Winslow Moore inspired paint schemes

Peterbilt was famous for it's fancy multi-color striped paint schemes in the 70s.  Winslow Moore was the artist behind these great schemes.  They look great on a restored truck or a brand new Peterbilt.

As a kid I could never get the stripes to intertwine properly, and they always looked wrong.  Luckily we have people like Paul Kittle and Jim Botaitis (JBOT) who have taken the photos of the Winslow stripes and turned them into slick decal sheets for most scales.  

Here are a few of my Winslow Moore inspired stripes, with many more to come.

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Here are a few real trucks for inspiration, several are on my planned "must build" list and a few have already been built. There may well be dozens of paint schemes that he penned over the years!

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