Vacation! Truck Lover Style

updated 2/15/2008

Okay, most people go on vacation to theme parks, tourist attractions, lakes or the like..  not me.  Me?  I went on a truck vacation.  A Peterbilt truck vacation.

Where?  Peterbilt Motors Company in Denton, Texas.  I spent several days at the facility in mid September of 2005.  A BIG thank you to those (no names for privacy) who arranged this for me and put up with my complaining about the Texas heat!

  sign.jpg (69104 bytes)

It was thirty years ago (for my 14th birthday in 1975) that I toured the old Peterbilt headquarters in Newark, California, and thought it would be fitting to go to the current headquarters as an anniversary to the first trip.   (I've been to the Madison, Tennessee plant twice in the  70s).

I really must say, I was amazed at the facility.  Plant Manager Jim Fykes has one heck of a beautiful factory.  Clean, well lit, staffed by employees with a "glad you can see what we build-we're damned proud of it" attitude and of course great trucks.

I snapped more photos than I can count.  Many of these photos will aid modelers in detailing their Peterbilt models, some are just nice looking photos, others are unique trucks that will make great modeling projects.  I have about a dozen Peterbilts planned and if you study these photos, you'll eventually see 1/24 and 1/25th scale versions.

The photos are in no particular order and at this time are not titled or captioned. If you see a photo and wonder what Peterbilt it is, email me at


Update October 2007:  I am extremely proud that Peterbilt has chosen to feature several photographs of my model trucks inside the Welcome Center at the factory.

timonPBtv.jpg (145156 bytes) oldNoOne Monitor.jpg (191035 bytes) welcomeareaoldno1.jpg (314374 bytes)


NOTE:  All photos are copyright Timothy A. Ahlborn and their original photographers 2002-2007 and may not be reproduced electronically or other manner without written permission (other than personal downloading and printing for model building detail work)

Me and a 2006 Peterbilt 379-119" spec'd for a dump truck

Me again (silly grin and all) with the 1st Denton built 359 (1980)

The photos are in no particular order

4940163-R1-004-0A.jpg (61240 bytes)

385 daycab tractor

4940163-R1-006-1A.jpg (88277 bytes)

Underhood of a 387

4940163-R1-008-2A.jpg (82765 bytes)

378 SBFA tractor

4940163-R1-012-4A.jpg (99655 bytes)

357 SBFA under hood

4940163-R1-016-6A.jpg (79650 bytes)

1st truck built at Denton

4940163-R1-020-8A.jpg (40592 bytes)

Dual exhaust on a 387

4940163-R1-022-9A.jpg (82859 bytes)

63" Unibilt sleeper painted Omaha Orange

4940163-R1-024-10A.jpg (68067 bytes)

Omaha Orange sleeper rear


4940163-R1-030-13A.jpg (92074 bytes)

Chassis for a 379-127"


4940163-R1-032-14A.jpg (56864 bytes)

Satellite mount on back of cab

4940163-R1-034-15A.jpg (94683 bytes)

320 COE spec'd for refuse hauling

4940163-R1-038-17A.jpg (100671 bytes)

320 Tandem Steer spec'd as a concrete block truck

4940163-R1-040-18A.jpg (78167 bytes)

Cummins engine in 1980 359

4940163-R1-042-19A.jpg (80345 bytes)

Note the engine is white

4940163-R1-046-21A.jpg (78884 bytes)
4940163-R1-048-22A.jpg (94596 bytes) 4940163-R1-052-24A.jpg (116241 bytes)

Tri-Drive suspension

4940173-R1-004-0A.jpg (91653 bytes)

Tail light bar

4940173-R1-006-1A.jpg (51449 bytes)

Tri-Drive suspension

4940173-R1-008-2A.jpg (57188 bytes)

Tri-Drive from left front

4940173-R1-010-3A.jpg (77330 bytes)

Tri-Drive 357 SBFA

4940173-R1-012-4A.jpg (68116 bytes)

357 with 63" stand up sleeper

4940173-R1-014-5A.jpg (34519 bytes)

Mid-ship mounted PTO

4940173-R1-016-6A.jpg (69011 bytes)

357 SBFA tir-drive

quality_idea_13.jpg (26991 bytes)

My 1/24th scale model of the 357 tri-drive

4940173-R1-018-7A.jpg (64982 bytes)

'06 378 dumper donated to the City of New Orleans.

4940173-R1-020-8A.jpg (104976 bytes)

357 SBFA Heavy Haul

1444 Sq inch radiator for big cooling

4940173-R1-022-9A.jpg (110491 bytes)

Note fixed grille to radiator for clearance of front mounted PTO

4940173-R1-024-10A.jpg (61816 bytes)

357 long frame SBFA

4940173-R1-026-11A.jpg (67353 bytes)

357SBFA Heavy Haul

4940173-R1-028-12A.jpg (54295 bytes)

Units awaiting stacking at Kenosha transport yard

4940173-R1-030-13A.jpg (35954 bytes)

Pogo Stick Detail view

4940173-R1-032-14A.jpg (31585 bytes)

Same Pogo Stick, different angle

4940173-R1-034-15A.jpg (61557 bytes)

379 at transport yard

4940173-R1-036-16A.jpg (77250 bytes)

387,  357,  387

4940173-R1-038-17A.jpg (63926 bytes)

Stacked long wheelbase

4940173-R1-040-18A.jpg (74060 bytes)

Stacked units awaiting transport to dealers

4940173-R1-042-19A.jpg (85557 bytes)

Single axle 385

4940173-R1-044-20A.jpg (76123 bytes) 4940173-R1-046-21A.jpg (71789 bytes)

Interesting color combo of bright blue, silver roof and fenders with black frame.  Note double tank straps

4940173-R1-048-22A.jpg (75643 bytes)

2 379 short hood single axle tractors.  The first has a 48" Unibilt sleeper

4940173-R1-050-23A.jpg (79347 bytes)

Odd paint scheme on this 385.  Maybe the dealer or customer has a graphic that is added to the hood side

4940173-R1-052-24A.jpg (67658 bytes)

379-119" with 48" bunk and single axle

4940183-R1-004-0A.jpg (87179 bytes)

Heavier spec'd 379 tractor

4940183-R1-006-1A.jpg (76915 bytes)

Note the lack of lower cab skirt panel.  The left has a large forward mounted fuel tank, so the right skirt was omitted

4940183-R1-010-3A.jpg (85828 bytes)

Nice 70s green 379

4940183-R1-012-4A.jpg (71921 bytes)

This tractor really looked nice in the sun with the black and red combo

4940183-R1-014-5A.jpg (82520 bytes)

'06 intrument panel

4940183-R1-024-10A.jpg (103610 bytes)

Ultracab opening

4940183-R1-020-8A.jpg (84668 bytes)

Unibilt cab opening

4940183-R1-022-9A.jpg (71579 bytes)

36" bunk with rear window

4940183-R1-024-10A.jpg (103610 bytes) 4940183-R1-026-11A.jpg (114115 bytes)

387 cab assembled

4940183-R1-028-12A.jpg (77598 bytes)

No lights or horns, short stacks

4940183-R1-030-13A.jpg (72034 bytes)

Note the rear facing spotlight mounted on the muffler

4940183-R1-032-14A.jpg (92167 bytes)

Martin 387 cab, good cowl detail view

4940183-R1-034-15A.jpg (42947 bytes)

Cowl detail on 387

4940183-R1-036-16A.jpg (69399 bytes)

379-127 tractor

4940183-R1-038-17A.jpg (71698 bytes)

379-119" with steerable lift axles

4940183-R1-040-18A.jpg (72992 bytes)

If this truck had a black beltline stripe it would have the classic look down perfectly.

4940183-R1-042-19A.jpg (33395 bytes)

All red 379 tractor

4940183-R1-044-20A.jpg (70200 bytes)

385 tractor

4940183-R1-046-21A.jpg (77903 bytes)

379-119" tractor single breather, single stack

4940183-R1-048-22A.jpg (68756 bytes)

70" sleeper back wall

4940183-R1-050-23A.jpg (66263 bytes)

379-127" single axle destined for California as a hay hauler.  Look for this truck on the assembly line before the hood was installed.

4940183-R1-052-24A.jpg (67256 bytes)

Trucks on Ready Row

4940193-R1-004-0A.jpg (74973 bytes)

357 6x6 cab.  Note how high off the chassis the cab sits

4940193-R1-006-1A.jpg (62767 bytes)

Ready Row trucks, the 2 tall units are 6x6 357s

4940193-R1-008-2A.jpg (67792 bytes)

379 with 70" sleeper

4940193-R1-010-3A.jpg (64914 bytes)

Ready Row

4940193-R1-012-4A.jpg (64986 bytes)

Ready Row  both trucks are 357s, the red is a short hood, the white is a heavy-haul SBFA 6x6

4940193-R1-014-5A.jpg (64516 bytes)

Black 379-119 with 63" stand up


4940193-R1-016-6A.jpg (69500 bytes)

Ready Row hoods

4940193-R1-018-7A.jpg (80930 bytes)

379 tractor

4940193-R1-020-8A.jpg (97200 bytes)

70's green 379 tractor and red glider kit

4940193-R1-022-9A.jpg (82282 bytes)

White cab, gray fenders and chassis 


4940193-R1-024-10A.jpg (99274 bytes)

Super Single drive tires on 379  - Minnesota flatbed

4940193-R1-026-11A.jpg (94011 bytes)

Unibilt daycab window

4940193-R1-028-12A.jpg (74747 bytes)

'05 window shape

4940193-R1-030-13A.jpg (66082 bytes)

'06 door glass and handles

4940193-R1-032-14A.jpg (73020 bytes)

Ultracab with '06 windows

4940193-R1-034-15A.jpg (64883 bytes)

379-119" with 48" bunk and horizontal exhaust

4940193-R1-036-16A.jpg (61809 bytes)

Same unit, rear view, note end of frame air connections

4940193-R1-038-17A.jpg (58007 bytes)

378 with lift axle tractor


4940193-R1-042-19A.jpg (110848 bytes)

Trailer loading ramps

4940193-R1-046-21A.jpg (58647 bytes)

Tri-Drive 357 SBFA

4940193-R1-048-22A.jpg (68580 bytes)


4940193-R1-050-23A.jpg (60729 bytes)

Tri-Drive 357 SBFA

4940193-R1-052-24A.jpg (77741 bytes)

378 SBFA rear

4940203-R1-004-0A.jpg (105122 bytes)

Tri-Drive suspension

4940203-R1-008-2A.jpg (66883 bytes)

Nice yellow and blue combo, all it needs is the blue beltline stripe for the classic look.

4940203-R1-010-3A.jpg (68600 bytes)

Same 379-127" with 48" bunk

4940203-R1-012-4A.jpg (83793 bytes)

Detail view of Air Track rear axle

4940203-R1-014-5A.jpg (93258 bytes)

Omaha Orange cab ready for components

4940203-R1-016-6A.jpg (77329 bytes)

357 SBFA HeavyHaul

4940203-R1-018-7A.jpg (77225 bytes)

357 SBFA Heavy Haul spec'd for a well drilling company

4940203-R1-020-8A.jpg (62352 bytes)

This dark jade metallic looked stunning in the sun

4940203-R1-022-9A.jpg (70621 bytes)

Plain-Jane 387

4940203-R1-024-10A.jpg (88377 bytes)

Omaha Orange 379 rear view.  Note Low-Leaf suspension and end of frame air connections.

4940203-R1-030-13A.jpg (99331 bytes)

3 fuel tanks on the yellow/black 379

4940203-R1-033-15.jpg (71843 bytes)

378 daycab tractor.  Note:  The white and blue stripe under the door is a protector plate that all the trucks wear until moved to the Ready Row

4940203-R1-034-15A.jpg (89462 bytes)

Polished battery box on a SBFA.  Note the white mudflap on the fender

4940203-R1-036-16A.jpg (73950 bytes)

Painted battery box on an otherwise polished-up SBFA

4940203-R1-040-18A.jpg (99224 bytes)

Headlight location on SBFA

4940203-R1-042-19A.jpg (70271 bytes)

Single headlight location

4940203-R1-044-20A.jpg (40859 bytes)

Fender mounted spot mirror on 379

4940203-R1-047-22.jpg (82067 bytes)

Note the black painted small bumper on this.  Speculation-maybe the customer will install a custom bumper.

4940203-R1-048-22A.jpg (73407 bytes)

Omaha Orange 379.  127" BBC, long wheelbase, 63" flattop Unibilt sleeper, big fuel tanks, twin breathers, no roof lights or horns, horizontal stacks

4940203-R1-050-23A.jpg (83500 bytes)

Omaha Orange with hood tilted

4940203-R1-052-24A.jpg (102543 bytes)

Closer view of Cat power

4940203-R1-050-23A.jpg (83500 bytes)
4940203-R1-E019.jpg (73252 bytes)

Short hood 357 headlight location

4940213-R1-005-1.jpg (89038 bytes)

Cat Power

4940213-R1-007-2.jpg (74545 bytes)

379-119" with 48" sleeper and single drive

4940213-R1-009-3.jpg (70747 bytes)

Long wheelbase 379 for a custom big sleeper

4940213-R1-013-5.jpg (69271 bytes)

Future large car.

4940213-R1-011-4.jpg (72839 bytes)

Nice simple white and red combo

4940213-R1-016-6A.jpg (71674 bytes)

357 mixer

4940213-R1-017-7.jpg (74950 bytes)

Mixer suspension

4940213-R1-048-22A.jpg (61931 bytes)

378 with extra fuel tanks, 36" bunk with right side window and rear window

4940213-R1-048-22A_1.jpg (93044 bytes)

Tri-Drive suspension

4940213-R1-050-23A.jpg (98606 bytes)

Tri-Drive suspension


4940213-R1-052-24A.jpg (77379 bytes)

Tri-Drive 357 SBFA

4940213-R1-E009.jpg (75224 bytes)

320 COE

4940213-R1-E013.jpg (93754 bytes)

Cat power

4940213-R1-E014.jpg (35371 bytes)

These mufflers are loaded in the order in which they will be built.  No 2 sets are alike here.

 P1010118a.JPG (49264 bytes)

335 Crane

P1010117a.JPG (38977 bytes)


P1010114a.JPG (35144 bytes)

SBFA headlights quad

P1010113a.JPG (35012 bytes)

Same truck - right

P1010112a.JPG (43846 bytes)

Ready Row

P1010111a.JPG (41015 bytes)

Ready Row


P1010110a.JPG (41564 bytes)

379-119" 48" sleeper


P1010109a.JPG (34218 bytes)

379 with 48" Unibilt

P1010108a.JPG (31931 bytes)

Unibilt sleeper badge


P1010107a.JPG (41847 bytes)

Werner 70" sleeper with rear door

P1010106a.JPG (48735 bytes)

Werner 379


P1010105a.JPG (36551 bytes)

379-119" with 36" sleeper


P1010104a.JPG (34640 bytes)

This 379 has a very 70's feel to it

P1010103a.JPG (31470 bytes)


P1010102a.JPG (43736 bytes)

379 heavy spec'd tractor with lots of fuel tanks

P1010101.JPG (35891 bytes) P1010100.JPG (40470 bytes)

The White Glove Department

pqi_5.jpg (27209 bytes)

My scale diorama of the PQI area.  

P1010090.JPG (44236 bytes)

1980 359 outside the engineering offices


P1010087a.JPG (49400 bytes)

Modern mirror


P1010085a.JPG (36907 bytes)

Single muffler - beside cab


P1010084a.JPG (47345 bytes)

Single muffler-behind cab


P1010082a.JPG (46859 bytes)

Single air horn, single breather


P1010078a.JPG (40394 bytes)

Interesting paint combo, silver fenders, black body, white roof.

P1010076a.JPG (38852 bytes)

378 with 36" sleeper

P1010075.JPG (46696 bytes)

P1010075a.JPG (46696 bytes)

Raw cab with Unibilt opening

P1010074a.JPG (40228 bytes)

Unibilt daycab window


P1010073a.JPG (45661 bytes)


Unibilt daycab window with back of cab lights

P1010050.JPG (46701 bytes)

Comparison of various trucks on Ready Row

P1010049.JPG (47574 bytes)

Note the various mudflaps, loading lamps, muffler and back of cab handle combinations

P1010048.JPG (50560 bytes)
P1010047.JPG (46062 bytes) P1010046.JPG (44680 bytes) P1010045.JPG (45955 bytes) P1010044.JPG (42691 bytes) P1010043.JPG (43742 bytes)
P1010042.JPG (47153 bytes)

Front views.  Note bumper differences.  No fog lights.

P1010041.JPG (48802 bytes)

This one has fog lights

P1010040.JPG (47399 bytes)

No fog lights, tapered

P1010039.JPG (42796 bytes)

387 with polished bumper

P1010038.JPG (47966 bytes)

387 with painted bumper - Martin

P1010037.JPG (46564 bytes)

No fog lights, Texas bumper


P1010035.JPG (49005 bytes)

Small taper, no foglights

P1010034.JPG (44216 bytes) P1010033.JPG (47131 bytes) P1010032.JPG (44678 bytes)
P1010031.JPG (63920 bytes)

387 grille - artisic view

P1010030.JPG (40557 bytes)


P1010029.JPG (39271 bytes)

357 SBFA Heavy Haul

P1010028.JPG (42788 bytes)


P1010027.JPG (36319 bytes)

379-127" daycab tractor

P1010026.JPG (35542 bytes)

357 heavyhaul tri-drive chassis

P1010025.JPG (59601 bytes)

Cat power

P1010022.JPG (53488 bytes)

No breathers, twin back of cab stacks. No roof horns


P1010021.JPG (48261 bytes)

Single stack, single painted breather, external oil filter, single horn


P1010020.JPG (56789 bytes)

Cowl detail view

P1010019.JPG (60601 bytes)

Twin breathers, twin stacks, dual horns


P1010017.JPG (67283 bytes)

Cabs in production

P1010016a.jpg (35073 bytes)

Horizontal exhaust

P1010015a.jpg (37284 bytes)

379-127" 63"

P1010014a.jpg (26019 bytes)

378 tractor

P1010013a.jpg (33219 bytes)

Long wheelbase 379-127" 63" flatop, horizontal exhaust.

"Omaha Orange," white and bronze

P1010013.JPG (39061 bytes)

Paint Department

P1010012a.jpg (70235 bytes)

Glittering like jewlery

P1010012.JPG (48080 bytes)

Omaha Orange ready to go to Ready Row

P1010011a.jpg (38035 bytes)

Roof full of horns reflecting the building

P1010011.JPG (41992 bytes)

Dark metallic brown SBFA

P1010010a.jpg (54489 bytes)

Werner 379 long hood


tim_379.jpg (32407 bytes)

Tim Ahlborn, wishing I could take this home

P1010010.JPG (44079 bytes)

379-119" spec'd for a transfar dump set up.

P1010008.JPG (51548 bytes)

Rear view of 379-119"

P1010009.JPG (50137 bytes)

P1010007.JPG (33991 bytes)


379 119 transfer trailer.jpg (70495 bytes)

Same 379 seen in British Columbia by Hank Suderman  The hydraulic tank has been moved to the right.  Double-J headlights, droopy visor, chicken lights and dump body added.  The truck is owned by Davinder Uppal.

Photo used with permission of Hank Suderman -

h_m_379.jpg (135790 bytes)

Huston Marlowe, wishing I'd not take his photo again

P1010008a.jpg (47573 bytes)

Steve Collins 379

P1010007a.jpg (35482 bytes)

Steve Collins hauling the PB displays

P1010004a.jpg (63820 bytes)

Artistic 387 grille

P1010006.JPG (40247 bytes)

320 COE Tandem Steer concrete block truck

P1010005.JPG (41497 bytes)

379 daycab tractor

P1010004.JPG (29955 bytes)

379 tractor, forward fuel tanks, space saver battery box, horizontal muffler

P1010003.JPG (45082 bytes)

Omaha Orange 379

P1010002.JPG (50428 bytes)

Omaha Orange rear view.  Note end of frame trailer connections.

P1010001.JPG (39220 bytes)


horn_tim.jpg (22995 bytes)

Look closely, it looks like I've grown horns

h_m_359.jpg (101788 bytes)

Huston Marlowe and the 1100 cab 359.  Check out the photo of the 1100 cab design team on  THIS page.  Huston is in the center of the group in that photo.

tim_359.jpg (34132 bytes)

Tim Ahlborn beside the 1st truck built in Denton in 1980

flag.jpg (22899 bytes)

Old Glory out front


4940273-R1-E013.jpg (63524 bytes)

379-119" with interesting yellow and black scheme

4940273-R1-052-24A.jpg (65517 bytes)

378 SBFA tractor with lift axle

4940273-R1-050-23A.jpg (62523 bytes)

357 SBFA tri-drive with 48" stand up sleeper

4940273-R1-048-22A.jpg (56773 bytes)

Tri-Drive suspension

4940273-R1-046-21A.jpg (59639 bytes)

357 SBFA tri-drive

4940273-R1-044-20A.jpg (74072 bytes)

Smooth looking pearl-ish green 387

4940273-R1-042-19A.jpg (99175 bytes)

Rack o bumpers

4940273-R1-040-18A.jpg (57577 bytes)

357 spec'd for mixer

4940273-R1-038-17A.jpg (60256 bytes)

378 cab with 36" sleeper w/side and rear window

4940273-R1-036-16A.jpg (45102 bytes)

Rear of 36" sleeper

4940273-R1-034-15A.jpg (116414 bytes)

Chassis in assembly, awaiting a cab.  Note lift axle.

4940273-R1-032-14A.jpg (78120 bytes)

Note corner windows

4940273-R1-030-13A.jpg (65131 bytes)

36" sleeper

4940273-R1-028-12A.jpg (61543 bytes)

357 short hood

4940273-R1-025-11.jpg (74266 bytes)

379-119" tractor

4940273-R1-023-10.jpg (71714 bytes)

378 SBFA tractor.  Note side shields over mufflers

4940273-R1-021-9.jpg (66129 bytes)

Seen elsewhere on this page, this 379 needs the beltline stripe 

4940273-R1-019-8.jpg (63070 bytes)

Long wheelbase 379 headed for a custom sleeper builder

4940273-R1-017-7.jpg (76299 bytes)

357 short hood

4940273-R1-015-6.jpg (101344 bytes)


4940273-R1-013-5.jpg (54493 bytes)

Smoooth blue

4940273-R1-011-4.jpg (68377 bytes)

Trailer load of hoods arriving for the paint shop

4940273-R1-009-3.jpg (88252 bytes)

357 SBFA HeavyHaul spec'd for a well drilling company

4940273-R1-005-1.jpg (69363 bytes)

Unibilt daycab rear window

4940263-R1-052-24A.jpg (81537 bytes)

6x6 rear suspension

4940263-R1-050-23A.jpg (77830 bytes)

357 SBFA 6x6 rear

4940263-R1-048-22A.jpg (100703 bytes)

6x6 suspension rear

4940263-R1-046-21A.jpg (62072 bytes)

Two 6x6 357s

4940263-R1-044-20A.jpg (75368 bytes)

Rear views on Ready Row

4940263-R1-042-19A.jpg (85518 bytes)

379 Short frame prepped for a custom sleeper

4940263-R1-040-18A.jpg (86937 bytes) 4940263-R1-038-17A.jpg (72240 bytes)

More Ready Row bumper comparisons

4940263-R1-036-16A.jpg (82048 bytes)

Small taper with deep taper

4940263-R1-034-15A.jpg (63929 bytes)

Ready Row - 379, 357 6x6. 379

4940263-R1-032-14A.jpg (62412 bytes)

335 Crane truck

4940263-R1-030-13A.jpg (50416 bytes)

Hood comparison

4940263-R1-028-12A.jpg (62289 bytes)

Unibilt sleeper opening

4940263-R1-026-11A.jpg (77335 bytes)

SuperSingle drives on 379.  Spec'd for  Minnesota flatbed work


4940263-R1-024-10A.jpg (43753 bytes)

SuperSingles Michilen X-Ones I believe.

4940263-R1-022-9A.jpg (72080 bytes)

Orange and silver 379 that was shipped to Canada 

4940263-R1-020-8A.jpg (62972 bytes)

385 daycab tractor

4940263-R1-018-7A.jpg (57796 bytes)

New Orleans 378 dumper

4940263-R1-014-5A.jpg (73173 bytes)

Dual control steering on 6x6 357 SBFA

4940263-R1-012-4A.jpg (81427 bytes)

357 SBFA 6x6 profile

4940263-R1-010-3A.jpg (86110 bytes)

Front Axle and bumper for 6x6 357

4940263-R1-008-2A.jpg (72019 bytes)

357 SBFA 6x6 

4940263-R1-006-1A.jpg (59898 bytes)

Rear quarter view

4940263-R1-004-0A.jpg (51948 bytes)

Rear view of 357 6x6

4940253-R1-E025.jpg (65606 bytes)

Trailer load of tires and wheels.  Each pallet is one truck, and the trailer is loaded in the build order of the trucks

4940253-R1-E022.jpg (77947 bytes)

359 outside the engineering offices

4940253-R1-E021.jpg (82455 bytes) 4940253-R1-E020.jpg (104806 bytes)

320 cabs

4940253-R1-E019.jpg (102817 bytes)

320 tandem steer chassis

4940253-R1-E015.jpg (78897 bytes)

357 SBFA 6x6 just finished

4940253-R1-022-9A.jpg (63715 bytes)

379 long hood daycab tractor.  This yellow and white frame look is stunning!

4940253-R1-020-8A.jpg (72475 bytes)

385 daycab tractor

4940253-R1-016-6A.jpg (69419 bytes)

Simple but pleasing paint scheme

4940253-R1-014-5A.jpg (53222 bytes)

379 on the test track

4940253-R1-012-4A.jpg (62935 bytes)

378 prototype for oil field service

4940253-R1-010-3A.jpg (71055 bytes)

357 SBFA dumper

4940243-R1-052-24A.jpg (80613 bytes)

379-127" tilted

4940243-R1-050-23A.jpg (95464 bytes)

Closer view of the Cat

4940243-R1-048-22A.jpg (49460 bytes)

378 hood

4940243-R1-046-21A.jpg (87076 bytes)

Tilted showing the kitty

4940243-R1-044-20A.jpg (72629 bytes) 4940243-R1-042-19A.jpg (59063 bytes) 4940243-R1-040-18A.jpg (58221 bytes) 4940243-R1-038-17A.jpg (94190 bytes)

Cummins power under this 357

4940243-R1-036-16A.jpg (79187 bytes)
4940243-R1-034-15A.jpg (60697 bytes) 4940243-R1-032-14A.jpg (89156 bytes) 4940243-R1-030-13A.jpg (83433 bytes) 4940243-R1-028-12A.jpg (88593 bytes) 4940243-R1-026-11A.jpg (72721 bytes)
4940243-R1-024-10A.jpg (36477 bytes)

Classic II interior in the 359

4940243-R1-022-9A.jpg (64134 bytes) 4940243-R1-012-4A.jpg (94029 bytes)

Omaha Orange in the paint shop being masked.  This truck went through the paint booth three times for the color.  

4940233-R1-050-23A.jpg (60634 bytes)

Striking orange and yellow SBFA with forward fuel tanks, space saver battery box, 70" bunk and rear lift/pusher axle

4940233-R1-048-22A.jpg (84857 bytes)

Pusher Axle

4940233-R1-046-21A.jpg (67109 bytes)

Rear of 70" bunk  Note forward location of 5th wheel

4940233-R1-044-20A.jpg (76731 bytes)

Twin painted breathers give this SBFA a muscular look.

mm357fac1.jpg (41990 bytes)

My 1/24th scale model of the same truck.  

4940233-R1-042-19A.jpg (68716 bytes)

The early morning sun made the orange and yellow 'pop' on this unit.

Mike Moore of Tulsa ordered this unit.

4940233-R1-040-18A.jpg (65966 bytes)


4940233-R1-038-17A_1.jpg (93756 bytes)

Cummins Power

4940233-R1-038-17A.jpg (72021 bytes)

357 Mixer almost finished

4940233-R1-034-15A.jpg (82956 bytes)

Close up of frame on 6x6 357

4940233-R1-032-14A.jpg (89208 bytes)

Hood Tilted on 357 6x6

4940233-R1-030-13A.jpg (35806 bytes) 4940233-R1-024-10A.jpg (83479 bytes)

Yellow and Black 379-119 tractor

J.Soper @ Sons bought this.

4940233-R1-026-11A.jpg (96079 bytes)

Left view of the same 379.  

4940233-R1-022-9A.jpg (90499 bytes)

378 tractor with 36" sleeper.  Note the short bumper with large tow hook

4940233-R1-020-8A.jpg (92079 bytes)

357 SBFA tri-drive

4940233-R1-018-7A.jpg (81394 bytes)

357 mixer spec almost done

4940233-R1-016-6A.jpg (90668 bytes)

Same unit, different view

4940233-R1-012-4A.jpg (89347 bytes)

Long Frame 379-127" on the assembly line

4940223-R1-E019.jpg (73395 bytes)

back of cab mounted mufflers with shields

4940223-R1-E014.jpg (82374 bytes)

Lift axles

4940223-R1-E018.jpg (62765 bytes)

Unibilt daycab suspension

4940223-R1-E017.jpg (81563 bytes)

378 SBFA tractor

4940223-R1-E015.jpg (66431 bytes)

387 hood

4940223-R1-E014.jpg (82374 bytes) 4940223-R1-050-23A.jpg (70712 bytes)

Another truckload of rubber and wheels pulled by an '06 378

4940223-R1-048-22A.jpg (57386 bytes)

Ready Row

4940223-R1-042-19A.jpg (67438 bytes)

Hoods on Ready Row

4940223-R1-040-18A.jpg (58874 bytes)

View out the windshield of a 6x6 357

4940213-R1-E015.jpg (92006 bytes)

Twin breathers, twin stacks.  Note the black foam covers that protect the breathers during construction.

4940213-R1-E020.jpg (52311 bytes)

No, this isn't some sinister cab shaking device, it's a mechanism that raises the cab so components can be installed

4940213-R1-E021.jpg (91245 bytes)

Cowl close up for detail

4940213-R1-E022.jpg (104629 bytes)

379-127" single axle on the line.  Note the roof full of horns.

4940223-R1-004-0A.jpg (42402 bytes)

Single exhaust on 387

4940223-R1-008-2A.jpg (39383 bytes)

Chassis step with rounded edges

4940223-R1-008-2A_1.jpg (85954 bytes)

View out the windshield of a 387

4940223-R1-010-3A.jpg (79284 bytes)

385 daycab

4940223-R1-014-5A.jpg (108818 bytes)

387's massive grille

4940223-R1-018-7A.jpg (82533 bytes)

357 SBFA 6x6 on Ready Row

4940223-R1-020-8A.jpg (38199 bytes)

Ultracab profile

4940223-R1-022-9A.jpg (64955 bytes)

This yellow and black 379 needs a stripe


4940223-R1-024-10A.jpg (89619 bytes)

Ready Row.  One of the few brown trucks.

4940223-R1-026-11A.jpg (77351 bytes)

Trucks on Ready Row.

4940223-R1-033-15.jpg (68394 bytes) 4940163-R1-004-0A.jpg (45672 bytes)

Bare cab being prepped before paint

4940163-R1-014-5A.jpg (41969 bytes)

Cab overhead heading for a chassis.  Note that the exhaust piping is mounted to the bottom of the cab

4940213-R1-E010.jpg (27622 bytes)

Trailer of hoods

4940213-R1-E011.jpg (19548 bytes)

2 weeks before my visit the plant celebrated it's 25th anniversary

4940213-R1-E016.jpg (36993 bytes)

This sign indicated the former 362 cabover department that now builds sleepers

4940213-R1-E017.jpg (63359 bytes)

Upside down frame 

4940213-R1-E018.jpg (65884 bytes)

This frame is about to be flipped right-side-up

4940213-R1-E019.jpg (60114 bytes)

Ultra cab being prepped for glass

4940243-R1-006-1A.jpg (58646 bytes)

379 hood about to be installed.  That's Rambo on the right.  Look in the convex mirror in the upperleft, the bright spec is my camera flash

4940243-R1-010-3A.jpg (59056 bytes)

Cab receiving interior components

4940243-R1-020-8A.jpg (72141 bytes)

Chassis about to receive the cab and sleeper

4940253-R1-E016.jpg (44577 bytes)

Frame under construction

4940253-R1-E017.jpg (71305 bytes)

Frame rails

4940253-R1-E018.jpg (44739 bytes)

Various Cummins and Caterpillar engines being prepped

P1010014.JPG (34230 bytes)

Bullet lights and no horns


P1010015.JPG (45364 bytes)

Interior components being installed


P1010018.JPG (42022 bytes)

Square lights round horns

P1010077.JPG (42606 bytes)

Space Saver (old COE) battery box

P1010086.JPG (39225 bytes)

Mirror Mount on side/cowl

P1010093.JPG (58342 bytes)

Bullet lights and 4 round horns


P1010094.JPG (54647 bytes)

Square lights, 2 square horns, rotating beacons

P1010095.JPG (52651 bytes)

Bullet lights, 4 round horns

P1010096.JPG (55494 bytes)

Bullet lights, no horns

P1010088.JPG (40813 bytes) P1010071.JPG (34275 bytes) P1010065.JPG (45355 bytes) P1010066.JPG (14262 bytes) P1010070.JPG (42664 bytes)

P1010067.JPG (38144 bytes) P1010069.JPG (30531 bytes) Chassis warning decals.  Resize and print these for detailing chassis and fuel tanks.

 flap2.jpg (33607 bytes) flap4.jpg (35574 bytes) flap3.jpg (32265 bytes)  flap5.jpg (33076 bytes) flap1.jpg (36869 bytes)

A couple of mudflap brackets and styles

cabtoneddown.jpg (23025 bytes) dumperrow.jpg (61771 bytes) mixerbreezeway.jpg (60373 bytes) yellowoutback.jpg (53109 bytes) white379back.jpg (53895 bytes) schlumoutfront.jpg (40818 bytes) 379127ragenonline.jpg (26589 bytes) Dewey379119rear.jpg (46702 bytes)


357 vh 70 tridrive.jpg (55921 bytes) PQI take3b.jpg (82203 bytes) assyII.jpg (79680 bytes) mikemoor357rearout.jpg (33260 bytes) no1PQI.jpg (61561 bytes) EMJ front.jpg (85275 bytes) 379119uppalLeft.jpg (204044 bytes)

paintedcabs92805.jpg (32842 bytes)  yellow_inprogrear.jpg (16220 bytes) yellow_70inprog1.jpg (16077 bytes) yellow_70inprogleft.jpg (14919 bytes) cabsinprog.jpg (17363 bytes) omaha_orangecabinprog.jpg (16506 bytes) triaxle_inprogcab.jpg (16799 bytes) triaxle_inprog1.jpg (17318 bytes) 357spainted.jpg (30133 bytes)  

A few in scale models inspired by my vacation, I  spent the weeks after my vacation modifying many Italeri 377 and 378 kits and some Bill Drennen/Clint Freeman 379 resin conversion kits to build plenty of Peterbilts.  More to work on!  Check for pics of these models finished!


I hope you enjoyed my vacation photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.  Lots of great ideas and detail photos.

Thanks for looking!


Here are some other factory-fresh trucks - photos are copyright to original photographers

05_379ultra_a.JPG (155004 bytes) 2005379bestofconfig.JPG (172219 bytes) hustonmarlowe_Ultrasleeper.jpg (61293 bytes) One of the last UltraSleepers built.
357bumperheadlights.JPG (191851 bytes) 357bumperheadlights1.jpg (28202 bytes) 357Rinker2005.JPG (189579 bytes)
357SBFA6x6.JPG (166400 bytes) 357SBFA6x6_379rultraroof.JPG (161411 bytes) 357SBFA6x6front.JPG (179791 bytes) 379flattop_3576x6fronts.JPG (165821 bytes) 357SBFA6x6rightb.JPG (199877 bytes) 357SBFA6x6rightside.JPG (174398 bytes) This bad boy went to PA as a dumper
last362_63.jpg (190451 bytes) 362_63.jpg (75148 bytes)The last 362-63 built in 2002 362_63close.JPG (128473 bytes) 2004_new357s.JPG (174499 bytes) 2004357SBFAnewhood.jpg (66128 bytes) huston_357hoods_tc_rinker.JPG (179136 bytes) The yellow 357 HeavyHaul went to the city of Traverse City, Michigan's DPW dept.
362_SBFA.jpg (175873 bytes) 362SBFAbattery.jpg (35916 bytes) 362SBFAbumper.jpg (33853 bytes) 362SBFArearofcab.jpg (43047 bytes) 372incafeteria.jpg (35795 bytes)
3626x6right_sml.jpg (137554 bytes) 3626x6leftrear_sml.jpg (204613 bytes) 3626x6rightrear_sml.jpg (152765 bytes)The last 362 was similar to this config., built in August 2005  3626x6leftside_sml.jpg (103473 bytes)This config was replaced by the 3574940263-R1-008-2A.jpg (72019 bytes)   379bluetilt.jpg (48943 bytes) 2002357hood.jpg (291559 bytes)
green379ultra_pointedin.jpg (34716 bytes)


 green379ultra.jpg (38018 bytes)


2004357SBFAyellow_smlr.jpg (91631 bytes) bluefleetfor2006.jpg (25714 bytes) 2008 386daycab388CBphoto.jpg (96459 bytes) 386 PQI MarkB.jpg (97565 bytes)
angelica357SBFA.JPG (166635 bytes) angelica357SBFA_right.JPG (157095 bytes) angelica357SBFAstraighthood_front.JPG (161815 bytes) besttruckinangelica_2004357SBFA.JPG (172369 bytes) 357_378_385profiles.jpg (65716 bytes) 385_378_357leftprofiles.jpg (64076 bytes)
ingersol_rand357left.JPG (152971 bytes) ingersol_rand357right.JPG (160561 bytes) ingersol_rand357righta.JPG (169907 bytes) ingersol_rand357firewall.JPG (182368 bytes) ingersol_rand357hoodopen.JPG (213761 bytes)
Devlin379_cab.jpg (60278 bytes) devlin2006379_scaled.jpg (46480 bytes) devlin2006379.jpg (33568 bytes) 379_119_real_front.jpg (36051 bytes) 379_119_real_rear.jpg (28053 bytes)
MVC_654F.jpg (63375 bytes) 385_120_70Ultra_1pcwindshld_frwrdtanks.jpg (32963 bytes)

385 with 70" Ultrasleeper, forward fuel tanks.

redsilverblue379_pointednorth.jpg (39355 bytes) 

Another Clint Moore spec'd 379. At the plant above, and after "the treatment."

MarClint1.jpg (41599 bytes)


quentinBecker_2006379127atfactory.jpg (35942 bytes)

Quentin Becker's 379 at the factor on the left and in service on the right

quentinBecker_2006379127.jpg (35266 bytes)

4940273-R1-021-9.jpg (66129 bytes) underthepipes379.jpg (45433 bytes)

The 379 on the left and right are the same truck as the photo left/lower.  Clint Moore from Kansas City PB photo.  

cc012.JPG (78724 bytes)

black37963_pointedout.jpg (44324 bytes)
 Picture_059.jpg (41426 bytes) Picture_060.jpg (64176 bytes) Picture_061.jpg (63209 bytes) Picture_062.jpg (61125 bytes) Picture_063.jpg (57453 bytes)
Picture_064.jpg (60622 bytes) Tim_green_truck.jpg (60457 bytes) Jim and 378.jpg (57937 bytes) Picture_057.jpg (50136 bytes)


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