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1975 Hayes Clipper COE

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Back in 1974, PACCAR bought Hayes Trucks LTD from Mack.  In the short time that Hayes was in production under PACCAR, the Clipper COE used the Peterbilt Pacemaker cab.  The cabs were ordered from Peterbilt Parts Department as a complete cab and shipped to Hayes to assemble on their frame.  My Clipper is based on the AMT Peterbilt Pacemaker 352 kit.  I've modified the cab for the mid-70s Pacemaker features and the Hayes grille surround using etched metal from the Clipper COE resin trans-kit once offered by Spaulding Trading and Shipping.  My frame is a combination of the 352 kit and rails from the later reissue AMT 359.  The rear axles feature the wide "Canadian" spread.  Spoke wheels were sourced from a junked Diamond Reo (ebay buy).  Fuel tanks and mufflers from an Italeri PB.  

75HayesClipper2509.jpg (95376 bytes) 75hayesClipper020509.jpg (133963 bytes) 75Hayes Clipper2509.jpg (83904 bytes) 75HayesClipperright2509.jpg (106287 bytes) 75HayesClipperright2509.jpg (106287 bytes) 75HayesClipperfront2509.jpg (99050 bytes) 75Hayes Clipperrht2509.jpg (114797 bytes) 75HayesClipperrear2509.jpg (138430 bytes) 75HayesClipperLeftRear259.jpg (158479 bytes)

The etched metal grille was a big challenging as I am notorious for having epoxy ooze out where it isn't wanted, only to discover the ooze too late.  The Hayes mudflap logos came from a brochure.   I made the cab corner deflectors from Evergreen round tube cut and covered with BMF.  I still need to find one component for the engine as the pieces were missing.  Once warm weather returns, I will sift through the parts boxes in the garage.  2/1/2009

The Hayes-PACCAR story

Excerpt from the book PACCAR The Pursuit of Quality by Alex Groner and Barry Provorse, Published
by Documentary Media, Seattle, WA.  First published in 1981.

"In February 1974, PACCAR bought Hayes Trucks LTD of Vancouver, BC, a principal competitor in Canada of Canadian Kenworth.  Specializing in
heavy duty trucks used by a number of large forest products companies, Hayes had a sales of almost $20 million dollars in the fiscal year ending
November 30,1973.  The firms market was primarily western Canada but sold units in other provinces as well as the United States.  The plan was
to have Hayes compete against Kenworth much the same as Peterbilt and Kenworth competed for business in the United States.

...Mack Trucks Inc., took over the firm in 1969.. ... expanding the sales organization into eastern Canada.  As sales rose from $10 million a year to $20 million, Mack was faced with the choice of financing an appropriate plant expansion or disposing of the company.  In 1974 they decided to sell and PACCAR decided to buy.

Hayes did not turn out to be a good investment for PACCAR.  The acquisition had been made just before the start of a major worldwide recession
and a pronounced downturn in the truck sales market.  Prospects for long term growth seemed little better, and thus PACCAR  decided to dissolve the company.  Its operations ended on September 30, 1975."

Hayes Clipper COE

timhayesclipper 22308.jpg (95048 bytes)

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Here's the real Hayes Clipper that inspired mine as seen in a Hayes sales brochure.

1975 Hayes Clipper Cabover.  In 1975 PACCAR bought Hayes from Mack.  The Clipper COE began using the Peterbilt Pacemaker cab.  Some thought it was a bad idea, as the Hayes look was lost.  I think just the opposite, as the Pacemaker cab and the original Hayes cab resembled each other.  Mine is a basic AMT Pete 352 with the nameplates removed, Hayes logos added (thanks Rick Mark!), a scratchbuilt grille.  Stretched wheelbase, frame mounted stack and air cleaner tube, reworked fuel tanks, large battery box, and other Hayes styling cues added.  This style of Hayes Clipper is available in resin from Spaulding Trading and Shipping. 

Timhayesclipper_old.jpg (65903 bytes) HayesClipper60sside2109.jpg (89668 bytes) HayesClipper60srear2109.jpg (66578 bytes) 1960's Hayes Clipper Cabover.  Before Mack bought Hayes, Hayes had it's own cab design.  Sort of a cross between a KW and Pete.  I made mine from a heavily reworked Peterbilt cab.  Lowering, cutting the length, reworking the corners and panel lines. Scratchbuilt grille and interior (overhead instrument cluster).         RNK tires and Alcoa wheels all around.

Both Hayes Clipper COE's were featured on the cover of Model Cars Magazine in the fall of 2003.

Brockway 760


"The toughest truck in the world" - Brockway Trucks - that is what Mike Parkhurst of Overdrive magazine used to call them.  This axle-forward model 760 is a resin cast hood/cab from www.aitruckmodels.com.  I used the Italeri "Mack" Superliner as the donor kit.  A small notch in the front of the frame was made to accept the radiator so that the cab/hood sat at the right height off the frame.  I used the AITM fuel tanks, battery boxes, bumpers and other items.  The casting is smooth and free of distortions and pin holes.


AITMBrockwayresin110708.jpg (122605 bytes) brockway1stchoicecolor111208.jpg (229472 bytes) Brockwayinprimer111208.jpg (174117 bytes) brockwaystriped111408.jpg (181042 bytes) Huskie760brochure.jpg (140015 bytes) AITMBrockway760112108.jpg (160748 bytes) brockwaynearlydone112108.jpg (212324 bytes) BrockwayCOEand7611208.jpg (137524 bytes)

Brockway760rearonbench.jpg (185665 bytes) Brockway760front113008.jpg (85412 bytes) Brockway760edit113008.jpg (142126 bytes) Brockway760cabedit113008.jpg (63539 bytes) brockway760cabclose113008.jpg (53523 bytes) Brockway760BW.jpg (325782 bytes) Brockwayplowand760.jpg (143476 bytes) 

My original plan was a dressed up Huskie, gold and brown.  I had a terrible paint failure when I applied the clear coat to the gold.  I stripped the paint and went for dark black cherry metallic with a gold stripe (vinyl).  The vinyl bubbled up and looked terrible so I removed the vinyl and went with only painting the bumper, grille and wheels cream for accent.  The LSSI door signs are railroad decals from Microscale.  LSSI was Lake Superior and Ishpeming (Michigan) railroad.

The AITM casting is just begging for a a 761 SBFA companion to be built.  11/29/2008.



'75 Brockway 759 plow

brockwayplowright.jpg (25805 bytes) brockwayplowside.jpg (21596 bytes) brockwayplowrear.jpg (27575 bytes) brockwayplowtop2.jpg (24533 bytes) 1975 Brockway 759 tall-short hood conventional.  I scratchbuilt the hood, grille, radiator shell, modified an AMT Mack R cab, modified Diamond Reo fenders, used a plow from a Revell UniMog (from Rick Mark, thanks!), and an old Paystar tractor chassis.  The decals are from an AMT Ford SnowPlow kit.  This was one of those models that I had no specific plan for.  With the big snowstorms this winter in the eastern US, I thought a plow would be fitting.  It does need a salt/sand spreader and a belly-blade. (finished 2/3/05)

Marmon COE

Timmarmoncoenotfinished.jpg (56125 bytes)Marmon 110" COE.  Frank Gortsema resin conversion (available from RNK Conversions).  The KW Aerodyne kit is the donor platform.  Decals are from the Italeri Pete 377.  Handles and steps are bent brass wire.  This truck needs finishing.  Someday..


Timhendrickson.jpg (47450 bytes)  Timhendricksonside.jpg (41535 bytes)  '56 Hendrickson "coffin nose" conventional. hendrickson_flowboy1.jpg (41415 bytes)

 This is an Illini Replica Conversions cab.  I painted this 1 year ago, then repainted it in the spring, then changed the shade of yellow in September of '03.  Finally I've built the poor thing.  It still needs door handles and other doo-dads.  The looks is how the truck might have looked on the dealers lot in '56.  I used an Ertl Paystar as the donor chassis. Paint colors are Boyd's Smoothster Yellow, duplicolor Linen white and Odds'n'Ends black.

Brockway 459 COE

Timbrockwaycoe.jpg (58330 bytes)  timbrockwayrear.jpg (32320 bytes) BrockwayCOEandconv122908.jpg (117591 bytes) Brockway COE.  This is an MTFAco resin cab, it needed a lot of clean up and reworking of panel lines.  RNK Conversions wheels and tires.  Scratchbuilt rear fenders from Don Mills treadplate.  I added dual breathers.



tim_dumprow.jpg (37432 bytes) tim_dumprow2.jpg (42089 bytes) tim_dumprow3.jpg (29523 bytes) 

A line up of dump trucks (8/31/2005)

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