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Gina Kemner 1966 Autocar

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1966 Autocar A64 conventional.  I started with an AMT White Road Boss, used a resin conversion for the Autocar from Spaulding Trading and Shipping.  The resin kit was modified for an axle-forward configuration.  The sleeper was made from sheets of Evergreen with lines scored in to simulate the quilting on the bunk.  The chassis was lengthened 2 inches.  The flames were hand drawn along with the decal flames from an Ertl Paystar dump truck kit. I built this as for Gina Kemner.  Special thanks to Dan McGrew and Ed Reavie for their help on this.(9/5/2005)

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White Road Boss    

RoadwayRoadboss123107.jpg (49773 bytes)

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Road Boss shortlong 123107.jpg (80810 bytes)

Short and long hood Road Bosses in fleet dress for Transcon and Roadway.

The Roadway Boss is dirtied with a wash of acrylic and chalk along with specks of white, grey, black and red to simulate bug splats.

White Road Boss wearing Roadway colors.  Stock AMT kit with scratchbuilt bumper, reworked panels and omitted air cleaner/Luberfiner.  Resin 2 hole fronts from Ben Wicker.  The Roadway logos are from the ModelKing Mack DM600 kit.  This is the last build of 2007, completed at 8:45pm on 12/31/07. I started this White in October of '06.

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Autocar A64B

Autocar bluewhite 608.jpg (145035 bytes) Timautocar.jpg (53459 bytes) timautocarrear.jpg (19250 bytes) A64_A64B.jpg (32108 bytes) Autocar bluewhite 608.jpg (145035 bytes) 

Autocar A64B.  Almost box-stock except for the spoke wheels.


Autocar A64B Box Stock

Autocar mockup.jpg (180132 bytes) Interior brown Acar.jpg (66916 bytes) chassis blurry.jpg (128825 bytes) Autocar A64B show.jpg (64424 bytes) 100_2137.jpg (183875 bytes) 100_2134.jpg (147921 bytes) 100_2132.jpg (142149 bytes)

Thank you to Stevens International for bringing back this great kit!  The Autocar A64B has been gone from the model kit market for far too long.  This is one of AMT's original truck kits and builds quite nicely.  The only issues I ran across are the cab mounts that are a bit too high.  I removed material from both the front and rear mounts until the cab sat level (the cab was not level for these photos).   This model was built for Stevens International for them to use at the iHobby trade show in the fall of 2007.  Thanks Don!  Built in September 2007.


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Autocar Tractor

timacardc.jpg (59502 bytes) timacardcright.jpg (53018 bytes) timacardcrear.jpg (61781 bytes) AMT Autocar DC from the dumptruck kit.  I shortened the frame, used the Hendrickson walking-beam rear suspension.  Quarter fenders and deck plate added, a resin air cleaner from MTFAco.  I wanted the "just painted" look of a truck ready for an ATHS truck show.  I got the idea for this from the Wheels of Time "Show Time" edition from the Antique Truck Historical Society show in 2003.

White-Western Star stake truck

wsstakerear.jpg (35452 bytes) blueWSstakepaint.jpg (25782 bytes) White-Western Star stake truck.  I combined the AMT Ford C600 Stake Truck and a 70's issue of the White-Western Star conventional.  I cut the WWS's hood to a short hood version, lengthened the chassis slightly, and added a lift gate from a Short Hauler kit.  The only resin on the truck are the front wheels.  The GP decals are from the AMT WWS kit. (11/05/04)


White 3000  -  Clairmont


Timwhite3000_rear_redc.jpg (46167 bytes)  1950's White 3000 COE Timwhite3000_tilted_redc.jpg (40928 bytes)

Built with an eBay purchased resin White 3000 cab, I mated the cab to an AMT Ford C-900 "City Delivery" truck.  The conversion was almost too simple!  Shorten the front frame rails. Modify the front hinges to fit the underside of the cab, and position the rear cab mount to fit.  I did have to remove 1/4 inch of the cab's fender skirting, as the tires wouldn't fit in the wheelwell.  The Clairmont Transfer company logo's were made on the computer, and are from a defunct carrier that used Whites at one time.

Red Owl Foods  White 4000


Timwhiteredowl.jpg (65757 bytes)  redowlrig.jpg (30421 bytes)  redowlrigrear.jpg (33530 bytes) redowlrigside.jpg (24833 bytes) redowlwhite.jpg (31662 bytes) 

 White 4000.  I built this truck based on a real truck I photographed as a child.  Red Owl Food Stores ran Whites like this in the early 70s.  The hood is an Illini Replica Conversions hood.  The White Road Boss was the donor kit.

1967 White 7000

White 7000 left 1.jpg (129473 bytes) Timwhite7000.jpg (65852 bytes) timmcleanwhite.jpg (28525 bytes)  mcleantrailerear.jpg (42222 bytes) Mclean White rear 608.jpg (124211 bytes) McLeanLogo608.jpg (45599 bytes) 1966 White 7000 COE.  A resin cab from Spauldings, the chassis was scratchbuilt.  McLean Trucking logos are from the old IMC Dodge kit.


Western Star dumper

Timwesternstardumper.jpg (70242 bytes)  westernstardumper.jpg (36792 bytes) AhlbornWesternStarDumper2.jpg (75683 bytes)  

Western Star Dumper.  Here's a combination of the Italeri Western Star Constellation and the AMT/Ertl Paystar dumper.  The Western Star had it's wheelbase shortened, and the dump box had the cab overhang modified to clear the cab and stacks.

White Road Boss short hood

White Road Boss Transcon 608.jpg (190733 bytes) Timtransconroadboss.jpg (57387 bytes) 

White Road Boss short hood.  I cut the hood down for a 90" BBC.Added a cab roof deflector.  The Transcon logos are from RNK Conversions.


1975 White Road Commander COE


 whiteroadcomodeinprog.jpg (21972 bytes) White Road Commander starting to take shape. All I need to do it paint the engine, install the glass, interior, chrome parts, lights, handles, mount the cab, mount the tires and wheels, weather the chassis, add decals... This is a Jaymar resin cab.  I used an AMT GMC Astro95 as the donor kit.  Minor modifications to the GMC were made, including sanding off all the GMC component mounting tabs on the chassis (air cleaner, batterybox, muffler mounts), creating a new rear cab mount (crude simple upright square tubes to support the rear of the cab) and rework the front hinges. (3/13/05) I weathered the paint with weathering chalk, weathered the chassis and wheels with several washes of grey and brown.  The TAT logos on the doors are decals that Gary at MAG decals made for me (Thanks Gary!).  I've dressed the White as a well-used fleet tractor.(3/21/05)

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