Freightliner and White Freightliner

Freightliner Conventional


FreightlinerConv2.jpg (59867 bytes) FreightlinerConv wrkbnch.jpg (73146 bytes) FreightlinerConvclose.jpg (59586 bytes) FreightlinerConvrear.jpg (55242 bytes) FreightlinerConvstuff.jpg (47281 bytes) inprogress hint.jpg (13778 bytes) 

This is the Testors issue of the Italeri Freightliner conventional.  I obtained this around '00 as a built-up that was nicely painted metallic charcoal.  It suffered a "smack" from a shelf during a readjusting of the shelves and became a candidate for rebuilding.  I stripped the paint, swapped out the bigger sleeper for a modified Italeri Peterbilt 378 box, reworked the hood for the original Freightliner style with Peterbilt headlamps, reworked the cab removing the more modern doors and replacing them with doors from an AMT White-Freightliner COE for a 1975-76 look.  The entire truck was weathered.  The winterfront was made from plain paper that I cut to shape and rubbed weathering chalks into.  The TAT company logos are decals from MAG.   4/30/2007


SD gets DD

AMT White Freightliner WFT6364

wft6364_cabonchassis_tilt.jpg (37199 bytes)    WFL6364_cabonchassis_tilt.jpg (32330 bytes)

I started with an AMT White-Freightliner SD kit and swapped in the chassis from a partially built AMT White-Freightliner DualDrive kit.  This is as close to box-stock as I've gotten in a long time! Built May 2006  

White-Freightliner SD - Allied Van Lines

Timalliedwf.jpg (55968 bytes) alliedWFsingles.jpg (35709 bytes) Early 1960s White Freightliner single drive COE.  Allied Van Lines colors, single headlights, no step ladders, no frontal air intake, also has a recessed right exhaust stack.

White-Freightliner Powerliner straight truck

Timyellowpowerliner.jpg (38577 bytes)White Freightliner Powerliner.  Using a Spaulding Trading and Shipping Powerliner conversion kit, I scratchbuilt the flatdeck, adding an RNK tool cabinet.  The AMT Pete 359 was the chassis donor.

White-Freightliner doublebunk COE

Timcowboywf.jpg (68531 bytes) timflinerright.jpg (23928 bytes) timflinerrear.jpg (25106 bytes)  4axletankwf.JPG (28777 bytes)  

White Freightliner double-bunk.  I stretched the cab for a double sleeper.  Clint Freeman Components Turbo Wing on the roof gives the F-liner a cowboy cabover look.


Consolidated Freightways

Timcfwf.jpg (59757 bytes) cf_70_60.jpg (32574 bytes) cf_70_60trailerside.jpg (33505 bytes) 1960's White-Freightliner wearing Consolidated Freightways older colors.  This truck has been rebuilt twice, starting as a nasty orange and black ebay build-up.  I modified the cab for the older version.

cf_doubles_inprog_rear.jpg (26627 bytes) cf_doubles_inprog_side.jpg (22885 bytes) These 2 plain white doubles trailers were also obtained from the same collection.  Originally silver, I went with white, and they will become 70s-80's Consolidated Freightways trailers.

2cfs.JPG (39850 bytes) 2cfsfront.JPG (35486 bytes) 2cfsleft.JPG (37149 bytes) 2cfsrear.JPG (34053 bytes) 2cfsside.JPG (30551 bytes) White-Freightliner SD's in 60s and 70s dress.  The 70's unit sports a behind the cab air cleaner stack, air starter tank, RNK Conversions resin wheels and tires, modified cab panels for single headlights, step stirrups (instead of kit supplied pockets), small bumper and angled drivers mirror.  7/1/2005

cfgreenoldtrailers.JPG (29776 bytes) cfwhiteoldtrailers.JPG (30178 bytes) cfwhitetrailers.JPG (27315 bytes)

Freightliner Setback axle COE - U.P.Special Delivery

UPSD Fliner1.jpg (190182 bytes) Timupspecialdelivery.jpg (49426 bytes) UP Special Delivery 608.jpg (147695 bytes) timupsdflrear.jpg (20594 bytes) timupsdfl.jpg (25036 bytes) UPSD rear 608.jpg (199930 bytes) upsdrig.jpg (14642 bytes)  

Freightliner Set Back.  Based on a truck owned by Upper Peninsula Special Delivery.  I added a modern grille, headlights, and reworked the windshield.  The real F-liner was taken out of service after the driver fell asleep and struck a Winnebago on US-2 in Upper Michigan.


White-Freightliner Powerliner tractor

Timgreenpowerliner.jpg (61539 bytes)White Freightliner Powerliner.  A Spaulding Trading and Shipping conversion, I added a rear window.  Twin breathers behind the cab.  The chassis is from the AMT Pete 359.  

65 White Freightliner Michigan Centipede

This is my 1965 White-Freightliner 76" sleeper cab 4 axle Michigan Centipede tractor.  Based on 2 trucks in Robert Gabrick's book Freightliner Trucks 1937-1981 Photo Archive (see page79)

65WFLrear.jpg (65239 bytes) 65WFLtilted.jpg (78421 bytes) 65and72WFL.jpg (66395 bytes) 65and72WFLside.jpg (69834 bytes) 65andpowerliner.jpg (62158 bytes) kramerfl.JPG (70805 bytes)

The truck in the book was slightly different, I combined items from several trucks.  This started as a severly glue-damaged built-up, many missing parts, distorted frame, and THICK paint.   I reworked the cab for the older, short 1960's cab, 76" bunk rather than the 86" bunk (see above photos comparing the stock kit cab in red and white), a Detroit Diesel 8v71, behind the cab air cleaner, RNK wheels (no longer offered), the headlights are from Griffen Designs.  The cab lettering is all computer generated and printed on Bare Metal Foil decal paper.  The truck in the book photo is for "Kramer Freight Lines.  I made mine for my favorite Seinfield character...

I still have a few items to add to this, but was rushing to take advantage of the sunshine for the photos.

65WFLleft.jpg (59090 bytes) 65WFL_BW.jpg (35675 bytes) real65.jpg (30717 bytes)


White-Freightliner COE

Timlongfliner_duffy.jpg (67562 bytes) timdualbreatherfliner.jpg (21500 bytes) 1971 White Freightliner.  I stretched the frame, added twin air cleaners behind the cab, lengthened the fuel tanks, and added a Texas bumper.  I built this in april of 2000.  On October 24, 2004 I decided to repaint it as the pin stripes were falling off, and when I pulled the remaining stripes paint peeled too.  So I stripped the paint, then repainted then clear coated the cab.  After re-assembling the cab I discovered that the clear-coat was failing.  It was cracking.  The color coat was out gassing and attacking the clear, creating a cracked effect. Oh no!  Well.. watch this spot for a re-re-paint in the future.  For now, the '71 White-Freightliner is sporting a Grabber Green frame and dark blue cab.  I reworked the headlight buckets a bit, as AMT made them too large (I filled in the opening, then carved in a new bucket that fits the headlight better).  I also added fender flares.  Everything else is as it was.

  wfbluegreen.jpg (33302 bytes) wfbluegreenlights.jpg (17601 bytes)

Garden Mate Powerliner

GardenMatePowerliner 608.jpg (116854 bytes) gardenmateleft.jpg (28697 bytes) gardenmateright.jpg (30925 bytes) GMP Powerlinerrear608.jpg (158323 bytes) GMP sideview608.jpg (130435 bytes) GMP Powerliner right 608.jpg (250254 bytes) 

I got the idea for this single axle White-Freightliner Powerliner short-sleeper from a set of matching Powerliners featured in a 1980's article in the old American Trucker Magazine.  The cab is a heavily modified AMT White-Freightliner can.  A resin Cummins KTA engine rests under the cab.

1997 Freightliner FLB COE

sercombeflb.jpg (27978 bytes) sercombeflred.jpg (27613 bytes)

This is my attempt at scratchbuilding a 1997 Freightliner FLB cabover, based (loooosely based, I might add) on a real FLB owned by Sercombe Trucking of Jackson, Michigan.

sercombflb.jpg (36763 bytes)

I didn't have any measurements and eyeballed things resulting in my cab being too tall.  This whole scratchbuild cost me $15 for the donor Pete 359 kit (a deal a friend got for me), $3.00 in Evergreen to make the cab, $1 in Aluminum tube, the paint and whatever other materials I used.  This was one of those projects that I wanted to try no matter what the outcome was. (11/15/04) The model is now with Dave Sercombe.



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