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1987 through modern

For photos of actual Peterbilts click HERE


Peterbilt 388 Car Hauler



In mid 2008, Peterbilt introduced a new version of the aluminum hood 388, this new hood was aimed at the car hauler market. The hood has less slope creating a lower height for the cab and sleeper, thus more "headroom" for a car body and cargo.  I decided to try my hand at making one.  My idea was to build just the 388, no car racks.  As soon as I got into the project I decided to expand and make the car hauler body too.  My aim was a brand new truck still on the dealer's lot - in this case inspiration from a Rush dealer Truckpaper.com listing.

 PBproject91108.jpg (151850 bytes) 388carhaulerpainted91108.jpg (154847 bytes) 388rearframe91108.jpg (100724 bytes) 388carracks91208.jpg (140010 bytes) 388carhauler91308.jpg (120990 bytes) 388carhaul91608.jpg (187579 bytes)  388carhaulerback91808.jpg (139609 bytes)  388carhaulerbody91708.jpg (155960 bytes) 388carhaulparts91908.jpg (224300 bytes)  388grille91908.jpg (102900 bytes) 388nobody91908.jpg (110281 bytes) 388carhauleralmostdone91908.jpg (199209 bytes) 388almostdone91908.jpg (155344 bytes)

I scratchbuilt the 388 hood and crown, grafting fenders from the Italeri 378 hood on to the hood skin.  The cab sides are resin items from Spaulding Trading and Shipping. I lengthened the frame between the battery box and the springs to account for the longer BBC of the 388 (125" versus 119" for 378).  The rear of the frame was lengthened aft of the rearward spring mount.  The 48" sleeper is a combination of parts from a junked Revell of Germany 359 63" sleeper (roof), cab sides and backwall from an Italeri 377 sleeper, and a modified front wall from the 378 kit.  All of the roof horn/light holes were filled in as the marker lights are on the car rack structure.  The horns are side mounted on the roof.  The drivers battery box is a more typical tall box from www.aitruckmodels.com.  Side note:  Italeri didn't use the wrong left hand box on the 378 kit, what they used was the high-mount box option seen on trucks that require extra ground clearance like a log truck, except Italeri didn't mount them higher.  


The rack body was constructed from various sizes/shapes of Evergreen square rod and tube.  I used the decking from a Revell of Germany car transported kit for the decking.  The ladder is Plastruct.  The fuel tanks were stretched using another set of tanks.  The leftover parts will make a set of small tanks for another project.  The tanks were painted bumper chrome and rubbed to a dull-aluminum look.  I mounted the tanks reversed so that the fuel fill was forward under the cab/sleeper transition panel.  Speaking of the panels, I cut these pieces square on the bench, but didn't take into consideration any irregularities in the the sleeper or cab shape, thus they don't site properly.  I damaged the paint while attempting to readjust one - I should have left well enough alone.

388 carhauler92208.jpg (103634 bytes) 388car hauler92008.jpg (103861 bytes) 388carhaulcloserh92008.jpg (138685 bytes) 388carhauler92008.jpg (113084 bytes) 388carhauler 92008.jpg (82800 bytes) 388carhaulerabove92008.jpg (136254 bytes) 388carhaulercloselh92008.jpg (112174 bytes) 388carhaulerleft92008.jpg (143908 bytes) 388carhaulerleftr92008.jpg (141029 bytes) 388carhaulerrearrh920808.jpg (83685 bytes) 388carhaulerrh92008.jpg (158049 bytes) 388carhaulerright92008.jpg (98311 bytes)

The exhaust is underframe mounted, I scratchbuilt a simple DPF out of Plastruct tubing, and carved the curved tip out of thick plastic sprue.  Even though the model represents a modern 388, I left the interior pretty much kit-stock as it isn't very visible under all the car rack body channels.  Almost a sheet of Bare Metal Foil was used on this, covering the grille, grille crown, door jambs, bumper, battery box, fuel tank straps, hood spine, air tanks, vent covers and headlamps.  Paint used was Duplicolor Gunmetal Gray Metallic, gloss black for the frame, and Bumper Chrome for the fuel tanks, ladder and hydraulic parts.

Over all, I'm pleased with the outcome.  I wasn't sure where this one was heading, and I might still modify it as time goes on.   I need to redo the rear mudflaps as they aren't mounted at the same level.  Thanks to Yves at www.whitefangmodel.com for the Rush logos.

388carhaulr92108.jpg (150626 bytes) 388carhaull92008.jpg (164245 bytes) 388carhaulr92008.jpg (99044 bytes) 388carhaulrartsy92008.jpg (112450 bytes) 388carhaulrearl92008.jpg (163512 bytes) 388carhaulrfrnt92008.jpg (150691 bytes) 388carhaulrhrr92008.jpg (150109 bytes) 388carhaulrl9208.jpg (128342 bytes) 388carhaulrrear92008.jpg (94025 bytes) 388carhaulsml92008.jpg (47587 bytes) 388car haulerlake92108.jpg (104910 bytes)

388carhlrlakehuron92108.jpg (89854 bytes) 388carhlr92108.jpg (148679 bytes) 388carhaulrlake92108.jpg (123271 bytes) 388carhaulrbridge92108.jpg (93968 bytes) 388carhaulr92108.jpg (150626 bytes) 388carhauleratlakehuron92108.jpg (129478 bytes) 388carhllfclse92108.jpg (49901 bytes) 388chatlake92108.jpg (33621 bytes) 

9/10/2008 through 9/20/2008


379-127 long hood and 120" sleeper 

379 longhoodside80908.jpg (163529 bytes) 379longhoodshell8908.jpg (180585 bytes) 379longhoodtop80908.jpg (177836 bytes) 379longhoodgrille80908.jpg (95669 bytes) 379longhoodoncab8908.jpg (236967 bytes) 379longhood 80908.jpg (162857 bytes) 379 127 ict120 8908.jpg (118462 bytes) 379longhoodframe8908.jpg (121230 bytes) 379longhoodtilt8908.jpg (107785 bytes) 379longhoodeng81008.jpg (169111 bytes) 379longpaint81008.jpg (163596 bytes) 

379longhoodcabfoiled81108.jpg (141789 bytes) 379longhood081508.jpg (146004 bytes) 379longhood81508.jpg (220991 bytes) 379sleeperandexhausttest81408.jpg (187084 bytes) 379127almostdone32008.jpg (144737 bytes) 

peterbilt37912782208.jpg (119111 bytes) peterbilt379127aug2208.jpg (79480 bytes) 37912782208.jpg (131563 bytes) 379127white82208.jpg (100799 bytes) 379127rooflight82208.jpg (128298 bytes) 379127roof82208.jpg (132229 bytes) 379127rightrear82208.jpg (111993 bytes) 379127hood82208.jpg (144926 bytes) 379127rearright82208.jpg (129591 bytes) 379127bmfcab82208.jpg (66416 bytes) 379127airbag82208.jpg (23832 bytes)

379127morefoil82208.jpg (58906 bytes) 379127lf82208.jpg (100068 bytes) 379127leftside082208.jpg (78316 bytes) 379127leftrear82208.jpg (120300 bytes) 379127leftprofile082208.jpg (133694 bytes) 379127rhside82208.jpg (99853 bytes) 379127horns82208.jpg (149379 bytes) 379127fueltank82208.jpg (17069 bytes) 379127door82208.jpg (114145 bytes) 379127closerh82208.jpg (135351 bytes) 379127bumper82208.jpg (37096 bytes)

The Italeri 378 kit is the base - the hood and sleeper are scratchbuilt using sheet plastic from Evergreen.  The frame is extended using Evergreen strip stock.  This kit had faulty chrome plating that I stripped off many parts and used bare Metal Foil Chrome to simulate aluminum.  I left the slightly dulled chrome plating on other parts for an older/weathered look.  The Watson Trucking decals are slightly modified Lee Watson decals from the Revell 377 kit.  The headlights are from an AMT Peterbilt 359 with the mount inverted (ala a 351).   The drivers side battery box is from AITM and the big tool cabinets are old RNK items - these two tool cabinets have been on 2 other models previously.  Started 8/8/08   Finished 8/22/08


White 377 Big Bunk

In early 2007 I bought 2 built-up Peterbilts from another modeler.  A 377 and a 378.  Both were in need of rebuilding, and I rebuilt the 378 into a short wheelbase daycab that became the blue Alcoa Tire rig.  Using the remaining frame section from the 378, I stretched the 377 and made it into a long framed daycab AND as a big bunk tractor.  I couldn't make up my mind.  Even 1 year later I still can't make up my mind what to finish it as, but with the white 379 built, it looked like a perfect companion for the 377.

377and37912782308.jpg (115358 bytes) 377asdaycab82308.jpg (140788 bytes) 377asdaycabrear82308.jpg (98941 bytes) 377and379lft82308.jpg (121245 bytes) 377and379side82308.jpg (95292 bytes) 377and379above82308.jpg (143763 bytes) 377and37982308.jpg (107482 bytes) 377hoodopen82308.jpg (179603 bytes) 37737982308rear.jpg (129421 bytes) 

The 377 is missing some pieces - mudflaps, hood tie downs, front shocks and some odds and ends.   Someday I'll finish it.   8/23/2008


Peterbilt 384 daycab


Peterbilt 384 - started July 4, 2008.   I heavily reworked an AITM resin 386 hood, removing 10" inches in length, resloping the hood, changing the fender shape slightly.  The donor kit is an Italeri Peterbilt 377.  The cab has been modified to daycab, the 377 molded on fenders removed and the doors converted to current year style.  The forward fuel tanks are kit items cut down.  The fuel tank steps are made from Plastruct.  The battery box is resin from AITM.  (www.aitruckmodels.com).   The door lettering (what a royal pain!) is dry-transfer lettering.  My inspiration was the cover of the Peterbilt magazine First Class Volume 27 Number 2, Winter 2007.  My 384 is not an exact replica, although it does wear the doorsigns for Evans Oil Co of Naples, Florida as does the truck on the cover.  

I may yet rework the bumper as it isn't quite right. 7/14/08

7/15/08 - I redid the bumper and added the hood mounted mirror.

384 71508 cover.jpg (167745 bytes) 384 firstclass 7608.jpg (126533 bytes)

384 hood 7408.jpg (114060 bytes) 384 paint7608.jpg (160593 bytes) 384 fresh 7608.jpg (135446 bytes) 384 71208.jpg (179804 bytes) 384and38671408.jpg (168352 bytes) 384right71408.jpg (219929 bytes)  


384text71408.jpg (182439 bytes) 384tnkrht71408.jpg (101902 bytes) 384rearjuly1408.jpg (82964 bytes) 384rear71408.jpg (181981 bytes) 384firstclassdash71408.jpg (27926 bytes) 384dpf71408.jpg (29118 bytes) 384rhh71408.jpg (43429 bytes) 384above71408.jpg (152505 bytes) 384_386compare71408.jpg (201816 bytes) 384framelabl71408.jpg (95979 bytes) 384tankjuly1408.jpg (136496 bytes) peterbilt 384 71408.jpg (136056 bytes) 384 july1408.jpg (104981 bytes)

384 71508.jpg (103984 bytes) 384 71508 artsy.jpg (91509 bytes) 384 71508 left.jpg (116146 bytes) 384 71508 lft.jpg (77879 bytes) 384 71508 onmag.jpg (159290 bytes) 384 71508 right.jpg (133854 bytes) 384leftjuly1408.jpg (207877 bytes) 384 71508left.jpg (128493 bytes) 384 dentonlogo.jpg (30993 bytes) 

I'm still debating if I should finally build the Revell Beall chrome plated tanker to go with this.  Stay tuned.


Blue Petes

With Italeri reissuing the Peterbilt 378 kit (summer '08), I was anxious to build one - or two.   Here are two examples. Both metallic blue, (one a brighter blue), one built straight out of the box as a 378, the other modified and reworked into a 379-119 with 70" sleeper.

379 119 62108.jpg (200430 bytes) 378 rh 61508.jpg (203458 bytes) 

The 379 was inspired by a real truck seen at the International Bridge at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan in 2006.  The truck was hauling windmill parts along with 2 other PB's (a black 379X and a blue 359).  I had planned to weather my version as the real truck looked in the photo, but recalled that the driver of the 379 was commenting on how dirty the truck was at the time I was taking the photos.  I'm glad I kept it gleaming.

Progress Photos

37911961608.jpg (274969 bytes) 379119 61608.jpg (276865 bytes) 379 119 prog 61908.jpg (198580 bytes) 379119 progress 61908.jpg (188850 bytes) 378 379 61908.jpg (158219 bytes) 378 and 379 on bench 61908.jpg (182681 bytes) 379 rack 61908.jpg (109748 bytes)

378 air cleaners 61708.jpg (100046 bytes) 378 aircleaners 61708.jpg (154898 bytes) 378 air cleaner w stnls 61708.jpg (57839 bytes) 379grilleaclmesh61708.jpg (174288 bytes) 379grilleaclmesh61708edit.jpg (101424 bytes) 379doorsign62008.jpg (121980 bytes) 379grille Plano mesh 62008.jpg (77298 bytes)

The kit air cleaners have the mesh recessed too much.  I wrapped them with round hole mesh from www.planomodelproducts.com  The grille screen is mesh from Plano.  These two metal items really change the looks of the model.  The Landstar Ranger door signs are from Kit Form Services.


379119 rh 62008.jpg (219869 bytes) 379 119 62108.jpg (200430 bytes) 378 rh 61508.jpg (203458 bytes)


378 from above61508.jpg (133497 bytes) 379 119 from above 62108.jpg (88988 bytes) 378roofview61508.jpg (201463 bytes) 379 119 above 62108.jpg (171409 bytes) bluepetehoods 62108.jpg (169195 bytes) 378 across 62108.jpg (212206 bytes) 379119 across 62108.jpg (209875 bytes) 379 127 and 379 119 62108.jpg (198260 bytes) 

379119front 62108.jpg (150394 bytes) 379 199 fuzzy.jpg (211022 bytes) 379119 front 62108.jpg (170440 bytes) 379grille 62008.jpg (262869 bytes) 379119 plano grille 62008.jpg (157982 bytes) 379119grille 62108.jpg (96747 bytes) 378 62108.jpg (188519 bytes) 379119front62008.jpg (191927 bytes) 

The Texas bumper is on the left is the kit bumper with the tapered ends filled in with plastic, then covered with Bare Metal Foil. The 379 has a resin cast LH battery box from www.aitruckmodels.com. 

379 119 hood 62108.jpg (165557 bytes) 379 119 hoodup 62008.jpg (188345 bytes) 378engine61508.jpg (128698 bytes) 379 378 hoods 62108.jpg (252279 bytes) 379 and 378 engines 62108.jpg (223360 bytes) 378 engine62108.jpg (267457 bytes) 378 engine 62108.jpg (186159 bytes) 378hoodopen61508.jpg (147126 bytes) 379 119 open 62108.jpg (140295 bytes) 379119hoodopen62008.jpg (177043 bytes)

379 119 blue lft 62108.jpg (146882 bytes) 379 119 lft 62008.jpg (136342 bytes) 379 119 rear lf 62108.jpg (157983 bytes) 379 119 rear 62008.jpg (171144 bytes) 379 119 rear a 62108.jpg (156626 bytes) 379 119 rh r 62108.jpg (122993 bytes) 379 rack 62008.jpg (136828 bytes)

wheels PB style 62108.jpg (183205 bytes) wheels round 62108.jpg (212549 bytes) 379 119 above b 62108.jpg (183490 bytes) 379 and 379 grilles 62108.jpg (226228 bytes) 

379119front62008.jpg (191927 bytes) Note the tiny bee that was captured in flight.  The little bee was really interested in the amber marker lights!

379 119 rear trlr 62108.jpg (118933 bytes) 

378 finished 6/15/2008 - 379 finished 6/21/2008


1987 Peterbilt 379-127

  379 green rh 51608.jpg (177710 bytes) 379 ear 51608.jpg (157392 bytes) 379 frnt grn 51608.jpg (134218 bytes)  379 grn frnt 51608.jpg (165156 bytes) 379 jamie breather51608.jpg (23697 bytes) 379 jamie breather lf 51608.jpg (35072 bytes)  379 with 359 lamp 51608.jpg (22496 bytes) 379text51608.jpg (94014 bytes) green379127outback101709.jpg (70916 bytes) 379 127 63 51608.jpg (96887 bytes)

379 127 51608.jpg (193436 bytes)3279 green grill 51608.jpg (104094 bytes) 3791276351608.jpg (160456 bytes) Conventionalspageheader508.jpg (231677 bytes) 379 127 tinker 111207.jpg (68486 bytes) 379 127 above51608.jpg (138125 bytes) 379 profile 51608.jpg (97822 bytes)

I started this Peterbilt 379 as an experiment to see if I could convert a couple of junk Revell of Germany 359 cabs into a 379.  I widened the cab, reworked the roof shape and the windshield leans back more. I scratchbuilt the hood to match the now wider cab and used the kit grille.  The fenders were modified by removing the molded on rear step and marker light.  The inner fender was shaved to match the wider hood.  The bumper was scratchbuilt.  Aircleaners come from Jamie at Mo'Luminum.  The headlamps are from an AMT Peterbilt 359.  The sleeper is from the Revell-USA 359 kit, it has been widened slightly and the right hand door filled in.  I lengthened the frame buy about 2 inches.

I can't decide if I should install roof positioning lamps, horns or leave the roof clean.  I also can't decide on company name door signs either, so now the green 379 is stalled.



Arrow Transportation 386 and 378 tractors


I built these two tractors in the colors for the British Columbia fleet Arrow Transportation.  I'd like to thank Hank Suderman and Wes Bergman for the inspiration.

I started with two Italeri Peterbilt 377 kits, a resin 386 hood from Dave Natale at www.aitruckmodels.com and a resin 378 SBFA hood from Sharon at www.stsmodeltrucks.com.  

My 386 is a 2008, 192" wheelbase, daycab, roof air dam, cab extenders, single exhaust.  The 378 SBFA is a tri-drive, daycab, forward fuel tanks.  UPDATE: 6/22/08 I finished the B-train trailers for the tractors.  I took so many photos that I added a separate page for them - Here.

386daycab41008.jpg (66533 bytes)

378SBFAdaycab41008.jpg (62240 bytes)

378SBFAand386daycabs41008.jpg (51624 bytes)

386378daycabs41008.jpg (84317 bytes)

386378polished41308.jpg (98951 bytes)

378sbfa386painted41308.jpg (91538 bytes)

378and386foiled41308.jpg (86932 bytes)

378and38641708.jpg (109631 bytes)

386and378foiled31308.jpg (93255 bytes)

386yellowbumper41908.jpg (80569 bytes)

I couldn't decide if the 386 bumper should be black like one of the trucks in Hank's photos, or yellow like all the others.  Yellow was the final choice.

386rollingframe42008.jpg (78260 bytes)

386onbench42208.jpg (92510 bytes)

386dash42208.jpg (26540 bytes)

386dpf42208.jpg (39248 bytes)

386framelogo42208.jpg (37063 bytes)

386grille42308.jpg (46874 bytes)

378grillescreen41808.jpg (24715 bytes)

Grille screen for the 378 is stainless steel from www.planomodelproducts.com

378frame42308.jpg (95027 bytes)

378rollingframe42408.jpg (105121 bytes)

seatbackswoputty41908.jpg (56975 bytes)

378mockup42608.jpg (83369 bytes)

378 sbfa Arrow 42708.jpg (89670 bytes)

378text42708.jpg (86493 bytes)

378tridrive42708.jpg (94582 bytes)

378386intrprts41608.jpg (71669 bytes)

Special thanks to Doug Walker who made the Arrow logos for me.  Doug had originally made the logos for his KW Arrow project. 

378386doors42708.jpg (38052 bytes)

378386nosetonose42708.jpg (44715 bytes)

386378nosetonose42708.jpg (72348 bytes)

Arrow386 378 42708.jpg (70073 bytes)

arrow 378 42708.jpg (69239 bytes)

arrow 386 42708.jpg (77734 bytes)

arrow above 42708.jpg (93530 bytes)

Arrow logos Doug Walker 42708.jpg (41416 bytes)

arrow Peterbilt 42708.jpg (53333 bytes)

arrow Peterbilt front 42708.jpg (41723 bytes)

arrow Peterbilts 42708.jpg (61646 bytes)

Arrpw 378 artsy 42708.jpg (84914 bytes)

overthehood42708.jpg (39085 bytes)

Peterbilt 378 Arrow 42708.jpg (71817 bytes)

peterbilt 386 42708.jpg (74699 bytes)

peterbilt 386 Arrow 42708.jpg (86821 bytes)

Peterbilt 386 lh 42208.jpg (36632 bytes)

peterbilt 386 rh 42208.jpg (72262 bytes)

dsc_4910_20080219.jpg (155458 bytes)

The inspiration for the 386 is courtesty of Hank Suderman. www.hankstruckpictures.com

wbpbarrow.jpg (39066 bytes)

The inspiration for the 378 comes from Wes Bergman

386 hanksview 2 42708.jpg (68479 bytes)

"Hank view" of my 386.

386hanksview42708.jpg (45560 bytes)

Finished 4/27/2008


Peterbilt 386


I started with an Italeri Peterbilt 377 kit, scratchbuilt the hood, bumper and battery boxes,  had them cast in resin (available from www.aitruckmodels.com) and reworked the 1996 vintage 377 into a 2008 386



386 hood parts 1208.jpg (68012 bytes)

386 hood rear 1208.jpg (41079 bytes)

386 hood in prime 1408.jpg (64090 bytes)

386 resin hoods edit 12208.jpg (50492 bytes)

386 cabcuts 12208.jpg (33171 bytes)

386 cab tohoodrearedit12208.jpg (42135 bytes)

386 mockup 12308.jpg (76438 bytes)

386 mockupbodyedit 12308.jpg (72376 bytes)

386 painted 12608.jpg (76804 bytes)

386 reflct 12608.jpg (39039 bytes)

386 sanded 12608.jpg (74362 bytes)

386 frame rear 12708.jpg (69435 bytes)

386 cut bumper mount.jpg (26988 bytes)

2008 386daycab388CBphoto.jpg (96459 bytes)

real 386

386 365 PQI 13008.jpg (53657 bytes)

tim 386 22208.jpg (71667 bytes)

386 377 side 13008.jpg (56531 bytes)

386 365 13008.jpg (67480 bytes)

386 389 13008.jpg (49533 bytes)

tim38622208.jpg (73196 bytes)

tim386right22208.jpg (68842 bytes)

tim386rear22208.jpg (48153 bytes)

tim386left22208.jpg (73429 bytes)

tim386lf22208.jpg (77693 bytes)

386a13008.jpg (108857 bytes)

386 rh 13008.jpg (63423 bytes)

386 rear 13008.jpg (69089 bytes)

386 left 13008.jpg (63634 bytes)

386 lf 13008.jpg (72120 bytes)

386 13008.jpg (62646 bytes)

386 text 13008.jpg (86858 bytes)

386 a 13008.jpg (69236 bytes)

Plenty of Bare Metal Foil chrome foil was used for the 386 including the grille, headlamps, battery and tool boxes, door sill trim, door release handles, fuel tank ends and fog lamps.   For those building their own 386 using the AITM resin version, The outer "shoulders" of the hood need to be rounded a bit more from the cab/cowl, and the lower edge of the bumper should have more of a radius.  (I'm always my own worst critic).  Feel free to email me if you are building your own if you have questions.  Check out This page   for photos of several Peterbilt 386's.1/31/2008


 Peterbilt 389          

389 close 11608.jpg (93613 bytes)

peterbilt 389 11608.jpg (77049 bytes)

Peterbilt 389 11608a.jpg (76146 bytes)

389 PQI 11608.jpg (131898 bytes)

389 rear 11608.jpg (97241 bytes)

389 PQI211608.jpg (100009 bytes)

389 PBtrler11608.jpg (50404 bytes)

389 rhside11608.jpg (75360 bytes)

389 11608.jpg (75901 bytes)

389 LHside 11608.jpg (75985 bytes)

389 breezeway 11608.jpg (68089 bytes)

389 388 comp11608.jpg (89721 bytes)

2008 Peterbilt 389 long hood conventional.   I started this by scratchbuilding the hood in 2006 using photographs for reference.  I started with an Italeri Peterbilt 377 kit and reworked the suspension and frame to fit the long hood and SFFA.   Completed 1/16/2008

389 rollingframe 11308.jpg (76310 bytes)

389 frame rear 011308.jpg (61449 bytes)

389 cab test 11408.jpg (81485 bytes)

389 DPF parts mockup011208.jpg (68677 bytes) 389 DPFparts011208.jpg (37925 bytes) 389 cabbunkframerear 011008.jpg (69519 bytes) 389 hood cab bunk 011008.jpg (64383 bytes)  389 hoodcabbunk 011008.jpg (69748 bytes)

389 testfitside11408.jpg (80504 bytes)

389 testfit 11408.jpg (102462 bytes)

389 slprtest11408.jpg (77592 bytes)
The headlamps were carved and shaped from a chunk of plastic rod.  The bull bar is from the parts box and modified.  The battery box, DPF box and piping was scratchbuilt.  I cut the 63" raised roof sleeper down to a 36" low roof (see Truckers Corner - Model Cars magazine for more info).

tim389lf22208.jpg (77676 bytes) tim389rear22208.jpg (79841 bytes) tim389rh22208.jpg (69442 bytes) tim38922208.jpg (85050 bytes) tim 389 22208.jpg (77357 bytes)


Paint is Duplicolor Light Driftwood Metallic with Toreador red.389 rightslperfit11408.jpg (104221 bytes)

pb 389hood rough april07.jpg (35037 bytes)

peterbilt 389 close 11608.jpg (102783 bytes)


2004 Peterbilt 378 Set Back Front Axle

378sbfablueright.jpg (81159 bytes)

378sbfabluelr.jpg (79533 bytes)

378sbfaside.jpg (87054 bytes)

378sbfafront.jpg (72435 bytes)

378sbfaBLUE.jpg (87830 bytes)

378sbfabluerr.jpg (77348 bytes)

378sbfablue profile.jpg (71933 bytes)

378sbfa foiledairtank.jpg (17028 bytes)

378sbfatext.jpg (118842 bytes)

378sbfatrailer.jpg (96395 bytes)

378sbfablulft.jpg (119251 bytes)

378sbfaBlue1.jpg (53437 bytes)

2004 Peterbilt 378 SBFA tractor.  The Revell of Germany Peterbilt 377 kit was my starting point. I swapped the hood for a resin unit from Spaulding Trading and Shipping, along with resin headlamps.  I modified the kit bumper adding fog lamps and tow hook and the taper of the bumper.  The battery box covers were made from Don Mills treadplate.  The air cleaners are from an Italeri Peterbilt 378 kit.   I made the light bars from Evergreen plastic strips covered with Bare Metal Foil chrome.   BMF was used on the bumper, grille, fuel tanks, air tanks, door sill trim, handles, and sleeper visor.  I added a rear window to the sleeper.    Because I used a resin hood with additional slope, the kit radiator would not fit and required it to be reduced in size.  The mudflap logos are from White Fang Enterprises, the Tri-State Trucking logo is from MAG decals, the PB emblem trim is from Model Car Garage, the USA flag license plate is from JBOT.    Color is Duplicolor Ford light blue metallic.

Every model has something that bothers the builder.  This one?  I mounted the headlamps about 1/8 inch too high.  I was tempted to reposition them but am fearful that I will end up damaging the paint and making a big mess of things.


378sbfa Blue.jpg (90157 bytes)

378SBFAparts.jpg (71607 bytes)

378SBFApartstext.jpg (76481 bytes)

378sbfaBlue2.jpg (112630 bytes)

378sbfapaint.jpg (40614 bytes)

378SBFAstripe.jpg (55382 bytes)

378sbfaabv.jpg (120412 bytes)

378 SBFA paint.jpg (52937 bytes)

A photo on www.hankstruckpictures.com inspired my model.

Schlumberger Peterbilt 357-123 pump truck

357 123 12407.jpg (91020 bytes)

357 123 side 120407.jpg (92856 bytes)

357 123 boc.jpg (67791 bytes)

357 123 rhboc.jpg (82323 bytes)

357 123 door rh.jpg (59705 bytes) 357 123 cab 120307.jpg (46388 bytes)
357 123 framerails.jpg (88322 bytes) 357 123 framebilt 111607.jpg (93608 bytes) 357 123 side 111907.jpg (94976 bytes) 357 123 rear111607.jpg (50145 bytes) 357 123 flap.jpg (65602 bytes) 357 123 closelft.jpg (72197 bytes) 357 123 cabhood 120307.jpg (72487 bytes)
357 123 rear 111907.jpg (92105 bytes) 357 123 frame 113007.jpg (72085 bytes) 357 123 120407.jpg (68762 bytes) 357 123 butterfly in prog 110407.jpg (76339 bytes) 357 123 butflyparts.jpg (99610 bytes) 357 123 butflypaints.jpg (120963 bytes) 357 123 smlr painted.jpg (107142 bytes)

Inspired by photographs of several different style of Schlumberger trucks I built this hybrid  late '80s Peterbilt 357-123 butterfly hood.  I started with the Italeri Peterbilt 377 A/E kit.  I scratchbuilt the hood, fenders, bumper, frame rails and the pump equipment box from flat plastic.  The wheels and tires are resin from Aitruckmodels.com.  The headlights are resin from Spaulding Trading and Shipping.  The RH fuel tank steps are from a Revell of Germany Peterbilt 359.  The LF tank is from an Italeri Freightliner FLD.  Yves at White Fang Enterprises made the mudflap logos.  The orange color is Allis-Chalmers orange from Krylon.  The Schlumberger door logos were made on the computer and printed on Bare Metal Foil decal paper.  The white portion of the logo is white vinyl.       

The inspiration - photos courtesy of Mark Reitz.  My SLB unit is a "hybrid" truck.  (a fancy term for I made it up).

SLBTRUCK3boxopen.jpg (86448 bytes) SLBTRUCK3boxtilt.jpg (111667 bytes) SLBTRUCK3openback.jpg (72674 bytes) SLB-1MarkReitz357123.jpg (38059 bytes)

These photos show the 357-123 and the 377 for comparison.  I sanded and recontoured the shape of the crown and grille shell to "harden" the look that the softer 377 grille and crown.                   

357 and 377 compare 1207.jpg (115378 bytes) 357 123 377 above.jpg (60830 bytes) 357 123 grille.jpg (43041 bytes)



379 Daycab

Inspired by a matched set of Peterbilt 379 long hood conventionals seen at the factory in 2005, my 379 features a unique grille, longer hood, fat pipes and 2007 EPA emissions equipment.  I used an Italeri Peterbilt 378 kit with a resin hood from www.stsmodeltrucks.com that I stretched.   The mirrors are bent aluminum tubing.  Bare Metal Foil and chrome mylar cover the grille, stacks, AMT fuel tanks and other small items. 1/15/2006

long_long.jpg (49873 bytes)

The real truck

pilot07chaney.jpg (48013 bytes)

My version

4940253-R1-022-9A.jpg (63715 bytes)

The real truck.  I love the yellow with white chassis.  A real unique color combo. 

Chaneyoutback101709.jpg (68951 bytes)

chaneyrear.jpg (32090 bytes)

My version in a similar view.  I modified the Italeri cab for the larger rear window with Evergreen plastic.

nobodyseesuntilspring.jpg (13135 bytes)

Raw hood after painting but before wet sanding and polishing.

379_yellow_inprog.jpg (27758 bytes)

The blue tape on the cab is holding the glass in place while the clear glue cures.

chaneyhood.jpg (37865 bytes) chaneycabrear.jpg (40113 bytes) chaneytilted.jpg (37794 bytes) tiretrailer1.jpg (57117 bytes)

Here's the Chaney 379 pulling a load of tires.

fac4.jpg (32624 bytes) chaney379side.jpg (38374 bytes)
fac1.jpg (42641 bytes) endofframes.jpg (40859 bytes)

Omaha Orange 




omahaorange_flaminfrog1.jpg (31673 bytes) omaha_orangecabinprog.jpg (16506 bytes) 4940203-R1-014-5A.jpg (93258 bytes)

Clint Freeman Peterbilt 379 1/25th scale conversion that I modified to an '06 cab, a Revell 63" flat top sleeper.  

omahaorange_flaminfrog2.jpg (25413 bytes)

This will end up being built as the real truck visable on the workbench.

omahaorange_flaminfrog.jpg (35518 bytes)

I just laid out the stripes on the body.  These are vinyl stripes custom cut for me by Cheryl at www.flaminfrog.com

The stripes were cut so that the thin accent stripe would be layered over the while. 1/7/2006

In order for the vinyl stripes to lay smoothly on the body, I sanded most of the rivets off the sleeper.  The resin cab/hood were devoid of the rivet detail.

I suspect that the vinyl would have a problem sticking on an Italeri 377/378 cab due to the rivet detail.

omahaorange_striped_foiled.jpg (60262 bytes)

2 hours after laying down the stripes I've applied the Bare Metal Foil to the door jambs.  1/7/06

oo_cabbunk.jpg (25495 bytes) 4940163-R1-024-10A.jpg (68067 bytes)

Cab and bunk with more items added.

oo_online.jpg (34252 bytes)  4940203-R1-048-22A.jpg (73407 bytes)

2006 Peterbilt 379 in "Omaha Orange" ready to roll off the assembly line. 1/16/2006

omahaorange_left.jpg (27998 bytes)

The chassis is a Revell of Germany PB 359 kit.  I used a donor frame to stretch the wheelbase.  The large fuel tanks are from an Italeri Freightliner.

omahaorange_done.jpg (31554 bytes)

Mirrors are small diameter aluminum tube bent to shape.  The breathers are from Mo'luminum. (sweet!)

omahaorange_rear.jpg (27767 bytes)

312" wheelbase gives this 379 a long'n'low look.

oo379_357yellow.jpg (30766 bytes) omahaorange_onbench.jpg (47932 bytes) On the workbench with reference photos in the background. oo_muffler.jpg (13014 bytes) P1010016aa.jpg (35073 bytes)

The real and the model

P1010012s.JPG (48080 bytes)   oo_acrosshood.jpg (33701 bytes)
omahaorange_out.jpg (39002 bytes) omahaorangerearout.jpg (38862 bytes) omahaorangerightout_jan06.jpg (35664 bytes) gregR_finished.jpg (239972 bytes) This is the real truck owned by Greg Ragan after the boys at Chrome Shop Mafia finished it.  Photo courtesy of www.chromeshopmafia.com  


Finally,  I build an aerodynamic Peterbilt.. the 387 

Finally, an aerodynamic Peterbilt.. the 387 

February 6, 2006

testors387.jpg (32953 bytes) testors387rear.jpg (25350 bytes) testors387box.jpg (39376 bytes)

The finished Testors kit with the boxart model shown for comparison.  I added the antennas, BMF, windows on the bunk (clear plastic painted black), I picked out weatherstripping and other small items with black paint.  A little bit of work and the kit looks pretty good.

testors387right.jpg (32499 bytes)

testors387above.jpg (34370 bytes)

I waxed the body and didn't realize I got wax on the black at the end of the hood.  That's fixed now.

When I say "finally" an aero Peterbilt I don't mean that one was offered, I mean that I built one.  This is a 1/32nd scale Testors Skill Level 2 kit with a little bit of detail added.   The chassis and interior is very toy like, the body is nice, the dash is nice.  It's a prepaint partial diecast kit.  2/6/2006


Moore Peterbilts..  357 SBFA


yellow_inprogrear.jpg (16220 bytes)

2006 Peterbilt 357SBFA with 70" sleeper in progress in early October 2005

moore_357onthebench.jpg (48163 bytes)

On the workbench on December 17, 2005.  Cab is only on the frame for test fitting.

4940233-R1-044-20A.jpg (76731 bytes)

The real truck as seen on September 14, 2005 at the plant.  Ordered by Mike Moore of Tulsa, Okla.

mm357.jpg (37299 bytes)

Here's my version of Mike's truck.  The indoor pics are making the yellow look a bit washed out.  12/30/2005

mm357top.jpg (45364 bytes)

The third axle is a pusher. The sleeper is a 70" bunk.  I used the front wall and front of the roof from the Italeri kit, and scratchbuilt the rest.

mm357side.jpg (25917 bytes)

Side view showing 70" sleeper, scratchbuilt fuel tanks, resin batterybox from AITM, resin SBFA hood from Spauldings.  Air cleaners are modified units from a Revell-Germany Peterbilt 359.  Front tires and wheels are from the Can-Do wrecker kit.

mm357rear.jpg (29576 bytes) mm357hood.jpg (34549 bytes)

Three SBFA hoods from Griffen Designs resin.

mikemoore357leftout.jpg (52045 bytes) slopehoodsjan06.jpg (34198 bytes)

mikemoor357rearout.jpg (33260 bytes)

Indoor photo backdrop pics


fac4.jpg (32624 bytes) line1.jpg (31601 bytes) line7.jpg (33987 bytes) line4.jpg (28925 bytes) line9.jpg (38757 bytes)
quality_idea_19.jpg (30686 bytes) mm357fac.jpg (33848 bytes) mm357fac1.jpg (41990 bytes) oo_acrosshood.jpg (33701 bytes)


First truck off the new workbench!


schlumbergertridrive_top.jpg (25286 bytes)

2006 Peterbilt 378 tri-drive tractor

schlumbergertridrive.jpg (21401 bytes)

I started with an Italeri PB 377, a resin hood from Spauldings, Resin wheels and front tires from RNK, scratchbuilt Ultracab, bumper, fuel tanks, stretched chassis.

schlumbergertridrive_close.jpg (16072 bytes)

The windows and the cab are full of factory markings, the seats are wrapped in plastic too!

schlumbergertridrive_rear1.jpg (25222 bytes)

Rear view.

4940173-R1-016-6A.jpg (69011 bytes)

The real truck ordered by Schlumberger.  9/15/2005.

schlumbergertridrive_midship.jpg (25172 bytes)

Mid-ship mounted PTO, scratchbuilt pogo stick and connections.  Resin steps from Spauldings modified slightly.

schlum357rearout.jpg (37389 bytes)


schlum357out.jpg (30798 bytes)

Peterbilt 379-119   -   Part One

379 trnsfr cab frame 81607.jpg (123383 bytes)

379 trnsfr mocked 81807.jpg (162869 bytes)

379 trnsfr mockup 81807.jpg (173692 bytes)


379119andrealrear.jpg (60072 bytes)

379119trnsfrLHreadyrow.jpg (116257 bytes)

379119trnfrtiltedoutback.jpg (98808 bytes)


379119trnfsrrearandreal.jpg (70805 bytes)

379_119_trnsfr82507.jpg (147859 bytes)

379trnsfrtilted82507.jpg (170972 bytes)

379119transfrprofile82507.jpg (158263 bytes)

379119trnsfrrearrht.jpg (144270 bytes)

I photographed the real truck on September 16, 2005 at the Peterbilt plant in Denton, Texas.  That's me beside the real truck.  I planned to build a model of the 379 and started in mid 2006 modifying an Italeri 378 kit reworking the hood to a short hood 379 and reworking the doors for the '06 style doors.  The mirror arms are aluminum tubing bent to shape.   379119timrealmodel.jpg (96195 bytes) 379119Hustonmodel.jpg (110160 bytes) YellowGreen379underpipes09.jpg (96690 bytes) 379119trnfronpics.jpg (212410 bytes)
The kit frame rails were shortened and the wheelbase changed.  I used smaller AMT Peterbilt 352 fuel tanks.  Kit Form Services front wheels and tires and another casters rear tires were used.  Colors are Krylon yellow and Duplicolor metallic green.  Plenty of Bare Metal Foil graces the fuel tanks, bumper, muffler shields and door sills.

I titled this "Peterbilt 379-119 - Part One" because there is more to this truck..  Hank Suderman has photographed this truck in Canada where it works as a transfer dump.

My plan was to build the truck as seen at the factory and also as seen in Hank's "Lunchtime at the Overpass" photographs.  In order to build the truck two ways, I needed to temporarily install several pieces.  The headlights, mufflers, visor and factory window stickers were all taped in place for these photographs.


379119tranfsr82507.jpg (121726 bytes) 379119trnsfrtext82507.jpg (184105 bytes)

379trsnRHreadyrow.jpg (104955 bytes)

379119without.jpg (149281 bytes) Photo at left shows the model with the headlights, visor, window stickers and exhaust removed.  8/25/07.


Peterbilt 379-119  -  Part Two

379 119 smalltrlr.jpg (42648 bytes)

379 119 transfer trailer.jpg (70495 bytes)

379119Uppalabove.jpg (122557 bytes)
The photo above shows the 379 as it looked in the summer of 2007.  The truck is set up as a transfer dump.  The factory headlights swapped for single rounds on DoubleJ brackets, a droopy visor added and big fat pipes replace the factory stacks and muffler shields. Chicken lights added along with driving lights below the headlamps.   Photos by Hank Suderman used with permission.


379119uppalhoodopen.jpg (170934 bytes)

379119uppalleftrear.jpg (181855 bytes)

379119uppalsideright.jpg (135256 bytes)

379119UppulTransferleft.jpg (132829 bytes)

379119uppaltransferrear.jpg (144633 bytes)

379uppaltransfertrailer.jpg (189291 bytes)

379119uppalright.jpg (191424 bytes)

379119and378dumpers.jpg (181529 bytes)

379119UppulTransferdump.jpg (167280 bytes)

transfertrailerleft.jpg (125961 bytes)

The finished 2006 Peterbilt 379 Canadian Transfer dump.  The real truck is owned by Davinder Uppal.  I scratchbuilt the dump box on the truck using various strips of Evergreen and Plastruct and large sheets of plastic (formerly a Wendy's display sign).  The fat exhaust pipes are Evergreen tube covered in Bare Metal Foil.  The transfer trailer is an AMT/MPC Gravel Trailer frame that was reworked.  The dump box is from an AMT Paystar with new side posts and front wall made from plastic.  The trailer fenders are sheet plastic.  The "chicken lights" on the truck and dump boxes are round Evergreen rod salami-shaved and glued in place then painted.   The two amber emergency lights on the dump box are Evergreen square rod cut and sanded to shape.  

37911982607.jpg (138356 bytes) 379_119trnsfr 82507.jpg (81751 bytes) YellowGreen379underpipes09.jpg (96690 bytes) 

Aftermarket items include:  Big Droopy Visor from Dan Poulin at www.dansmodeltruckworld.com; Front wheels and tires from www.kitformservices.com, resin tires from Jamie R; Hot Rod headlamps from Matt Burnett/Monkey Claw; Peterbilt ovals for the mudflaps from Yves at www.whitefangmodel.com ; reflective tape from www.stsmodeltrucks.com.  Kits used:  Italeri Peterbilt 378; AMT IH Paystar for the trailer dump box; AMT wheels and tires for the trailer(junk parts); AMT Peterbilt 352 for the fuel tanks (junk parts); AMT Gravel Trailer for the trailerframe; AMT Fruehauf trailer parts for the trailer front suspension; Misc parts such as spotlights, horns and quarter fenders.

I'd like to thank Hank Suderman for the photographs, Huston Marlowe for the chance to see the truck when in the plant and the aftermarket guys for their cool parts.  8/26/2007.  In October 2009 I photographed the finished model in the same location as the real truck was photographed 4 years earlier. See the third photo below.

P1010010s.JPG (44079 bytes) YellowGreen379underpipes09.jpg (96690 bytes) 379119uppalLeft.jpg (204044 bytes) 379119cabclose.jpg (130018 bytes) 379119transfer_edit.jpg (79461 bytes) trailerboxpainted82307.jpg (122872 bytes) dumpboxjustpainted82207.jpg (182632 bytes) transfertrailerframe.jpg (138430 bytes)


Peterbilt 362 lowboy tractor

36232908.jpg (66979 bytes)

362rnkrack32908.jpg (34404 bytes)

362clean32308.jpg (72990 bytes)

3626332908.jpg (80747 bytes)

362text32508.jpg (104281 bytes)

362row32508.jpg (78401 bytes)

362side32908.jpg (84301 bytes)

362front32508.jpg (64255 bytes)

362reartext32908.jpg (99210 bytes)

362Michiganlogo32908.jpg (18644 bytes)

1984 Peterbilt 362 daycab lowboy tractor.  I started this in 2004 when I received the resin cab from Griffen Designs.  I modified the cab for the RH recessed exhaust then painted it.  I put it back in the box.  There is sat for nearly 4 years until a "cabin fever" weekend in late March '08 was the perfect setting for model building.  

I started working on the 362, constructing the interior, modifying the AMT 359 frame and engine for a COE set-up.  When I originally planned the 362 I had purchased wheels tool boxes and a cab guard from RNK (now available from AITM).   I swapped in fuel tanks and muffler from an Italeri Peterbilt 377.  The rear tires are larger AMT Goodyears.  The Michigan Tractor decals are ink-jet copies of the original issue of the AMT Cat dozer kit.  

The Oversize Load banner was found on Google, then printed to size on paper and crinkled to look like a vinyl banner.   I weathered the truck with a wash of acrylic beige and grey for a dirty/dusty but not abused look.


362frame32208.jpg (87323 bytes)

362frnt32908.jpg (76104 bytes)

362AITMbox32908.jpg (26676 bytes)

362cab32508.jpg (51572 bytes)

36263 32908.jpg (26289 bytes)

362roof32908.jpg (37698 bytes)


Peterbilt 320

320cab3708.jpg (65029 bytes)

Thanks to Hector for the line drawing.

320cab3808.jpg (77836 bytes)

320inrough31108.jpg (68897 bytes)

320dpfacparts31108.jpg (91579 bytes)

320cabpaint31208.jpg (81649 bytes)

320testfit31308.jpg (69410 bytes)

320roughframe31308.jpg (148709 bytes)

320testcab31308.jpg (125934 bytes)

320cabframe31408.jpg (101711 bytes)

320planogrille31308.jpg (43838 bytes)

4940213-R1-E009.jpg (75224 bytes)

A real 320, this one an '06 with the older exhaust and air cleaner set up.4940253-R1-E020.jpg (104806 bytes)

2008 Peterbilt 320 Low Cab Forward COE.  The cab, fenders, bumper and back of cab components were scratchbuilt.  The frame and drivetrain is from an Italeri Peterbilt 377 A/E kit.  I cut the frame and removed 1 inch from the wheelbase then added the 1 inch to the rear of the frame.  The front wheels and tires are from Kit Form Services.  The grille mesh is from Plano Model Products.  The headlamps are cut from the Revell of Germany Peterbilt 353 kit.  Bare Metal Foil was used on the AMT Peterbilt 352 fuel tank, and cab trim.  Color is Duplicolor Bright White and black.  With my building this 320, that leaves the 330 and the import cabbed PB's yet to grace my shelves.    320text31608.jpg (103498 bytes) 320front31608.jpg (79051 bytes) 320boc31608.jpg (50644 bytes)

320rear31608.jpg (86750 bytes)

320left31608.jpg (67172 bytes)

320flat32908.jpg (86256 bytes)

320r31608.jpg (54328 bytes)

KWandPB LCF 31608.jpg (66433 bytes)

My cab is slightly too tall, if I build another 320 the mid section of the cab will be reduced about a quarter of an inch. 

320lh31608.jpg (91295 bytes)

320right31608.jpg (79074 bytes)

320flatrear32908.jpg (65550 bytes)

P1010006s.JPG (40247 bytes)

An '06 320 tandem steer destined to be a concrete pump.

320PQI5.jpg (47278 bytes)

320cab31608.jpg (71768 bytes)


320boc32908.jpg (62754 bytes)

3/20/08 update.  I scratchbuilt a flatbed body for the 320.  The mudflap logos are from www.whitefangmodel.com

320dips32908.jpg (57982 bytes)

320sun32908.jpg (58249 bytes)

320_31808.jpg (35842 bytes)

Using some tips from Klaus Clever I added some dip stick and mirror wire detail.  The dipsticks are made from Plastruct plastic coated wire with bits of plastic on the ends.  The tiewraps are painted on with a sharpie marker.

320stepwireant31808.jpg (38421 bytes)

The mirror wiring is thin copper wire painted black.

P1010100a.JPG (40470 bytes)

320PQI3.jpg (49542 bytes)

320PQI2.jpg (30802 bytes)

320PQI.jpg (62239 bytes)

320PQI4.jpg (45046 bytes)




Italeri Peterbilt 377 kit

378assmII378sbfavochd.jpg (115755 bytes) rowabove.jpg (121414 bytes)

Many of my Peterbilt conventionals start as the Italeri 377 kit.  With scratchbuilt hoods, resin hoods and other modifications, many other Peterbilt models can be built. The photo below shows just a few trucks built from the 377 kit. 385 daycab, 377 glider, 377, 378 SBFA at factory, 378SBFA 48" sleeper, 357 HH tri-drive, 357-123 and 377 SFFA with 1pc windshield.


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