Trailers and fleet trucks

AMT Fruehauf Flat Bed

This is the latest from AMT - the Fruehauf 40 foot flat bed.   I built mine box-stock. The current reissue of the kit has a nice decal sheet with company names, mudflap logos and the old MPC Goodyear tires.

Here are several variations of the trailer I have built, stock,  3-nines spread axle, stock, 6 axle Michigan Steel hauler and a drop deck tire carrier.

Backdrop Pics  69.jpg (141278 bytes) Backdrop Pics 9309 63.jpg (52058 bytes) Backdrop Pics 65.jpg (82871 bytes) Backdrop Pics 64.jpg (61264 bytes) Backdrop Pics 67.jpg (51399 bytes) Backdrop Pics 66.jpg (60498 bytes) Backdrop Pics 62.jpg (139352 bytes)

Thank you AMT for bringing back another nice kit.


Italeri Tipper Trailer

I built this from a test-shot for Model Rectifier Corp's display.  The trailer represents the German built Schmitz brand of trailers.  The kit assembles nicely with a minimal amount of flash and clean up.  

Italeri Schmitz Dump 007edit.jpg (115052 bytes) Italeri Schmitz Dump 03edit.jpg (94802 bytes) Italeri Schmitz Dump 072edit.jpg (93453 bytes) Peternilt389 and Schmitztrailer91209.jpg (83680 bytes) Italeri Schmitz Dump 117edit.jpg (103803 bytes) Italeri Schmitz Dump 100edit.jpg (101351 bytes) Italeri Schmitz Dump 127edit.jpg (120653 bytes)

Italeri Schmitz Dump 134edit.jpg (136289 bytes) 9/12/2009



Tires by the truckload!



One of the many things that fascinated me while at the Peterbilt factor was the tire trailer.  Trailer after trailer delivered wheels and tires mounted and loaded in racks in the order that the truck would be built. After staring out the window at these trailers for a while, I was challenged to build one.  March 2006.

gettingtired.jpg (44088 bytes)

$35 in Evergreen square rod was used to construct the racks.  The tire labels are strips of vinyl, as are the tie down straps.  

gettingtired2.jpg (47955 bytes)

20 tires per rack.  7 racks on the trailer.  Not one new tire was use... Mostly the AMT too-skinny Goodyear tires.  The rims are all from the spare parts box.

tiretrailer5.jpg (61191 bytes) gettingtired4.jpg (35646 bytes)

Backdrop Pics 62.jpg (139352 bytes)

4940253-R1-E025.jpg (65606 bytes)

The real tire trailer.. I suspect it's a 53' trailer, mine is a 40 footer and only holds 7 racks.

tiretrailer3.jpg (45904 bytes)

Jim and the Alcoa Tire Truck 2009.jpg (95668 bytes)

The Real Thing.

tires_tx.jpg (13008 bytes) Backdrop Pics 60.jpg (83345 bytes)

Peterbilt 378 SBFA and drybulk B train

I started the B train back in July of 2005 and just finished it on 4/13/06.  I used 2 AMT Fruehauf tankers, cut, chopped and hacked both to create a Canadian B train based on a rig I saw on www.hankstruckpictures.com.  The "Transport" logos are from the AMT kit decal sheet just cut and spliced. The Canadian Flag is from the www.kitformservices.com North America decal sheet.

btrainlead.jpg (54557 bytes) btrainpup.jpg (47161 bytes) btrainrear.jpg (41954 bytes) 378sbfa_rightB.jpg (38605 bytes)
This still isn't 100% complete.. no mudflaps yet.

AMT Fruehauf Tanker

This Fruehauf tanker is another re-worked built-up from the Wisconsin collection.  All I did was repair some damage from tire marks in the body, a broken spring, and added front fenders.  Fresh white paint and some reflective markings make this plain-jane trailer stand out nicely.

rebuilttanker_352.jpg (33155 bytes)


Drybulk Tanker

The idea to build this has been rattling around in my head for quite some time.  I decided to try to rework the AMT Fruehauf Tanker (latest issue) into a dry bulk tanker.  After lots of head scratching, measuring, marking, cutting, filling, sanding and reworking.. I think I've come up with a close dry bulk tanker.  Plenty of Evergreen plastic shapes pieces used on this one.

drybulk_352.jpg (27781 bytes) drybulk_359.jpg (23721 bytes) drybulk_379.jpg (26612 bytes) drybulk_flap.jpg (12102 bytes) drybulk_forfred.jpg (32274 bytes)

drybulk_rear.jpg (30393 bytes) drybulk_rears.jpg (29261 bytes) drybulk_side.jpg (25250 bytes) drybulk_ruan.jpg (27822 bytes) 

The Upper Michigan Stone logo decals were made on the computer with Bare Metal Foil clear decal paper, as were the "Munising Trailer Sales" mudlfap logos.  The photo of the rear showing 2 radio station stickers is a tribute to a station my father and oldest brother and myself all worked at at different times.  7/8/05

Flow Boy Trailer 

This is the model I replaced the KW dumper with for the MTDG contest.  A Red River asphalt trailer in Michigan specs with 7 axles.  This won 2nd place in the Construction class of the MTDG  contest!

flowboy.JPG (58180 bytes) A real Flow-Boy.  flowboyDR.JPG (49584 bytes)  

Mack C615 Stang Michigan

  stangMackleft.jpg (72976 bytes) stangMackright.jpg (74322 bytes)  stangrealtrucks.jpg (64209 bytes) ahlbornlicplate.jpg (35292 bytes) 1965's Mack C615 "Michigan Special" with 5 axle Fruehauf tanker.  Stang Tank Lines hauled oils and fuels in Upper Michigan and Wisconsin using Mack and Hendrickson fleet.  This model was featured in Model Cars Magazine in 2002.

stanginthesnow.jpg (18997 bytes) stangsnow.jpg (13984 bytes) stanginsnow.jpg (12643 bytes) 

Stang Michigan Mack R and asphalt tanker

Timstangmackr.jpg (59458 bytes)  Mack R600.  stangRstocktrl.JPG (44983 bytes) Stang  Michigan Tank Lines ran orange Mack B's and R's in the 60's and 70's, hauling fuel, and tar products in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.


Short flatbed doubles


379_trailers.jpg (26334 bytes)  281_trailers.jpg (24757 bytes)  280_trailers.jpg (24360 bytes) kw_trailers.jpg (35604 bytes) kw_trailersrear.jpg (23957 bytes) 385_trailername.jpg (39127 bytes)

These shots show a set of Utility style double trailers.  Using an old IMC Big Rig flatbed trailer kit (the THC version) I added lower side panels for an outside frame set-up, I separated the suspension to make the axles and springs for each trailer, used a spare IMC suspension and wheels from the parts box to make the converter dolly, painted it Duplicolor Red, added a white stripe and some Utility decals from JBOT and voila!  Instant California Style doubles.  They are a bit short, but are perfect for not taking up shelf space.

Ford LN8000 house toter

houseandtoter.jpg (37390 bytes) toterandhouse.jpg (25289 bytes) Manufactured Home Toter and half a house.  The toter is a cut down AMT Ford Short Hauler kit, and the half a house is made from balsa wood.  (photos taken in '01)

Car Hauler

carhaulaway_rear.jpg (48647 bytes) Straight from the box AMT 5-car hauler.  

Red Owl Foods  White 4000

Timwhiteredowl.jpg (65757 bytes)  redowlrig.jpg (30421 bytes)  redowlrigrear.jpg (33530 bytes) redowlrigside.jpg (24833 bytes) redowlwhite.jpg (31662 bytes)  White 4000.  I built this truck based on a real truck I photographed as a child.  Red Owl Food Stores ran Whites like this in the early 70s.  The hood is an Illini Replica Conversions hood.  The White Road Boss was the donor kit.

Truckload of AMT

We often wonder how AMT delivered all it's models, and now we know!  Back in 1969 AMT issued the Fruehauf beaded side 40 foot trailer (#T507) as a companion to the California Hauler Peterbilt 359 (T500). 

 The box art was typical of AMT of the era, a nice painting showing the rig on I-75 outside of Troy, Michigan.  I recently obtained several built-ups in fairly good condition, only needed tear-down, paint strip and repainting.  Included was a complete set of the T507 AMT decals!  I saved the decals with Microscale Decal Film, but the long black stripes still cracked, so I used vinyl tape instead.  I added to the AMT theme with custom lettering "Another truckload of AMT trucks" and such.

amtrigside.jpg (27397 bytes) amtrig_right.jpg (40717 bytes) amt359_logos.jpg (45313 bytes) amt359_left.jpg (39170 bytes) amtrig_trailerfront.jpg (21477 bytes)

I thought I'd go one step further on the truckload of kits idea

amtrig_rear.jpg (49393 bytes) amtrig_dooropen.jpg (37061 bytes) amtrig_doorsopen.jpg (40421 bytes) A full truckload of kits!

Rebuilding both the Fruehauf and the Peterbilt 359 was enjoyable, the original builder (from Wisconsin) built them in 1970, and wrapped them up in paper and stored them in 1972 until I obtained them (August 2004). The build quality was quite good, they were borderline "leave as they are" but the decals were peeling, and glue joints breaking.  If you look at the trailer, I kept the original green hubs, both the trailer and tractor were dark emerald green (old Testors I'm sure).

Experimental Trailer

roads3.JPG (23372 bytes) Great Dane drygoods trailer converted too look like the Peterbilt engineering trailer designed for aerodynamics.


Loadcraft Lowboy

lowboyfront.JPG (48666 bytes) I added the Loadcraft logo, an RNK decals.


                      Michigan Special Tanker                                              

All around Michigan large multi-axle tankers roam the highways.  A common sight in northern Michigan is Autore Oil Company's Michigan Special Tankers.   I used 4 AMT Fruehauf Tanker kits to rework the old 1969 Fruehauf into a sort-a-close to current spec tank.

Timstretchedtank_front.jpg (45845 bytes) Timstretchedtank_right.jpg (55850 bytes) Timstretchedtank_reartop.jpg (65947 bytes) Timstretchedtank_rearleft.jpg (65440 bytes) Timstretchedtank_rightrear.jpg (68940 bytes) road10.jpg (28883 bytes)  road12.jpg (37839 bytes) The AMT kit was stretched to 48 feet.  8 axles, the 1st and last are fixed in the raised position.  I combined several modern Fruehauf features, full fenders on the left, and a full-length hose tray on the right with yellow hoses.  Ladder with handrails, rear tank connection. Mudflaps are RNK mudflap material with JaymarPeterbilt of Wisconsin logos (not the spelling!).  

Special Note:  I won "Best of Show" with this tanker at the Pinnacle Hobby Shop show in March 2004!

Here's a comparison between a fairly stock AMT tanker and my modified

Timstocktank.jpg (23988 bytes)      Timstocktank_bottom.jpg (27646 bytes)  Timstocktank_rear.jpg (44192 bytes)

Timstretchedtank.jpg (31877 bytes)      Timstretchedtank_bottom.jpg (27958 bytes)  Timstretchedtank_rear.jpg (59070 bytes)  For an aluminum look I used Duplicolor metallic silver. The Autore Oil letter was made on Bare Metal Foil decal paper.  Reflective DOT striping from STS.

Consolidated Freightways

Timcfwf.jpg (59757 bytes) cf_70_60.jpg (32574 bytes) cf_70_60trailerside.jpg (33505 bytes) 1960's White-Freightliner wearing Consolidated Freightways older colors.  This truck has been rebuilt twice, starting as a nasty orange and black ebay build-up.  I modified the cab for the older version.

cf_doubles_inprog_rear.jpg (26627 bytes) cf_doubles_inprog_side.jpg (22885 bytes) These 2 plain white doubles trailers were also obtained from the same collection.  Originally silver, I went with white, and they will become 70s-80's Consolidated Freightways trailers.

cfgreenoldtrailers.JPG (29776 bytes) cfgreentrailers.JPG (28594 bytes) cfwhiteoldtrailers.JPG (30178 bytes) cfwhitetrailers.JPG (27315 bytes)

Timpte Reefer

timpteside.jpg (19619 bytes) dewey379.jpg (38028 bytes) Italeri 1/24th scale "American 48ft Reefer kit modified for a spread axle (okay, the rear suspension isn't air ride..).  Otherwise the trailer is out of the box.

Fruehauf 48 foot spread axle flat

fruehauf_Spreadaxleflat.jpg (18061 bytes) fruehaufspreadaxleflat.jpg (20666 bytes)

I bought this as a partially built kit off eBay.  The flatbed had a nasty twist to it, I thought by cutting the trailer and extending it with another I had, and embedding some brass in the frame I could remove the twist.  Nope.  The trailer looks okay by sits twisted.  The tool cabinets are from RNK Conversions.

Spread Axle Reefer

lonewolfW900_spreadaxle.jpg (23552 bytes) lonewolf_W900side.jpg (17198 bytes) Spread axle reefer.  I can't remember what model kit this was.  I modified the suspension for the spread axle.  The rear doors are Model Master chrome foil.  The tractor is an AMT Kenworth W925 with Torsion Bar suspension.  The chassis was stretched, the sleeper extended for a VIT.  The bumper is scratchbuilt.  This was my first attempt at a "chicken truck" built in early 2000.  I have more photos of the KW displayed on the KW model page.

Great Dane Pirkle Reefer

pirklertrailerrear.jpg (25632 bytes) Ertl Great Dane reefer.  What a great kit!  The Pirkle Refrigerated Freight Lines logos were made on the computer.  Thanks to Gene Olson for the logos.

Great Dane Extendable Flatbed

greatdaneextended.jpg (20742 bytes) greatdaneextrear.jpg (16146 bytes) greatdaneextended_352right.jpg (37802 bytes)

Box-stock Ertl Great Dane Extendable Flatbed.  The tractor is a stretched frame '75 Peterbilt 352 wearing JBOT/Paul Kittle decals.  More pics of the tractor are on my Peterbilt COE model page.

Fruehauf Tanker - Indianhead


indianhead_emeryville.jpg (28689 bytes) indianhead_rear.jpg (27802 bytes)

Indianhead Tank Lines AMT Fruehauf tanker.  This was a built-up that I obtained.  I stripped the original color, added 2 RNK Conversions tool cabinets, and shot the yellow and blue for Indianhead Tank Lines.

Red Bull Rack


redlivestockright.jpg (28762 bytes) redwilsonright_352.jpg (28108 bytes) This is a nearly box-stock AMT Wilson Livestock trailer.  I came to me as a built-up, I stripped the paint, reassembled it and painted it with Krylon International Harvester Red with silver.  I dulled the paint for a weathered-aged look.  This trailer will look good behind any old 60's tractor. (7/6/2005)

Wilson Livestock - Shiny

shinyWilsonfront_352.jpg (32185 bytes) Wilson Livestock trailer, built in 1999.  It was missing wheels and tires and at the time I used what I had on hand, for 6 years it was missing the hubs and the wheels were dulled and faded.  I added hubs, swapped in some nicer chrome wheels, changed the mudflaps from white posterboard to thin plastic.

Fruehauf Grain Trailer

grainwhitepeterear.JPG (25471 bytes) Fruehauf grain trailer.  I obtained this as a started truck back in '99.  The original builder was following a Phil Jenson (I think) article to make a grain trailer.  The builder had bent all the brass support rods and cut down the trailer sides but must have lost interest.  I assembled the trailer and made a tarp from tissue paper and glue paint black.

Great Dane 4 axle Chip Trailer

4axlegreatdane_359.jpg (32396 bytes) 4 axle Michigan style wood chip trailer built from an Ertl Great Dane dry goods van.  I added an RNK toolbox to the side.


4 axle Fruehauf Tanker

4axletank_yellow352.jpg (29146 bytes)  This AMT Fruehauf tanker came to me as a built-up, I stripped the paint, reworked the front of the tanker and added 2 additional axles, I also added external side marker lights.  The tractor is a rebuild of an AMT Peterbilt 352, reworked for a 1st generation 1958 cab.


5 Axle Rent-A-Tank

4axletankwf.JPG (28777 bytes) This is the Euro "Rent-A-Tank" kit with the suspension modified for 5 axles.  I scratchbuilt the fenders.  It still needs taillights.


Fruehauf Gravel Trailers

AMT/Ertl/MPC Gravel trailers.  One is cut down as a pup trailer, the axles were narrowed 1/4 inch so that the tires are more in line with the tractor, and not sticking out so far.

k100train.jpg (36510 bytes) Gravel trailers as a Michigan Train with a  KW K100

t800train.jpg (33965 bytes) Gravel trailers as a Michigan Train with a KW T800

Tim351train.jpg (42233 bytes) Gravel Trailers as a Michigan Train with a Peterbilt 351

Allied Van Lines

alliedWFsingles.jpg (35709 bytes) Allied Van Lines Trailmobile single axle trailer.  I cut down the trailer to a single axle.  The White-Freightliner tractor was also cut down to a single axle and the cab was modified for a 1960's look.


AMT Lowboy

AMTlowboywithrelic351.jpg (32947 bytes) Box Stock AMT Loadcraft Lowboy trailer with The Relic Peterbilt 351.


IMC Big Rig flatbed reworked

drcraneflat.JPG (29738 bytes) drcraneflatleft.JPG (26123 bytes) drcoe_dropflat.jpg (37388 bytes) This started as a built-up but badly painted IMC BigRig flatbed trailer.  I fabricated side panels to simulate an outside frame style flatbed.  Then added some RNK Conversions wheels and tires.  The load is the steel beam load from an AMT Peerless Log Trailer kit.  (7/5/2005)



Thee Nines

3_9right.jpg (33190 bytes) Another built-up that I reworked. This AMT Fruehauf flatbed was brush painted red, the suspension was smashed. Using parts from the parts box I constructed a 9-foot spread axle 3 axle trailer often seen in Canada and Michigan.  (7/6/2005)

McLean Trucking pup trailer

mcleantrailerear1.jpg (52475 bytes) Box stock AMT Trailmobile 27foot trailer with McLean Trucking Co livery.



I have other trailers that need to be photographed, and more to build!

Stay tuned!

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