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Mack R600 

AMT Mack R600 modified to a sleeper cab tractor based on a photo seen on www.hankstruckpictures.com.  I stretched the Mack's frame to accomodate the sleeper.  The rear window of the cab was enlarged to accept the molded front of the sleeper.  The sleeper is from American Industrial Truck Models #SB-4 36" Able Body.  The 2 hole wheels are also from AITM.   The Mack kit is lends itself nicely to making a fleet tractor.  I also bobbed the bumper and added dual exhaust.  The kit comes with two bumpers, an unpainted and a chromed bumper.  Two styles of roof lights are also included.  Thanks go to Stevens International and AITM! 5/25/08

Mack R partstext 51808.jpg (182176 bytes) Mack R wrokbnch 52408.jpg (164513 bytes) Mack R600 52508.jpg (85669 bytes) Mack R 52808.jpg (78675 bytes) Mack R daycab 52308.jpg (130920 bytes) Mack R685 slpr 608.jpg (171697 bytes) Mack R leftside 52508.jpg (174307 bytes) Mack R600slper rght 608.jpg (179075 bytes)

Mack R doorsign52508.jpg (35847 bytes) Mack R rear 52808.jpg (109190 bytes) Mack R stacks.jpg (19313 bytes) Mack ThreeRs 52808.jpg (170572 bytes) Mack R 52708.jpg (88406 bytes) Mack R cab AITM sleeper.jpg (84170 bytes)



Return of the Cruiseliner

cruiseliner22308.jpg (124795 bytes) cruiselinerleft22308.jpg (90444 bytes) cruiseliner 22308.jpg (97849 bytes) cruiselinerrear22308.jpg (85918 bytes) Mock up Cruiseliner 120807.jpg (92668 bytes) Mockup Cruiseliner Fruehauf 120807.jpg (152571 bytes) cabmountfix121107.jpg (53552 bytes) 

bumperfix121107.jpg (43833 bytes) cabclose121107.jpg (64906 bytes) almostdonetilt121207.jpg (87850 bytes) gettingclosetodone121207.jpg (79579 bytes) cruiselinerright22308.jpg (80842 bytes) paintedframe121007.jpg (54171 bytes) 

The Mack Cruiseliner COE, one of the last new truck kits AMT produced in the 70s is making a return in April of 2008 thanks to Stevens International.   The reissue of the Cruiseliner will be a welcomed kit!  Stevens sent me a "test shot" to build for review.  My kit did not have any chrome, but I happen to have an original issue kit that I was able to use the chrome from.  I modified my Cruiseliner with a longer wheelbase, tool cabinets and a headache rack.  Everything else is out of the box.  The kit builds nicely, with only a fit-issue of the cab mounts (see photo) and the bumper placement (see bumper photo).   My Cruiseliner sports logos from a long-defunct carrier, inspired by a photo of a White Road Commander II COE.  January 2008.


1960 Mack G daycab


No3 for 2007 chassis.jpg (51615 bytes)

No3 for 2007cab.jpg (31457 bytes)

Neuendorf Mack R RH.jpg (48260 bytes)

Neuendorf Mack G and R.jpg (82756 bytes) MACKGDAYCAB.jpg (61050 bytes)

Tim Mack G and R.jpg (85964 bytes)

The chassis is an AMT GMC Astro/95 with some "Mack  like" modifications. The G cab started as a glue-bomb AMT Kenworth K123.  I made the cab in mid 2006 if I remember. I didn't date this one, and normally I do. Wheels and tires are from the old RNK Conversions.

Model #3 for 2007   1/20/2007

My Mack G and R in Neuendorf Transportation livery.   Neuendorf was based out of Madison, Wisconsin and I saw them all the time growing up.



Where's the dog?

1980's Mack UltraLiner MB613 COE.

 I wanted to build something unique, something I hadn't built before.  I've had this resin cast cab from Griffen Designs for well over a year.  It was just begging to be built.  My donor kit is the AMT GMC Astro95 cabover.

        Started 10/24/06 - Finished 10/30/06

Ultraliner_LH.jpg (91769 bytes)

Krylon International Red was used as the cab color.

ultraliner_RH.jpg (74352 bytes)

Since the resin cab is 1/24th scale, I widened the front axle at the ends for the wider track, same for the rear axles.

ultraliner_profilel.jpg (86753 bytes)

I kept the wheelbase stock, only moving the 5th wheel rearward to account for the longer BBC and 1/24th scale cab.


The inspiration truck spotted in St.Ignace, Michigan in 2005. 

MackUltraliner.JPG (39648 bytes)

ultraliner_grille.jpg (30296 bytes)

The molded on grille is cast fairly cleanly.  I masked off the grille area after priming so that the paint didn't build up on detail.

I covered the entire grille with Bare Metal Foil, then painted the black background.

ultraliner_mudflap.jpg (19650 bytes)

JBOT Mack decals from a truck stripe decal sheet.

missingthedog.jpg (34234 bytes)

The wipers are a bit too large.  I misplaced my Bulldog!  I suspect the vacuum might have it.

I added dash detail items.


The grab handle is Evergreen flat stock bent to shape and painted with Duplicolor Bumper Chrome (poor man's Alclad!)

ultraliner_handle.jpg (35842 bytes)

ultraliner_curvedstack.jpg (15555 bytes)

Nifty curved tip exhaust is actually a Revell snap-kit Peterbilt 359 muffler turned upside down.

ultraliner_breather.jpg (23032 bytes)

To simulate Mack battery boxes I used the kit boxes, mounted on square tube, I added the front detail and latch, plus an air tank under each with a step.

ultraliner_visor.jpg (15358 bytes)

I made a lame attempt at a Lund-style visor out of strips of Evergreen plastic.


I'm not pleased with my windshield corner contour.  After several attempts to curve the clear plastic, and getting sharp angle results instead of the graceful curve, I gave up before frustration set in.

I started this truck with the idea of building a weathered, well worked Ultraliner.  I added fuel stains to the fuel tanks, bug splatters and chips to the front. The bumper (from a Cruisliner kit?) was resprayed with BumperChrome and a light mist of flat black to simulate bugs and dirt.  Mud was added to the steps.

The cab does not tilt, but with a bit of work the kit hinges would work.

The Ultraliner's rear cab mounts are under the sleeper, almost in a daycab location.  Mine are simple sections of square tube and flat plastic.

MackUltraliner.jpg (57565 bytes)


Flat Dog

The Big Mack DM800 is straight out of the box.  This is the Model King reissue built as a companion to the upcoming Model King reissue of the Ford F150 pickup.  The pick-up is a tire-company service truck.  I built the pick-up right out of the box with Bare Metal Foil for the grille, body side moulding, window trim and fender trim.  The Mack and Ford will appear as one of several trucks on the upcoming boxart for the Model King reissue.  Thanks Dave!  1/2006

fordpickupside.jpg (24713 bytes) fordpickuptail.jpg (29244 bytes) fordpickuptired.jpg (38210 bytes) I cut the tread of several tires to look like a bad blow-out.  

Mack DM600 Dumper - Wingra Stone & Gravel

Here's an early 70's Mack DM600 dump truck.  Based on a real truck seen in Madison, Wisconsin in the 70's owned by Wingra Stone Company.  

 wingraMack.JPG (61183 bytes) WingraMacka.jpg (57361 bytes)

I used an original MPC DM600 kit, and 2 dump boxes from an AMT Ford Snow Plow kit to make a longer dump box.  I added a lift axle (Yes! I know the lift axle tire is crooked, I bumped it when taking the photos and didn't notice until adding the pics to this page!). I reworked the Mack suspension for a shorter rear axle spread.  The exhaust was reworked to clear the dump box.


Mack C615 Stang Michigan

  stangMackleft.jpg (72976 bytes) stangMackright.jpg (74322 bytes)  stangrealtrucks.jpg (64209 bytes) ahlbornlicplate.jpg (35292 bytes)  

1965's Mack C615 "Michigan Special" with 5 axle Fruehauf tanker.  Stang Tank Lines hauled oils and fuels in Upper Michigan and Wisconsin using Mack and Hendrickson fleet.  This model was featured in Model Cars Magazine in 2002.

stanginthesnow.jpg (18997 bytes) stangsnow.jpg (13984 bytes) stanginsnow.jpg (12643 bytes) 


  Clairmont Transfer

Timclairmontmack.jpg (60961 bytes) timclairmontleft.jpg (23441 bytes) timclairmontmackRleft.jpg (26473 bytes) timclairmontmacktrlrrear.jpg (24675 bytes) Clairmontlogo.jpg (172699 bytes) MackRdoorclairmont.jpg (41047 bytes)  

Mack R600.  Clairmont Transfer, Escanaba, Michigan ran Mack's and Fords over the years.  This is a fairly stock AMT kit, shortened wheelbase, and hand-drawn Clairmont logos.


Mack R600 - Neuendorf Trucking

Timneuendorfmack.jpg (64781 bytes) timneuendorfright.jpg (23887 bytes) Big N.jpg (143063 bytes) Neuendorflogo.jpg (41650 bytes) CWdoors rear.jpg (18904 bytes) CWlogo.jpg (99341 bytes) 

Mack R600.  Neuendorf Trucking from Madison, Wisconsin ran Mack's  Basic AMT kit with a rooftop deflector added, bobbed bumper, and ram-air aircleaner snorkle.


Mack U600 - Glendenning Motorways

Timglendenningmack.jpg (61190 bytes) timglendenning.jpg (16511 bytes)  glendenningrear.jpg (26869 bytes) glendenningU600.jpg (38646 bytes) 

 Mack U600.  Wearing Glendenning Motorways logos, the DM600 kit converts to a U600 easily with a lighter suspension.

Mack DM800

Mack DM800 oil 608.jpg (161955 bytes) Timdm800.jpg (58105 bytes) Mack DM800 608.jpg (129393 bytes) timdm800right.jpg (16920 bytes) Mack DM800 oilrght608.jpg (156394 bytes) Mack DM800oilrear608.jpg (110074 bytes) Mack DM800 rig 608.jpg (134555 bytes) 

Mack DM800 oilfield truck.  Scratchbuilt bed, RNK Conversions wheels and tires.


Stang Michigan Mack R and asphalt tanker

This Fruehuaf tanker was in the box too, unpainted, Gulf decals and filthy.  I made it into an asphalt tanker to go with my Stang Mack R600 since Stang ran more asphalt tankers than 5 compartment fuel tankers.stangRstocktrl.JPG (44983 bytes) Here's a stock AMT Fruehauf tanker for comparison.

Timstangmackr.jpg (59458 bytes)   stangRstocktrl.JPG (44983 bytes)

 Stang  Michigan Tank Lines ran orange Mack B's and R's in the 60's and 70's, hauling fuel, and tar products in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.


Mack F700  Payne and Dolan

Mack F700 lft 608.jpg (161453 bytes) Timf700mack.jpg (67421 bytes) mackf700dirtyright.jpg (28685 bytes) Mack F700 dirty 608.jpg (204004 bytes) Mack F700 tilt 608.jpg (178214 bytes) Payne and Dolan Mack 608.jpg (126350 bytes) Mack Payne and Dolan 608.jpg (128619 bytes)1960s Mack F700.  Based on a Mack used by a regional road paving company.  This is an MTFAco resin conversion on a scratchbuilt chassis.  A Clint Freeman Components cab guard is behind the cab.  This truck won "Best Rust Bucket" at a show in Marquette, Michigan in '00.

I originally built the F700 as a shining "new" looking truck mackFshiny.jpg (23272 bytes)

Mack N COE

TimmackN.jpg (49369 bytes)Mack N COE.  Yes.  This is a Mack.  It might look like a Ford, but it is a Mack.  Budd Corp sold the cabs to both companies in the 50's.  Mack had different trim, and it's own chassis.  MiddleAtlantic Trucking Co logos are from the old IMC Dodge kit.

Rootbeer Mack

Timmackrootbeer.jpg (53026 bytes)Root Beer Mack.  After I painted this truck, Root Beer came to mind, a big frosty mug of A&W root beer.  I found the A&W logos on the Microscale decal catalog for HO trains.  The cab is an original AIM casting from the 70's.  RNK wheels added.  I used over half a sheet of Bare Metal Foil for all the polish.

Mack B67 dumper

Mack B dmpr608.jpg (193762 bytes) Timbmack.jpg (59877 bytes) Mack B dump 608.jpg (191863 bytes) mackbtilted.JPG (21351 bytes) Mack B dumpr 608.jpg (194664 bytes) Mack B dmptrlr 608.jpg (185578 bytes) Mack B dump rear 608.jpg (178013 bytes)  Mack B67.  The resin cab is from Spaulding Trading and Shipping.  The chassis is an R600.  Lots of dirt and weathering on this ol' dog.

timb77.jpg (19023 bytes) This is the same Mack as above, but before I decided to weather it.


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