GMC and Chevrolet

GMC 9500

Timgmc9500.jpg (56817 bytes) timgmc9500front.jpg (31364 bytes) GMC 9500 long nose.  MTFAco resin conversion, on a stock GMC General chassis.  Fuel tanks are from a Chevy Titan90 COE kit.


Chevy Titan/90 daycab

Timrydertitan.jpg (55855 bytes) Chevy Titan 90 daycab left.jpg (131056 bytes) 

Chevrolet Titan 90 daycab.  2 things inspired this truck. Phil Jensen's articles and chapter in Building Model Trucks, and the trucks I saw in Munising, Michigan delivering supplies to True Value Hardware.  Cotter & Company (?) ran leased trucks from Ryder, sometimes yellow, sometimes red trucks were seen.          The Ryder logos are from Spaulding Trading and Shipping. Late '99 or early '00 build

Chevrolet Titan/90 Michigan Special


Chevy Titan 90 tilt 608.jpg (201670 bytes) Timtiltedtitan.jpg (69125 bytes) Sinclair Titan90 12v71tilt.jpg (144234 bytes) timsinclairtilt.jpg (32864 bytes) Titan 90 sinclair rear.jpg (193700 bytes) ahlbornchromesinclair.jpg (21279 bytes)  ahlbornsinclairleftrear.jpg (33079 bytes)  

1974 Chevrolet Titan 90.  A fairly box stock truck, except for the resin Detroit Diesel 12v71, and the twin breathers.  Wide front tires, and painted rear 2 holes.  The engine is from Spauldings.  Sinclair Oil Co logos are model railroad decals from Microscale.  This tractor has a matching 5 axle plated tanker. 2003 build.


GMC General daycab single axle

Timabfgeneral.jpg (63366 bytes)GMC General short hood.  Wearing ABF logos.  I cut down the GMC General hood and chassis.  ABF logos are from Spaulding Trading and Shipping.

GMC Astro95

Next on the "get these old rebuilders finished" list is this GMC Astro95 COE.  I bought this long before the reissue was announced.  I painted it in the fall on '02.  I saw a house moving company with an old International COE and thought the GMC would be a fitting work-truck.  I used a GMC General grille to update the front, etched metal slam-lock door handles from Kit Form Services to further update the cab.


yoopergmc_left.jpg (66899 bytes) yoopergmc_right.jpg (53968 bytes)

Lettering is for "Yooper House Moving", and are computer generated decals.  The bumper is Evergreen plastic and tow hooks and eyes added from the parts box.

THANKS GREGG!  Gregg Hutchings chose the photo on the left above as the cover the May/June 2004 issue of Model Cars Magazine!  

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