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1987 through modern

For photos of actual Peterbilts click HERE

Peterbilt 367 Heavy Haul Rig-up

367hhcrossmember122808.jpg (122357 bytes) 367HHframe122908.jpg (116404 bytes) Peterbilt 367 hoodsprimer120108.jpg (118274 bytes) 367HHprogress123108.jpg (157382 bytes) 367HHdeckprog1209.jpg (124833 bytes) 367Hhprog1109.jpg (126486 bytes) 367HHwinchprogress1309.jpg (113170 bytes) 367HHprogress1309.jpg (143223 bytes) 

367HH1709progress.jpg (168492 bytes) 367HHrhcompnts1809.jpg (110717 bytes) 367covers10909.jpg (173453 bytes) 367HH199progress.jpg (168543 bytes) 367HHprogress11009.jpg (150568 bytes) 367HHtestgrille11309.jpg (153167 bytes) 367HHwipers11209.jpg (35160 bytes) 367HHtestcab11109.jpg (136476 bytes) 

367HHbumper11509.jpg (120495 bytes) 367HHprogress11509.jpg (123653 bytes) 367HHpaintedbumper11609.jpg (103184 bytes) 367HH11609progress.jpg (176635 bytes) 

PB 367 HeavyHaul SBFA oilpatch rig-up truck - I started the hood in late '08, then started the frame and body in late December.  The kit frame rails were too lightweight and short for the configuration.  I used Evergreen strip #383 to simulate a 13" rail.  The crossmembers were scratchbuilt. (the kit crossmembers and rails will be used on another truck).  Since the frame rails will only be visible from the sides, I didn't worry about the lack of flanges (to make a "C" channel) rail.  The crossmembers had to be scratchbuilt due to the solid rail (otherwise the frame would be too wide).  The rear suspension will be a tandem drive with a lift axle.  Kit Form Services wheels all around, Plaskit resin suspension for the lift axle.  (modified Neway).  The rig-up  body is fabricated from Evergreen sheet stock.  The gin poles are Plastruct round tube. Started 12/21/2008

267HHrhcabwinch11909.jpg (84084 bytes) 367HeavyHaulleft11909.jpg (144381 bytes) 367heavyhaulrig11909.jpg (126974 bytes) 367HeavyHaulright11909.jpg (151819 bytes) 367HHartsy11909.jpg (137736 bytes) 367HHDPF11909.jpg (53358 bytes) 367HHfromabove11909.jpg (170259 bytes) 367HHKFSwheelKMcLlogo.jpg (44380 bytes)

367HHleft11909.jpg (130820 bytes) 367HHleftdoor11909.jpg (47685 bytes) 367HHleftside11909.jpg (101332 bytes) 367HHlfrr11909.jpg (163681 bytes) 367HHlift11909.jpg (27610 bytes) 367HHoilrig11909.jpg (116866 bytes) 367HHrear11909.jpg (129133 bytes) 367HHrightcab11909.jpg (147333 bytes) 367hhrigleftrear11909.jpg (155313 bytes) 

367HHrigside11909.jpg (151894 bytes) 367HHwhitebackgrnd11909.jpg (101547 bytes) 

Finished 1/19/2009

The inspiration  -  photos from Peterbilt of Wyoming's Truckpaper.com listing and a fabricator listing(c2008)

D752447  367 HH.jpg (198474 bytes) D752447.jpg (204372 bytes) Earthmovers2.jpg (69143 bytes)


Peterbilt 377 with drom


377ablesleeper121208.jpg (169011 bytes) 377redblacknoslpr121408.jpg (153257 bytes) 377redblackslpr121408.jpg (159733 bytes) 377redblackslprdrom121408.jpg (131704 bytes) 377redblack121408.jpg (188562 bytes) 377redblackabove121408.jpg (180470 bytes) 377 with drom.jpg (69049 bytes)

377DD60andsteeringdirt121708.jpg (106236 bytes) 377dirtyinterior.jpg (87365 bytes) 377firewallengine121608.jpg (130744 bytes) 377lookingin121708.jpg (16584 bytes) 377mockuponframe121708.jpg (183844 bytes) 377windshield121708.jpg (58357 bytes) 377rollingchassis122008.jpg (140055 bytes) 377fromlftrear122008.jpg (145341 bytes) 377hoodopenlft122008.jpg (203816 bytes)

377hoodopenrght122008.jpg (162484 bytes) 377leftnodirt122008.jpg (174380 bytes) 377nodrom122008.jpg (178236 bytes) 377rhhoodopen122008.jpg (118460 bytes) 377rightrear122008.jpg (164646 bytes) 377righttext122008.jpg (132553 bytes) 377breezeway122108.jpg (123489 bytes) 377dirtyandclean122108.jpg (158363 bytes)

377dirtycleanside122108.jpg (137641 bytes) 377doorclose122108.jpg (63011 bytes) 377engine122108.jpg (81874 bytes) 377engineleft122108.jpg (97137 bytes) 377engineright122108.jpg (56975 bytes) 377hoodopenleft122108.jpg (170384 bytes) 377leftbreezeway122108.jpg (114377 bytes) 377leftopenhd122108.jpg (151409 bytes) redblack377behindplant09.jpg (56635 bytes) 

377insun122208.jpg (172358 bytes) 377outback122108.jpg (100476 bytes) 377redblack122108.jpg (110041 bytes) 377redblackrht122108.jpg (87289 bytes) 377rightoutback122108.jpg (81982 bytes) 37748122108.jpg (114802 bytes) 377rhinsun122208.jpg (140335 bytes) 377rearinsun122208.jpg (133571 bytes) 377engine122208.jpg (26406 bytes) 377hoodopenbehindplant.jpg (122800 bytes)

I obtained the photo of this interesting red, black and yellow 377 in 2003.  This unique configuration intrigued me enough to assign an Italeri 377A/E kit for a future build.  5 years later I decided it was time to build it.  I lengthened the frame 1.5 inches, scratcbuilt the drom box, fabricated an Able style 48" sleeper using the Revell of Germany 359 sleeper roof, the doors were cut from the kit sleeper and grafted into the new side panels.  The red is Krylon International Red and Duplicolor Black. The headache rack was made from Plastruct diamond tread sheet and Evergreen square rod.  The fenders are Platruct car siding. Decals are combinations of decal sheets from several kits and from Kit Form Services North American decal sheet.  The mudflaps are from the KFS sheet.   I coated the body with a layer of weathering chalks to dull the paint a bit.  I took artistic liberties with several features, including the graphics and headache rack.  The darned hood doesn't want to close tightly on the left side.

 Started 12/14/2008 finished 12/21/2008


1988 Peterbilt 376

PB376specpic.jpg (44906 bytes) Peterbilt37612608.jpg (143193 bytes) Peterbilt 376 12608.jpg (235355 bytes) 376cabreadytomount.jpg (123116 bytes) 376and377121108.jpg (128422 bytes) 376rear121108.jpg (60903 bytes) 377and37612112008.jpg (133761 bytes) 376nearlydone12808.jpg (184752 bytes) 376fromabove121108.jpg (100595 bytes) 

376insun122208.jpg (132729 bytes) 376rearinsun122208.jpg (108562 bytes)

The Peterbilt 376 was built from 1988 until 1991 as a light class 8 tractor or truck.  The truck was targeted at the city delivery market.  Basically a single drive 375, the 376 was a plain-Jane truck.  About as bare-bones of a Peterbilt as you could have ordered.  My 376 started as the Italeri 377 kit that I had robbed many parts from to use on other model builds.  The frame rails are made from Evergreen #391 .125x.375" strips.  The cab backwall was cut from sheet plastic with the back window cut out.  The 377 hood was cut from 120" BBC down to 114" BBC.  The fuel tank was sourced from the parts box and covered with Bare Metal Foil.  The wheels are resin items from Kit Form Services.  I made the initial hood modifications in December of 2006 and then put the kit back into the stack of kits.  I started back on the 376 and finished it in December 2008.

375cityscene1stcls.jpg (127329 bytes) 376trucks.jpg (76471 bytes) Actual 376 in tractor and truck configurations.


PB 367 HeavyHaul hoods

Peterbilt 367 hoodsprimer120108.jpg (118274 bytes) 367HHhoodtest112908.jpg (131021 bytes) 367HHhoodsnoprime112908.jpg (165631 bytes) 367HHhood112908.jpg (68843 bytes) 


Italeri Peterbilt 377 kit

378assmII378sbfavochd.jpg (115755 bytes) rowabove.jpg (121414 bytes)

Many of my Peterbilt conventionals start as the Italeri 377 kit.  With scratchbuilt hoods, resin hoods and other modifications, many other Peterbilt models can be built. The photo below shows just a few trucks built from the 377 kit. 385 daycab, 377 glider, 377, 378 SBFA at factory, 378SBFA 48" sleeper, 357 HH tri-drive, 357-123 and 377 SFFA with 1pc windshield.



2007 Peterbilt 365

Tim365backofcab.jpg (79294 bytes)

Tim365closeLH.jpg (89088 bytes)

Tim365RHrear.jpg (71502 bytes)

 Tim365roof lite.jpg (18510 bytes)

Tim365LHcab.jpg (81741 bytes)

Tim365left.jpg (78501 bytes)

Tim365redrht.jpg (67955 bytes)

Tim365red.jpg (53283 bytes)

Tim365red1.jpg (44075 bytes)

Tim365DPF.jpg (49087 bytes)

Tim365onprint.jpg (73390 bytes)

Tim365inp.jpg (69641 bytes)

Tim365close.jpg (68459 bytes)

With the new for 2007 Peterbilt models the older Italeri and Revell kits are getting "old" as the kits represent 1996 trucks.  I challenged myself to see if I could make the Revell of Germany PB 377A/E into a 2008 year truck.  I scratchbuilt the hood for the new 115" BBC 365.  The fenders are from a damaged 378 kit hood.  The grille shell is scratchbuilt with brass mesh and the upright bars from the 377 kit.  The headlights are resin from Spaulding Trading and Shipping.  The bumper is scratchbuilt.    I modified the 377 SBFA springs for the forward axle, then lengthened the frame rails for a straight truck rail.  The fuel tank is from an AMT Peterbilt 352.  I made the diesel particulate filter (DPF) from Evergreen tube.  The exhaust stand pipe is also Evergreen tube cut to shape (ice cream scoop?) and tapered at the bottom to mimic the diffuser and then covered with Bare Metal Foil.  I modified the kit 377 cab sawing off the molded on fenders, reworking the windows and doors for the modern cab look.  The backwall was made from sheet plastic creating a daycab.  I scratchbuilt the battery box cover using Don Mills treadplate as the 377 kit has no usable cover.  Front wheels and tires are Supersingle steer items from Kit Form Services. The rear wheels are the kit items with the holes filled in and new holes drilled to simulate 2 holes.  I had a terrible time mounting the right mirror as the glue set too quickly and I ended up damaging the paint, so I left the mirror too high in order to avoid further damage.    June 20, 2007



Spread Axle 378

My inspiration for this truck comes from the photo below.. as seen in September 2005.

This is a 2006 Peterbilt 378 with "Canadian Spread" rear suspension and a self-steering lift axle.  I took "artistic liberties" with mine on several issues.  

378 spread in prog 040607.jpg (61612 bytes)

I started with the Italeri Peterbilt 378.  The cab was converted to a daycab and modified for the later year doors and mirrors.

378 spreadin prog 040707.jpg (52856 bytes)

I moved the fuel tanks forward, cutting the left tank down slightly.  A COE battery box was used for the spacesaver box.

378 spread inprog 040707.jpg (65603 bytes)

I spread the axles a scale 72 inches but it does look too wide.  The self-steer lift axle is a front steer axle on  parts combo of air ride springs and brackets.

378spreadinprog040807.jpg (79131 bytes)

Cab on the frame, note the "Detroitopillar" powerplant.  Since the Detroit Diesel from the kit would be inaccurate for the year, I chose to go with the lesser of 2 evils and paint the engine yellow.

378spreadinpr040807.jpg (107101 bytes)

The air cleaners are from a Revell of Germany 359 as are the fuel tank steps.  The exhaust stand pipes and the 10 hole wheels are from an Italeri Western Star Constellation.

378spreadinprrear4807.jpg (70173 bytes)

378 spread left.jpg (68590 bytes)

Finished except the front axle hub covers are missing.

378spreadright.jpg (88918 bytes)

Finished with the hub covers.

378 spread rear.jpg (84307 bytes)

I made the mudflap brackets from Evergreen stock.  The logos on the flaps are from Yves at White Fang Enterprises.

378 spread cab.jpg (44613 bytes)

PQI take 3a.jpg (61808 bytes)

378 canadian spread.jpg (78595 bytes)

The real truck with wide spread suspension, self-steer lift axle, forward fuel tanks and round-hole wheels.

378 spread axle side.jpg (83947 bytes)

My version.  I need to take a photo from a great distance as I did of the real truck (from about 150 feet away) to get th photo to look closer to the real photo.

378spreadclass.jpg (53446 bytes)


PQI take3b.jpg (82203 bytes)

378 and 379 white.jpg (90603 bytes)

378 and 379-119.  Both from the same kit with subtle changes.

378 and 379 whites.jpg (110161 bytes)

The square air horns are from an Italeri Western Star.  The roof marker lights are from the Italeri Peterbilt 377.


Assembly II


Here's yet another thing you can do with the Italeri Peterbilt 377A/E kit

assyII_above.jpg (142438 bytes)

I omitted the hood, bumper and grille, creating an 'almost finished' look.  


assyII_rear.jpg (118073 bytes)

To simulate the protective covers on the fuel tanks and the drivers door, I  used automotive vinyl, keeping the protective paper coating on, then applying the vinyl to the tanks, creating ripples and sags, then painted it to simulate the blue cover.

assyII_right.jpg (98580 bytes)

assyII_interior.jpg (98917 bytes)

I cut the doors from the cab and added interior details.   The seats, doors and mattress and wrapped in Saran Wrap.  

assyII_front.jpg (124435 bytes)

This would look really good with complete chassis and firewall plumbing and wiring.

I started with an Italeri 377 kit. I removed the molded on fenders and added fender sections from an AMT 359 for a 378 SBFA appearance.

assyII_artsy.jpg (84225 bytes)

The model represents a late 90's truck on the factory assembly line right after the cab and sleeper were set.


assyII.jpg (79680 bytes)

The chassis warning labels, interior build sheets and other  logos are all photo reduced from the real items.  The factory build label in the right windshield has the VIN for a 357 HeavyHaul for a well drilling company.

   378SBFAonassyII101808.jpg (162788 bytes) 378SBFAnexttoASSYII101808.jpg (126810 bytes) 378SBAssyII101808.jpg (119912 bytes)

The above three photos show the model in position on the assembly line.  Okay, it is beside the line.  10/18/2008


2005 Peterbilt 378 Tire Truck

        2005 Peterbilt 378 tractor based on the truck used to pull the tire trailer to the Denton factory.  My version of the tire truck is mated to the tire trailer I built in March of 2006.  I started with a built-up Italeri 378 that I bought on eBay.  I stripped the paint, shortened the wheelbase, swapped in a 377 cab for the underhood aircleaner, modified the cab sides eliminating the 377 fenders, modified the cab doors for the 2005 style.  Fuel tanks are from a Revell of Germany Peterbilt 359.  I filled in the bumper fog lamps.  The color is Duplicolor Dark Blue Metallic.    


tire378.jpg (68045 bytes) tire378r.jpg (52807 bytes)

tire378pullingin.jpg (59088 bytes) tire378rightrear.jpg (59101 bytes)

tire378left.jpg (59298 bytes) tire378lh.jpg (103035 bytes)

tire378rightprofile.jpg (54140 bytes) tire378right.jpg (50197 bytes)

tire378rflap.jpg (20756 bytes) tire378flaps.jpg (37213 bytes)

Thanks John for the detail photos!

tire378rh.jpg (84538 bytes) tire378text.jpg (98009 bytes)

ebaybuiltPBs.JPG (15056 bytes) The purple and silver 378 on the left is how my 378 started.  I bought it on eBay from Jaret Johnson who built it in the mid 90s.  I have the silver 377 and it is still being worked on (as of 3/3/07) and was supposed to be #7 for '07.  

Jim and 378.jpg (57937 bytes) tire378artsy.jpg (40862 bytes)

The real tire truck and Jim on the left with my 1/24th scale version on the right.4940223-R1-050-23A.jpg (70712 bytes)

tire378andjim.jpg (33538 bytes) tire378jim.jpg (54068 bytes)

This is build #8 for 2007.  March 3, 2007


2005 378 Tandem Steer Picker

Inspiration for this came from the impressive Canadian picker trucks.

 I started this in mid August of 2006 and quickly ran out of steam.  I started back at it and I tell you, this truck fought me every step of the way.  Everything from paint problems to having a front windshield panel popping out AFTER the cab and sleeper were mated together.  If it could go wrong with a model while building, it did.   The more I tried, the more it resisted.  It tasked me.  

Tim picker 2.jpg (58702 bytes)

Tim picker 1.jpg (59445 bytes)

Tim picker 5.jpg (60107 bytes)


Tim picker 3.jpg (37557 bytes)

My picker is built from parts from an Revell 377, Revell snap 359, Ertl Paystar, Revell Can-Do wrecker, AMT Pete 359, Revell Pete Alaska 353 and other kits along with resin.

Tim picker 4.jpg (54576 bytes)

Tim picker 8.jpg (48849 bytes)

Thanks to Merle at Stahl Peterbilt in Edmonton for the reference photos. www.stahlpeterbilt.com


Tim picker 2.jpg (58702 bytes)

Tim picker 7.jpg (57862 bytes)

PETERBILT357TANDEMSTRPI.jpg (66422 bytes)

Picker - old hood

picker12108.jpg (74090 bytes)

pickerlf12108.jpg (63842 bytes)

pickerlft12108.jpg (53594 bytes)

Picker - new hood


loggerpickerpic12008.jpg (82010 bytes)

loggerpickerReDo112008.jpg (92829 bytes)

loggerpickerReDo011908.jpg (113491 bytes)

I built the blue Peterbilt 378 SBFA Michigan Logger back in 2004.  The white tandem steer Canadian picker truck was built from pieces-parts and resin in January 2007.  The hoods are resin copies from Bobby Griffen from a hood that I made.  I made the hood slope incorrectly and never was pleased with the look, so in mid '07 I made a new hood. I decided to replace the wrong sloped hoods with the new hood. 

I started at 5PM on 1/19/08 by first dismantling both trucks.  Then removing the hoods.  Luckily I still had the same paint that both trucks were painted with.

The paint gods were smiling on me for this quickie project as I painted in the garage with the temp in the garage at 15 degrees. All paint curing was done in the house.  Less than 24 hours later the hoods were ready to install. 

rnktireson357sbfa.jpg (34463 bytes)

357 michigan logger.jpg (114686 bytes)

Logger - old hood

stelzerlogger012108.jpg (93586 bytes)

stelzerlogger12108.jpg (92513 bytes)

Logger - new hood

loggerpickerlog12008.jpg (85557 bytes)

stelzerloggera12108.jpg (46255 bytes)

I swapped cabs for these pics loggerpicker switch 12008.jpg (102364 bytes) loggerpicker switcha12008.jpg (87576 bytes)

I finished the hood redux at 9:00PM on 1/20/2008. 

loggerpicker redo12008.jpg (79074 bytes)

loggerpickedhoods12008.jpg (85931 bytes)

loggerpickerhood12008.jpg (46301 bytes)

Tim Picker 6.jpg (80944 bytes)


Tim picker 7.jpg (57862 bytes)

Thanks to Jamie R. at Mo'Luminum for the fantastic wheels and tires!

The hood is resin from Griffen and Spaulding Trading and Shipping, as are the single headlamps.


357 Heavy Haul


Peterbilt 357 HeavyHaul Tridrive with 70" sleeper and Ultracab roof

 1st on the bench for 2007.jpg (46801 bytes)

I started with a Revell of Germany Peterbilt 377 kit, lengthened the frame, added a 3rd axle.

 1st on the bench for 2007 a.jpg (51642 bytes)

The hood was heavily modified. The sleeper uses only the kit front wall and forward portion of the roof to build the 70" box.

357 vh rolling chassis 1.jpg (46062 bytes)

Rolling chassis with Kit Form Services front wheels/tires.

357 vh headlight foiled lenses.jpg (19139 bytes)

Headlights from an Italeri 378 kit.  I applied Bare Metal Foil to the backside of the lenses.

357 vh grille.jpg (41905 bytes)

To get the vocational hood fixed grille screen (the real hood tilts around the grille) I cut off the kit bars and bottom and cut the grille out of an AMT 359. The corner radius isn't right.  

357 vh profile.jpg (39742 bytes)

Profile of the finished model.  The fuel tanks are made from CPVC water paper covered in chrome Mylar.

660110 side.jpg (45351 bytes)

The real truck.

The real truck went to Stahl Peterbilt in Edmonton.

It will be interesting to see what the truck looks like when fully outfitted.

357 vh front.jpg (58900 bytes)

Mine isn't quite accurate to the real truck.  The color is off, the bumper is too narrow and tall.

357 HH.jpg (49994 bytes)


660110 cabbunk.jpg (27063 bytes)

357 vh bunk rear.jpg (50109 bytes)

357 across hoods.jpg (73460 bytes)

The 4 horns are from AMT 359 kits.  The rotating beacon mounts are made from plastic cut to shape and bent.  The fenders on this one-time 377 hood are AMT 359 fenders with Evergreen plastic and body filler..

357 vh tridrive.jpg (61339 bytes)

I made the fuel tank steps from Evergreen strips and plastic.  The straps are chrome Mylar cut and applied over the 1st layer.

357 vh 70 tridrive.jpg (55921 bytes)


357 bunks.jpg (57046 bytes)


Slicing and Dicing an AMT 359 cab

Bored the last day or so, and convinced that I could make a Peterbilt 379 cab out of an AMT Peterbilt 359 cab... I commenced to slicing on two AMT cabs.

cableft.jpg (32675 bytes)

cableft1.jpg (22412 bytes)

cab_compare379_359.jpg (31847 bytes)

Left: 379 cab with newer style doors, window ledge, handles and peep window.

Right:  Stock AMT cab.

The 379 cab has a fiberglass roof that has more contours to it than the metal roof of the 359 cab.

I sanded and recontoured all parts of the roof.


cabs_right.jpg (30463 bytes)

Yes, these are both AMT 359 cabs.. cabtoneddown.jpg (23025 bytes)

The inspiration to cure my boredom is in the background of the cabs. Real '06 cabs. cabright2.jpg (18262 bytes)

I cut two AMT cabs, the first was cut right at the center of the roof, the second cab was cut 1/4 inch left of center.  I then mated the halves.  The windshield opening was reshaped, the leading edge of the roof/windshield mask was sanded to the 379 shape.  The center post now leans back to the right rake.

1100shell_379.jpg (30490 bytes)

The cab on the left is an AMT cab that I chopped up to make the demonstration cab seen in the 1973-76 brochures, I made this cab several years ago..  The cab on the left is my 379 cab.

Since I knew this was just for fun, I decided to add the huck rivet detail, but not wanting to spend weeks and weeks on a weekend project, I painted the rivets on.  You can sure tell I have a shakey hand! I gotta cut back on the coffee.

The next morning I redid most of the rivets then toned them down a bit followed by a coat of clear.  The clear needs to be dulled a bit as it appears too glossy now.

cabs_back.jpg (23525 bytes)

Left is the AMT cab, right is my 379 cab with Unibilt mounts and rear window opening.

My rivet detail went a bit askew (okay, a lot askew) on the back.

cabrear.jpg (21590 bytes)

Looking through the model cab windows to the photo of the real cab.

If you're bored and don't want to start a fresh kit.. just grab something from the parts box and start cutting and gluing.  You never know what you'll end up with.





357-123 Butterfly hood flatdeck.       

357123doodle.jpg (19738 bytes)

P1010083.JPG (56406 bytes)

357123_prog.jpg (27770 bytes)

357123rear_prog.jpg (21163 bytes)

357123mockup.jpg (76367 bytes)

73416061.jpg (44412 bytes)

357_123_twins.jpg (89901 bytes)

The doodle idea.  A truck owned by a metal fabricating company for transporting their finished products.

Heavy duty, yet highway, and somewhat fancy looking.

My plan was to use the Revell or Italeri Pete 377 kit with minimal kitbashing and with a bit of custom resin and aftermarket pieces tossed in.

Rough hood and fenders.

I cut the top off the 377 hood, then added side panels.  The grille surround/crown was also flattened removing the radius at the leading edge.

Modified Revell PB 377 cab and hood.

I cut the front corners of the cab off and replaced them with flat plastic.  Dual air cleaners will be mounted on the finished cab.

Daycab panel.  The rear window was made by tracing the opening of an AMT Pete 359 cab rear window. Rough body, frame and bed. 357-123 butterfly hood for reference These twin 357-123 in blue cab, red frame with black fenders are cool looking, and mine will have these colors.

357123paint.jpg (52518 bytes)



357_123_cab.jpg (91875 bytes)

The battery box is an AMT Peterbilt 359 box with the step removed.  I added chassis warning lables

357_123_rear_10106.jpg (86396 bytes)

The tool cabinets are from the old RNK Conversions.

357_123_deck.jpg (33942 bytes)

The bed was weathered slightly with a blackwash and sandpaper.

357123_online.jpg (44588 bytes)


357123_lowlite.jpg (46220 bytes)

2_123.jpg (41819 bytes)

357_123_right_10106.jpg (94649 bytes)

357_123_10106.jpg (58505 bytes)

357123rh.jpg (55776 bytes)

357_123_rfuel.jpg (23473 bytes)

The fuel tanks are from a Revell of Germany Peterbilt 359 kit. I stripped the chrome, sanded the ugly seam, then painted with Duplicolor Bumper Chrome.

357doorsign.jpg (27382 bytes)

Gary at MAG decals made the door signs for me.  

357123reflt.jpg (48787 bytes)

This is a reflection of the model in the standing rainwater on my outdoor "road."  I discovered this nifty image while editing photos.

357_123_moluminum.jpg (33843 bytes)

The air cleaners are polished aluminum from Jamie at Mo'Luminum.   




2006 Peterbilt 379-119     9/6/06

379single_rhdoor.jpg (17488 bytes)

379single_lhdoor.jpg (18377 bytes)


Photos right:

Right door has signboard for Active USA, the transport co.  Left door has TimsTrucks USA, I figure that I'll transport this 379 more than they would.



white379hoodopen09.jpg (110597 bytes)

white79underpipes09.jpg (93139 bytes)

379singlea.jpg (50131 bytes)

379singleb.jpg (52100 bytes)

 I still have several items to install and some touch-up to do. The sun came out so I snapped some photos before the clouds moved back in.

The real truck

2006 Peterbilt 379-119 single axle tractor - as seen September 2005 at the Active transport yard in Denton, Texas.

379singlerightrear.jpg (45985 bytes)

379singleleftrear.jpg (70594 bytes)

379singleabove.jpg (60878 bytes)

white379deckedunderpipes09.jpg (95170 bytes)

379sdmockup.jpg (38197 bytes)

I started with a 1/24th scale Italeri Peterbilt 378 kit.  The sleeper is from a Revell-AG 359 and cut from a 63" size to a 48".  I cut the frame for the short wheelbase and single drive.

This truck was built to be "decked" with two other models at a later time.


X Marks the spot

'03 Peterbilt 379X.   Plenty of work to go.                                                                  9/5/06

379Xmorn.jpg (63330 bytes)

This is a faux-379X, with the polished fenders but differs with an Ultrasleeper and traditional mufflers.

The hood I used is a Clint Freeman 1/24th scale resin hood.  Air cleaners, horns and bumper are from Jamie at Mo'Luminum.

379Xrear.jpg (53531 bytes)

9/8/06 Almost done.

deckmesh.jpg (22426 bytes) Deckplating material is a metal craft mesh from Michael's Craft stores.   Much more realistic than the kit pieces.

379Xultra.jpg (78255 bytes)

Here's the 379X with Ultra Sleeper in sunlight.  Black is darned hard to photograph.

This is more of a customized X with the Ultra Sleeper and several "non X" options.

379Xaboverear.jpg (88638 bytes)

The Headache rack is an old Clint Freeman item.  The hood is also a Clint Freeman hood.  The air cleaners are polished aluminum items from Jamie at Mo'Luminum.  The mudflap Peterbilt logos are from Whitefang Enterprises in Australia.

PQI_093006.jpg (27731 bytes)


black379cloudyside.jpg (61932 bytes) black379xcloudy.jpg (56738 bytes)  


City of New Orleans

2006 Peterbilt 378 tri-axle dump truck.  The real truck was see at the Peterbilt factory in September 2005 and was donated by Peterbilt to the City of New Orleans to aid in clean up after hurricane Katrina.    Finished June 25, 2006


378cabfirewall.jpg (34335 bytes)

I used a 377 cab for the underhood air cleaner, this required reworking of the cab side panels.


378_engineinframe.jpg (33347 bytes)

Red engine color is to simulate a Cummins

378frame.jpg (36153 bytes)

378nohood.jpg (59858 bytes)


378susp.jpg (26579 bytes)

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I modifed the Italeri cab for the modern windows and mirrors.  The mirrors are aluminum tubing bent to shape with the kit mirror head attached.


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The dump box is from an AMT/Ertl Paystar 5000. I modified the box sides and cab guard.  The tarp system is made from aluminum tubes.

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Peterbilt 357-SBFA and 378 dumpers both using the same Italeri and AMT kits.  The 357 has a resin hood from Spaulding Trading and Shipping and front tires from the old RNK conversions.

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The New Orleans 378 photographed just before leaving Denton for New Orleans.


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The factory crew Pictured in the top row from left to right are Ken Montgomery, Trey Chambers, Erica Monday, Leroy Berry and Plant Manager Jim Fykes. Pictured in the bottom row from left to right are Len Montgomery, Kenneth Walterscheid, Long Cao, Willie Lopez, Betty Silmon and Kristie Bowling. Photo copyright Peterbilt Motors.

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