer was constructed from photographs of several trailers and 2 different brands, so it's a combination of styles.  I built it using sheet styrene, the plastic was an old Wendy's Restaurant "crispy chicken" sign.  Note:  The frame rails and ITC sleeper on the orange Peterbilt shown above was made from the same sign.

The Diamond Reo tractor was parked in St.Ignace for quite some time, and then after I started building the model, it disappeared.  Then in September of '04 it reappeared, so I snapped some pics of the model on the truck.

realandmodelDiamondReo_nameplate.jpg (30291 bytes) realandmodelDiamondReo_bumper.jpg (31052 bytes) realandmodelDiamondReo.jpg (42836 bytes)

Diamond Reo Raider

Raiderleft1.jpg (183492 bytes) Timdrraider.jpg (58931 bytes) timraiderclose.jpg (33041 bytes) raiderleftside.jpg (161958 bytes) timraiderrear.jpg (20644 bytes) raiderrearright.jpg (137173 bytes) raiderrearleft.jpg (176401 bytes) Diamond Reo Raider.  I combined a Frank Gortsema resin hood with an AMT kit cab, stretched the chassis, added RNK wheels to the front, an RNK Conversions cab guard, Clint Freeman Componants 5th wheel, MTFAco rear tires, and scratchbuilt the rear fenders.

Diamond Reo with crane

Timdrcrane.jpg (63489 bytes) drcraneflatleft.JPG (26123 bytes) drcraneflat.JPG (29738 bytes) Diamond Reo crane.  Originally built as a long frame with double sleeper, redDR.jpg (15785 bytes) I rebuilt this for a long frame daycab, adding the Italeri crane, RNK tool cabinet, and weathering for a working truck appearance

Diamond Reo Royale COE

timdrcoe.jpg (57188 bytes)  timdrcoeleftside.jpg (45696 bytes)  timdrcoe_kwcoe.jpg (51375 bytes) timkw_drside.jpg (49567 bytes) drcoe_dropflat.jpg (37388 bytes) road2.jpg (21961 bytes) road6.jpg (25075 bytes)1972 Diamond Reo Royale Cabover.  This model was built from junk parts!  Only parts-box and damaged parts were used.  I modified a glue distorted AMT KW K123 cabover but cutting off the roof, removing 1/4 inch in height, reworking the roof surface, front panels, sides, rescribed doors, new headlight buckets, used 3 junk Diamond Reo grilles, some old Peterbilt fuel tanks and misc parts.  The truck is weathered for a "constantly used" look.  Diamond Reo nameplates are by JBOT.  This model is a true "5 foot truck." (looks good from 5 feet away..)

Diamond Reo and flatbed

I built this Diamond Reo back in 1976.  It looks fairly box-stock with the exception of the added twin air cleaners, mufflers and polished front wheels. 

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