Tim's Truck Room

March 2004

Many people ask me where I keep all my trucks, and how do I display them.  In 2003 I set up a page showing how I displayed my finished trucks, along with new kits, and my workbench.  For 2004 I've reworked the Truck Room a bit, and moved my workbench, although smaller, to a separate area.

Here is my collection of finished trucks, fresh kits and workbench for 2004.

By 2005 I'll be out of space! UPDATE!

I did run out of space, and in late September 2005 began a major remodeling of the Truck Room. Go to THIS PAGE for what I've done and progress photos.



As you walk in you are greeted by no less than 20 shelves

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Then 15 more shelves

tr7.jpg (100045 bytes) tr8.jpg (84450 bytes) This wall of white shelves is where my workbench used to be tr9.jpg (65560 bytes) The workbench, with stacks of kit boxes overhead.  The kits are pre-planned projects, many with the bodywork done and cabs painted.

tr10.jpg (97875 bytes) The workbench is now in the 5x7 walk-in closet

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tr27.jpg (59526 bytes) tr28.jpg (40078 bytes) Here is a stockpile of kits.

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Many of the kits have photos of the intended subject they will be built as.  I've found I save space by storing resin and aftermarket parts inside the box for the truck they belong with.  I also put a photo of the subject inside the box for reference when I decide to build the model.

On July 23, 2005 I decided to make a new photo backdrop replacing my 2x4 highway which warped badly over the winter as it was stored in the garage (I failed to prime all sides of the wood and it twisted like a pretzel).

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This new road will handle more than 2 models, but needs a bit of stabilization when taking photos due to it's "wind catching" length and lightweight.  I made this road from a sheet a luan plywood and 2x4s.  Exterior primer on all sides of the wood.  The road is gray primer with black misted over with some clear for an oily sheen.  The white lines are the original base primer masked when I painted the "concrete."  I installed several locations to mount the different highway signs so I can move things depending on the model being photographed.  This road is too large to keep in the truck room, so it will stay in the garage.  In the photos of Peterbilt with tanker I added reflective vinyl stripes to the road for the yellow center line.  I discovered the next morning that the stripes all peeled up.  So I tore those off, masked off the white stripes and painted them yellow.  The photos of the unfinished Peterbilt 378 show the road with the painted yellow stripes.(7/25/05)


tr33_onguard.jpg (39825 bytes) Rory standing guard