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Ford C900 Tractor

paintedcab52508.jpg (83257 bytes) FordCpainted52808.jpg (163709 bytes) C900onbenchtilt.jpg (175759 bytes) C900rearsun.jpg (150707 bytes) c900tiltsun.jpg (169300 bytes) C9006108.jpg (144041 bytes) FordHandC.jpg (133462 bytes)

AMT Ford C900 tractor built pretty much straight from the box.  I stripped all the chrome except for the headlamps, roof lights and air horn.  The US Forest Service logos were photos reduced and printed on Bare Metal Foil decal paper.  This little Ford would be fitting to have a Lindberg flatbed behind it pulling a 4th of July parade float with Smoky (the) Bear.  6/1/2008

Ford LN8000 - Allied Van Lines       

timfordalliedfront22308.jpg (143254 bytes)

timefordalliedrear22308.jpg (64547 bytes)

timrustyfordandtrlr.JPG (30269 bytes)

timfordalliedclose22308.jpg (87885 bytes)

timfordalliedrh22308.jpg (91084 bytes)

timdirtyalliedrig.jpg (28622 bytes)

Timalliedrustyford.jpg (64337 bytes)

rustyforddoor.jpg (44514 bytes)

1970s Ford LN 8000 tractor wearing Allied Van Lines Colors.  Rusty but trusty! I carved spots into the cab and doors for rust holes, used a mixture of superglue and baking soda and rust colors for rust chunks.  Cracked glass, dirt and grime and mismatched Peterbilt and Autocar mudflaps. To make the bottom of the door rusty, I used a Dremel tool cutting wheel cutting from inside the cab, when the wheel broke through the plastic, I let it melt the plastic a bit.  Then I painted the gobbed up melted plastic rust-color.  There was an old Allied truck that was always parked behind the Allied Van Lines agent terminal in Madison, Wisconsin in the 70s that inspired my model.  2000-2001 build.  

Ford Transit Mixer











Inspired by the Ford Transit Mixer built by the late Phil Jensen and seen in Car Model magazine and in Phil's book Building Model Trucks.  I bought the Ford partially built from Tony Buck.  I reworked the mixer and some of the chassis.  

Ford Mixer 1.jpg (65537 bytes)

Ford Mixer 2.jpg (62162 bytes)

Ford Mixer 3.jpg (55833 bytes)

Ford Mixer 5.jpg (60864 bytes)

Ford Mixer 4.jpg (65119 bytes)

The wheels are from an AMT GMC Astro/95 COE.

The bumper is from the Paystar, actually the Mack pieces. I shortened the fenders and the mixer drum. The water tank supports had to be modified to clear the cab and to change the angle of the drum.

Ford Mixer 6.jpg (89656 bytes)

For comparison, here is the same mixer body on a Peterbilt 357 6x6. 

Ford Mixer 7.jpg (73841 bytes)

The Plaskit resin grille really updates the face of the Ford.

Ford Mixer 8.jpg (68949 bytes)

Both of these Fords were partial built-ups.

I painted the mixer in March of 2005 and lost interest in it.

It is #4 for 2007.


Model King Ford F250 Pickup

mk_2.jpg (38985 bytes) mk_5.jpg (46614 bytes) mk_6.jpg (38883 bytes) mk_7.jpg (35465 bytes) mk6.jpg (26818 bytes) mk3.jpg (41926 bytes) mk2.jpg (42332 bytes) trickphotog.jpg (44214 bytes)

Dave "ModelKing" Burkett asked me to build the Ford pick up and the Mack DM800 for the AMT box art.  I was quite proud that he chose to feature the models on the front of the box!  In typical ModelKing style Dave photoshopped both my dog Rory and myself into the photo.  The main photos were taken on a warm January day when the sun made a brief appearance.

TA_silver_F4J_Revised_roryandphone.jpg (28907 bytes) 


Ford LN Dumper

I bought several partial built truck kits from Tony Buck who had started them back in the 90s never finished them.  Tony did all the modifications to this, even painting it.  BUT I attempted to clear-coat the yellow Tony had used and the paint crazed on me (not knowing what brand of paint he used back then).  So I stripped the paint and reshot the yellow.  This is when I decided to weather the truck as I have too many spit-n-polished trucks.  I weathered the dump box with a mixture of acrylic paints.  The cab and hood were weathered by rubbing weathering chalks into the not-quite-cured paint.  4/05/06

timFordLNdump.jpg (26527 bytes)

Ford LN 8000 dumper

timFordLNdumpright.jpg (24740 bytes)

Right View.  Bumper is painted Testors metalizer silver.

timFordLNdumprear.jpg (22537 bytes)

Rear view. 

paintedlndump.jpg (18579 bytes)

At this point I couldn't decide to stay shiny or go for the dirt.


Ford C900 Tandem Axle Sleeper tractor


FordCT900.JPG (27211 bytes)  fordctandembixby.jpg (25319 bytes) fordcbixbylogo.jpg (17940 bytes) (finished 12/31/2004)

The final build for 2004 was this white and yellow Ford CT900 tandem axle sleeper tractor. I started with an AMT Ford Stake Truck (the stake body is on my blue Western Star).  A swapped in a tandem spring suspension from an old junked White-Freightliner dual drive, scratchbuilt a sleeper cab, added bullet marker lights and big horns to the cab.  Bare Metal Foil for the trim and nameplates, square fuel tanks from a GMC Astro kit, and polished wheels from a Peterbilt 359 kit.  The blue Mack N was built in '03 and makes a nice comparison of the 2 cabs. The close-up photo of the front of the Ford shows the Bare Metal Foil nameplates and the scanned/reduced/reprinted AMT "Bixby" decals.



Ford LN8000 house toter

houseandtoter.jpg (37390 bytes) toterandhouse.jpg (25289 bytes) Manufactured Home Toter and half a house.  The toter is a cut down AMT Ford Short Hauler kit, and the half a house is made from balsa wood.  (photos taken in '01)


Ford LS9000 Coke 

cokefordright.jpg (61842 bytes) cokefordrear.jpg (60705 bytes) cokefordleft.jpg (70255 bytes) The local Coca-Cola distributor had a Ford L9000 single axle tractor in the Eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I made mine from the AMT Coke Short Hauler, shortened frame, Plaskit of Quebec resin hood, grille and bumper, resin 2 hole wheels and chrome metal horns from Spauldings Trading and Shipping and square fuel tanks from a Paystar.  I painted the cab in July of 03, and finally got around to finishing it in March of '04.  Who says I build quickly?


Ford H1000 COE

FordH Coe608.jpg (148887 bytes) FordHdashview.jpg (53814 bytes) twostoryfalconrear.jpg (180442 bytes) twostoryfalconrght.jpg (213542 bytes) Horn Reflection608.jpg (13618 bytes) Timfordhnavl.jpg (64871 bytes) ahlbornfordhinspir.jpg (31433 bytes)  

Ford 2 Story Falcon.  What an ugly design!  I used a Spaulding Trading and Shipping Ford H cab, scratchbuilt the drom box, and made the North American Van Lines logos on the computer.  Handles and steps were made from bent brass wire.



1975 Ford WT9000 COE

W9000lftrydr.jpg (129094 bytes) Timfordwt9000.jpg (58514 bytes) timfordw.jpg (23939 bytes) W9000dash1.jpg (14178 bytes) W9000closelft.jpg (139710 bytes) W9000lftryderprf.jpg (204783 bytes) 

1975 Ford WT9000.  A resin cab from Spaulding Trading and Shipping, with Ben Wicker 2 hole Budd wheels, and a Spaulding Trading and Shipping cab guard.  Ryder decals are from the Mack Cruiseliner kit.

Ford LTS9000 Dumper

Timfordltsdumper.jpg (57160 bytes)Ford LTS9000 Dumper.  This is an easy conversion.  A Plaskit resin hood, resin front tires.  I modified the dump-box for the big cab overhang. 

Ford C600 Shadow Truck

C6stakerear.jpg (86632 bytes)

stuckinconst.jpg (72444 bytes)

C6signrear.jpg (55112 bytes)

C6signbox.jpg (71495 bytes)

C6Stakeaboveleft.jpg (85108 bytes)

C6stakeaboveright.jpg (92101 bytes)

 C6stake.jpg (84366 bytes)C6stakeRhRr.jpg (112225 bytes)

AMT Ford C600 stake truck with scratchbuilt arrow sign and rear safety crash attenuator.  I got the idea for this model when I was stuck behind a highway line painting crew.  The truck I was stuck behind was the "shadow truck" protecting the workers and the freshly painted lines.   I changed the single drive suspension for a tandem axle set up from an AMT Paystar kit.  The arrow sign is all Evergreen plastic as is the attenuator.  I shaved the emblems from the front of the cab for a newer look and to allow for the chevrons on the front.  Way-back-when, I recall seeing trucks painted like this in Wisconsin and have always wanted to build one.  6/5/2007            samekitsthesethree.jpg (85438 bytes) summersceneoange.jpg (71102 bytes) orangeblackthree.jpg (101012 bytes)

It is summer, that means orange barrels and orange truck season is in full swing.


Ford LN8000 Wrecker


fordLNwreckerrear.jpg (43103 bytes) I mated the AMT Ford Short Hauler with the AMT Peterbilt Wrecker kit.  I cut down the wrecker body for the shorty wheelbase, narrowed the wrecker body by 1/2 of an inch (remove the excess from the center of the front and rear panels, and 1/4 inch from each side of the floor, this way the wrecker body sits nicely over the tires instead of the overhang the AMT wrecker body has).  The wheels are resin from Spaulding Trading and Shipping.   This wrecker was featured in Model Cars Magazine in the fall of 2004.




Ford LNT8000 tractor

Timlnt8000.jpg (54003 bytes)Ford LNT 8000. Built right out of the box.  I added a sunvisor.  This poor thing needs rebuilding. It's been whacked by the dogs tail too many times.  This is the same Ford LNT8000 as seen with the orange mixer further up the page.  I cleaned it and repaired some damage on 1/22/07.

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