International Harvester


International Transtar 4300 

4300 scrap.jpg (51558 bytes) 4300 scrap door.jpg (36399 bytes) 4300 scrap hood.jpg (71839 bytes) 4300 scrap rear.jpg (47596 bytes) 4300 scrap rear left.jpg (49766 bytes) 4300scrap.jpg (58325 bytes)

International 4300 conventional built as a well-used tractor complete with primered panels, broken glass and grime all over.  12/06


International Paystar 5000 tractor

With all the Paystar kits that I use for kitbashing, I have discovered that I need to build at least one Paystar from time to time.

paystrylfrnt.JPG (66895 bytes) paystarylbl4ax.JPG (68492 bytes)

Nearly box-stock except for the dual exhaust, lift axle, winch tower and spoke front wheels from Auslowe.  I stripped most of the chrome.  Krylon School Bus Yellow is the color with Duplicolor gloss black for the hood and chassis.


International Transtar 4200

I bought this International 4270 back in 2000.  It was an "Ebay gluebomb."  Not painted, but assembled and glue smeared.  I tore it down and painted it in mid 2001.  It has sat in a box on the workbench being moved around ever since.  FINALLY I decided I should rebuild the poor thing.

4200_ruan.JPG (44106 bytes) Three years to build!  The paint was good and cured.



Timpowdermilk.jpg (65444 bytes)

International Powerdermilk Biscuits.  Evan Hermel started this truck, it was featured in Scale Auto Enthusiast in '02, and Evan sent it to me to finish.


International Transtar II

Timtranstar2.jpg (64352 bytes) transtarIIorangeright3.jpg (94880 bytes) transtarIIorangetilted.jpg (80416 bytes)  

Transtar II co4070B.  Built box stock, except for modification to the front axle to allow the tires to fit under the cab properly.


International CO4000 - TIME/DC

co4000 608.jpg (192061 bytes) Timtimedc.jpg (60142 bytes) co4000 rightview.jpg (172525 bytes) time4000right.JPG (26415 bytes) co4000 tilt 608.jpg (166945 bytes) timedc.jpg (12708 bytes) co4000rrear.jpg (175942 bytes) timedcnew.jpg (11554 bytes) co4000tilt rear 608.jpg (212369 bytes) timDCrig.jpg (32634 bytes)  timeDCrear.jpg (24162 bytes) timeDC co4000.jpg (129077 bytes)

timedc co 4000.jpg (149506 bytes) co4000timedc.jpg (113572 bytes) co4000cabrear.jpg (137281 bytes) bindertilted.JPG (115117 bytes) 

1966 International co4000.  This started as a Transtar II 4070B kit, I backdated the cab for the older look, with rounded headlights, plain grille and body mouldings.  I shortened the BBC, wheelbase, and made TimeDC logos on the computer.  The truck has been weathered.

International Transtar II singledrive

Crouchleft.jpg (172351 bytes) Timtranstar2crouchdaycab.jpg (60592 bytes) Crouchright.jpg (178119 bytes) transtarIIdaycabreartilt.JPG (41998 bytes) TranstarII Crouch tilt.jpg (128552 bytes) TranstarIICabCrouch.jpg (87712 bytes) 

International Transtar II co4070B.  Resin daycab from Spaulding Trading and Shipping.  Crouch Brothers decals from STS too. Built in 2000?

International Transtar  7up

7up2.jpg (65151 bytes) Timtranstar7up.jpg (58514 bytes) 7up3.jpg (55880 bytes) 7updoor.jpg (19696 bytes) 7upitlikesyou.jpg (16919 bytes)  

International Transtar co4070.  I cut down the cab for a daycab, shortened the kit wheelbase.  The truck was inspired by a truck a neighbor drove back in '73.  The 7up logos are from Microscale's HO train catalog.


International ConCo 


Timconco.jpg (56312 bytes) timconcorear.jpg (26798 bytes) timconcoright.jpg (23844 bytes) conco_cwtrailer.jpg (57980 bytes) conco_cwright.jpg (55854 bytes)  

International Conco.  CONventionalCabOver, designed for fleet use in the 1970's.  I scratchbuilt the hood, grille, fenders and interior. A junked Transtar chassis was the donor, and a left over Paystar cab and accessories was used.  Gateway Transportation decals are from Spaulding Trading and Shipping.  The Conco is also available in resin from Spauldings.


International Paystar 5000

Timpaystartractor.jpg (53721 bytes)

International Paystar.  Built fairly box-stock, I added spoke wheels, and an RNK diamond plate tool cabinet.  

Here's a shot of a real Paystar that inspired mine realwhitebluepaystar.jpg (25760 bytes)

International CO4090 - Indianhead 

Timindianhead4090.jpg (53933 bytes) timindianhead.jpg (16183 bytes)  

International CO4090 Transtar.  The 4090 sits taller than a co4070, and can take larger engines.  This started as an ebay junker. I cut down the cab, raised the cab, cut down the wheelbase, fuel tanks, and scratchbuilt the bumper and air cleaner.  Indianhead was a tanker company service the midwest.

Here's a real Indianhead Transtar CO4090 indianhead4090real.jpg (27206 bytes) (


International Transtar 400 Conventional

Timindianheademeryville.jpg (59656 bytes) Emeryvilleshorthood.JPG (30259 bytes) indianhead_emeryville.jpg (28689 bytes)  

International "Emeryville" Transtar 400.  Also wearing Indianhead dress.  This is a Griffen Designs conversion on an Ertl 4300 chassis.  Thanks to David Faust for the Indianhead logo.


International Fleetstar Mixer

 Fleetstarmixer608.jpg (178868 bytes) Timfleetstarmixer.jpg (59086 bytes)  timfleetstarmixerside.jpg (22140 bytes) Fleetstar mixer608.jpg (260440 bytes) International Fleetstar mixer.  I mated an MTFAco resin Fleetstar to the AMT/Ertl Paystar/Rex mixer.  Added an lift axle and RNK storage box.

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