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Peterbilt Cabovers


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Peterbilt 362 lowboy tractor

36232908.jpg (66979 bytes)

362rnkrack32908.jpg (34404 bytes)

362clean32308.jpg (72990 bytes)

3626332908.jpg (80747 bytes)

362text32508.jpg (104281 bytes)

362row32508.jpg (78401 bytes)

362side32908.jpg (84301 bytes)

362front32508.jpg (64255 bytes)

362reartext32908.jpg (99210 bytes)

362Michiganlogo32908.jpg (18644 bytes)

1984 Peterbilt 362 daycab lowboy tractor.  I started this in 2004 when I received the resin cab from Griffen Designs.  I modified the cab for the RH recessed exhaust then painted it.  I put it back in the box.  There is sat for nearly 4 years until a "cabin fever" weekend in late March '08 was the perfect setting for model building.  

I started working on the 362, constructing the interior, modifying the AMT 359 frame and engine for a COE set-up.  When I originally planned the 362 I had purchased wheels tool boxes and a cab guard from RNK (now available from AITM).   I swapped in fuel tanks and muffler from an Italeri Peterbilt 377.  The rear tires are larger AMT Goodyears.  The Michigan Tractor decals are ink-jet copies of the original issue of the AMT Cat dozer kit.  JBOT made the Peterbilt nameplate logos.

The Oversize Load banner was found on Google, then printed to size on paper and crinkled to look like a vinyl banner.   I weathered the truck with a wash of acrylic beige and grey for a dirty/dusty but not abused look.


362frame32208.jpg (87323 bytes)

362frnt32908.jpg (76104 bytes)

362AITMbox32908.jpg (26676 bytes)

362cab32508.jpg (51572 bytes)

36263 32908.jpg (26289 bytes)

362roof32908.jpg (37698 bytes)


Peterbilt 320

320cab3708.jpg (65029 bytes)

Thanks to Hector for the line drawing.

320cab3808.jpg (77836 bytes)

320inrough31108.jpg (68897 bytes)

320dpfacparts31108.jpg (91579 bytes)

320cabpaint31208.jpg (81649 bytes)

320testfit31308.jpg (69410 bytes)

320roughframe31308.jpg (148709 bytes)

320testcab31308.jpg (125934 bytes)

320cabframe31408.jpg (101711 bytes)

320planogrille31308.jpg (43838 bytes)

4940213-R1-E009.jpg (75224 bytes)

A real 320, this one an '06 with the older exhaust and air cleaner set up.4940253-R1-E020.jpg (104806 bytes)

2008 Peterbilt 320 Low Cab Forward COE.  The cab, fenders, bumper and back of cab components were scratchbuilt.  The frame and drivetrain is from an Italeri Peterbilt 377 A/E kit.  I cut the frame and removed 1 inch from the wheelbase then added the 1 inch to the rear of the frame.  The front wheels and tires are from Kit Form Services.  The grille mesh is from Plano Model Products.  The headlamps are cut from the Revell of Germany Peterbilt 353 kit.  Bare Metal Foil was used on the AMT Peterbilt 352 fuel tank, and cab trim.  Color is Duplicolor Bright White and black.  With my building this 320, that leaves the 330 and the import cabbed PB's yet to grace my shelves.    320text31608.jpg (103498 bytes) 320front31608.jpg (79051 bytes) 320boc31608.jpg (50644 bytes)

320rear31608.jpg (86750 bytes)

320left31608.jpg (67172 bytes)

320flat32908.jpg (86256 bytes)

320r31608.jpg (54328 bytes)

KWandPB LCF 31608.jpg (66433 bytes)

My cab is slightly too tall, if I build another 320 the mid section of the cab will be reduced about a quarter of an inch. 

320lh31608.jpg (91295 bytes)

320right31608.jpg (79074 bytes)

320flatrear32908.jpg (65550 bytes)

P1010006s.JPG (40247 bytes)

An '06 320 tandem steer destined to be a concrete pump.

320PQI5.jpg (47278 bytes)

320cab31608.jpg (71768 bytes)


320boc32908.jpg (62754 bytes)

3/20/08 update.  I scratchbuilt a flatbed body for the 320.  The mudflap logos are from www.whitefangmodel.com

320dips32908.jpg (57982 bytes)

320sun32908.jpg (58249 bytes)

320_31808.jpg (35842 bytes)

Using some tips from Klaus Clever I added some dip stick and mirror wire detail.  The dipsticks are made from Plastruct plastic coated wire with bits of plastic on the ends.  The tiewraps are drawn on with a sharpie marker.

320stepwireant31808.jpg (38421 bytes)

The mirror wiring is thin copper wire painted black.

P1010100a.JPG (40470 bytes)

320PQI3.jpg (49542 bytes)

320PQI2.jpg (30802 bytes)

320PQI.jpg (62239 bytes)

320PQI4.jpg (45046 bytes)


Twin Steer Peterbilt 362 COE

nitrogeninprog.jpg (24794 bytes) nitrogenrightinprog.jpg (21458 bytes) 362tandemsteer_nitrogenpumper.jpg (33502 bytes)  

I think I've bit off more than I can chew on this one! I started it as a "gee, I wonder If I can build this thing" project on 12/18/04.

nitrogen_painted122204.jpg (22546 bytes) nitrogen_paintedright122204.jpg (24491 bytes) nitrogen_painted_text.jpg (32275 bytes) nitrogen_paintedright_text.jpg (28636 bytes) Basic paint added on 12/22/04. RNK Conversions wheels and tires on order.    Loosely based on trucks owned by BJ Services, Schlumberger and seen on www.hydrarig.com

BJservicesNitrogenRecovery362.jpg (18247 bytes)      no2_reworkeddryer.jpg (23273 bytes) n02_tires1405.jpg (25899 bytes)  n02_tires_tilted.jpg (37980 bytes) Changes! Progress!  BJ Services Company sent me additional photos and line drawings so I've ripped the 1st version apart and modified things.

More Progress!  2/19/05 BJtankchassis.jpg (33183 bytes) bjwheels.jpg (28720 bytes) bjalmostdone.jpg (30108 bytes)  Here I have the tank body mounted, as well as the rear mounted engine, aux fuel tank, fenders, fuel tanks, drier equipment and Cummins engine.  Since the real truck is a fairly new unit and I'm using an old Cummins, the cab will not tilt on this one.  The third photo shows the truck nearly completed, lights, nameplates and other items still to be installed.

Here's the finished BJ Services Peterbilt 362 Twin Steer COE

bjleftfront.jpg (31597 bytes) bjleftrear.jpg (36313 bytes) bjrear.jpg (31487 bytes) bjleftside.jpg (25262 bytes) bjrightside.jpg (33063 bytes)

While the truck isn't prototypically correct (the pump and drier are not right), it sure looks good on the shelf!  This is one of those projects that was enjoyable to do. 3/21/2005

Peterbilt 362 SBFA Wireline 


This 362 SBFA COE was inspired by several oil field wireline trucks owned by Schlumberger, Western Atlas and Halliburton.  Mine is built using a resin 362 90" BBC cab cut down to a 76" BBC and SBFA.  The chassis and running gear is from an AMT Paystar dump truck and modified to resembled a Peterbilt frame.  The wireline body is made from a large sheet of styrene plastic.  The plastic was a Wendy's restaurant breakfast muffin sign!  

362 SBFA inpr 5807.jpg (57250 bytes) 362SFBAinprog5807.jpg (48573 bytes) 362SBFApainted.jpg (50675 bytes) 362SBFAstriped51208.jpg (69465 bytes) 362SBFA chassis.jpg (52506 bytes) 362SBFAcabonframe.jpg (68342 bytes) 362SBFAcabrear.jpg (41353 bytes) 362 SBFAcabonframe.jpg (70976 bytes)

      362SBFAchassis.jpg (45892 bytes) 362SBFA wirelinestuff.jpg (88368 bytes) 362SBFA wireline1.jpg (68011 bytes) 362SBFAwireline.jpg (49950 bytes) 362SBFAwireline Side.jpg (44605 bytes) 362 SBFA tandem.jpg (72634 bytes) Pete362_Coe_4.jpg (76558 bytes) 5/15/07



Peterbilt 362-110" doublesleeper

Tim362110.jpg (60717 bytes) tim362_110tiltright.jpg (87582 bytes) tim362_110tiltleft.jpg (85396 bytes) tim362class.jpg (60824 bytes)  

Peterbilt 362-110.  Dressed in Mayflower Van Lines colors, my Peterbilt 362 is the 1st cab from the resin mold from Griffen Designs.  Sitting on a stretched AMT 359 chassis, it has Italeri Pete wheels and fuel tanks, and RNK Conversions cab guard out back, full fenders from Griffen Designs, and a real wood deck plate.



Peterbilt 372 COE

Tim372.jpg (58840 bytes)

Peterbilt 372.  Here's a unique Peterbilt design. I made mine from sheets of styrene stock, bent to shape.  The chassis is a stock AMT 359 chassis.  A Clint Freeman Componants cabguard is tucked behind the cab.  My roof shape isn't quite right, someday I'll build another.


Peterbilt 362 single drive tractor

1982 Peterbilt 362 76"BBC single drive cabover.

362_76and110top.jpg (37164 bytes) 362_76tilted.jpg (36710 bytes) 362stilted.jpg (38412 bytes) 362rears.jpg (42463 bytes) 

The 362 is a Griffen Designs conversion kit of the 90" sleeper cab cut down to a 76" small-sleeper cab with recessed exhaust cut outs.  The chassis is the AMT Peterbilt 359 kit, shortened.  The fuel tanks are Revell 359 tanks with the seams sanded smooth and covered in chrome foil.  The yellow/green and white 362 is the Griffen Designs 110" double-sleeper cab also sitting on a modified AMT Pete 359 chassis. Bare Metal Foil was used on both trucks bumpers, visors, door trim, handles and other brightwork.

Here are full-sun pics with a set of short double-trailers

36276_right.jpg (41436 bytes) 362sunright.jpg (46080 bytes)  36276leftrear_trailers.jpg (36127 bytes) 36276tilted_trailer.jpg (44918 bytes)  362tilted_sun.jpg (37930 bytes)  362rearsun.jpg (46548 bytes)

  I'm a bit disappointed, the decals on the doors were old Ertl decals and when they dried they "silvered" and  looked terrible.  I have removed them and reshot some of the images. Some pics have the logo, some don't.  It's amazing how one thing can REALLY annoy me!



A little bit of imagination for a 362

roads2.JPG (35358 bytes) petetrailer.jpg (33024 bytes)  

Fantasy 1995 362  and aero trailer


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